Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol

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Charled Dicken's tale A Christmas Carol takes a contemporary jolt in this original musical set in modern-day Tennessee. Cyrus Flint is a mean old banker whose one and only concern is the welfare of Flint City Bank. Dennis and Laura Pritchett are two parents struggling to make enough money to pay for an operation their son needs. Flint is organizing a songwriting and singing contest with a $2000 first prize to promote his bank.

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Marc Daniels

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SpunkySelfTwitter It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.
Fairaher The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.
Plustown A lot of perfectly good film show their cards early, establish a unique premise and let the audience explore a topic at a leisurely pace, without much in terms of surprise. this film is not one of those films.
Verity Robins Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.
dddefur This is by far the BEST Christmas Carol I remember to date. There have been many others that are great, what sets this one apart is the setting and the atmosphere. It makes a BELIEVABLE Scrooge version. Maybe if you've never done without or tried to choose between paying the electric bill or eating, this might not hit home so much.But, for those of us who have worked hard just to keep a roof over our heads in some pretty poor,rundown places with slum landlords, this one hits home. I believe in today's world, this would fit in and maybe the spoiled kids,that think the world owes them everything, might see how life was in America once upon a time. I've searched for this to be released, but, so far...nothing.
donquixote235 It seems as though every genre has adapted Charles Dickens' classic tale A Christmas Carol to its own tastes, and 1970's country music is no exception.This movie contains some of the worst dialog I've ever heard. Here's a prime example: Dennis Pritchett (Bob Cratchett): "Well, ole Skinflint (Scrooge) can go jump in a lake!" T.J. (Tiny Tim): (despondently) "I sure do wish that I could jump in a lake..." (in his best mopey "aw shucks" voice) If you happen to find this on some channel or other as you approach the holidays, it's worth having as background noise while you do other things. Otherwise it's a waste of your time.
thomandybish It's hard to think of a story in English literature that has inspired as many filmatic adaptations as A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Dickens' sentimental statement on Victorian social ills. Setting aside the more than numerous animated versions, we still have countless live-action versions, with many more undoubtably to come. One of the strangest is this, a seemingly forgotten TV effort that, to my knowledge, only aired once during the 1979 Christmas season. It was the basic story, with the kicker being that the setting was transposed from Victorian London to present day Tennessee, and the cast was populated by Country/Western singers! Really. Hoyt Axton as Scrooge, Mel Tillis and Lynn Anderson as the Cratchits, Tom T. Hall as Marley, and I believe Barbara Mandrell as the girl Scrooge left behind. I'm sure there were more, but can't think of them. Since I'm a fan of the story(and love tracking down all the film versions and variations), this one sprang to mind while I was watching scenes from the George C. Scott version(truly the best version in the past 20 years). With the rise in cable availability it seems like this forgotten version would rise to the surface(given all the channels vying for holiday programming), but that hasn't been the case yet. Maybe someday TNN or CMT will show it again.