The Accidental Husband

2009 "Falling in love...even the expert is confused."
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Emma, a radio host, is about to be married to Richard, her perfect match. But right before her wedding, she learns she's already married to Patrick, a charming but irresponsible fireman. Furthermore, Patrick has a secret: he has arranged this little trick because Emma advised Patrick's ex-fiancée to end their relationship. However, Patrick may find that the trick is on him, for he soon begins to fall in love with his uptight adversary.


Comedy, Romance

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Griffin Dunne

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The Accidental Husband Audience Reviews

Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Fairaher The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.
Zlatica One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.
v-69125 I am still watching this movie at the part when Richard lets her be and the church - fire by candle story and I was like omg who would think about that lol. No explanation to guests that was awesome. And on top of that her prince charming is a fireman so as he comes to rescue her i guess he realizes she is his. I have to disagree with most of the reviewers that this is a good romantic movie.. Its unrealistic because you cannot think that you have a guy as understanding as Richard and a lady so down to earth like Emma. Rather most people would expect the rich guy to marry the rich girl and the fireman to marry the latina shop assistant.. Too bad I guess! I liked the fact that she chose Carl, he did set out to bring her down but thats cool coz it taught her the lesson she needed. He was everything she is not and sometimes that is what you need in life, Richard on the other hand was like a brother, kind , understanding and concerned also they were similar in characters, whereas Carl brought out another side of her which made her happy. Nobody is perfect right so is the movie but it has a nice story... It is about adults who have crossed paths and changed each others lives... Nothing wrong with that. And I shall be going ahead to the rest of the movie 10 mins!
Prismark10 A romantic comedy with a slight Bollywood twist more for the fact that it features Indian characters in a more three dimensional way which is something Hollywood does not do often enough.Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) a firefighter wants to teach radio host and love counsellor Dr Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) a lesson when she unwittingly got his fiancé to break up with him. Sullivan gets his neighbour Ajay to hack into the public record office and gets him married to Lloyd which causes consternation to her as he plans to get married to her perfect man Richard (Colin Firth.)Lloyd meets up with the more rough, ready but happy go lucky Sullivan for an annulment but slowly both fall for each other due to some mixed up scenarios.The film has enough of an unusual setting, some good charm between the two leads to make it work even though its slightly contrived. Colin Firth is rather wasted in a difficult spike in the wheel role, but I guess its one of the last rom-com's he made before his best actor Oscar win. Look out for support from some veteran character actors.
jmorrigan6 Uma Thurman: Her acting was horrible- Her character was harsh, shrill, unlikable, unbelievable and unattractive.Colin Firth: I hope he was paid a lot of $$ for this to make up for any damage this movie may have done to his career. His performance was stellar when I think he had to act like he was in love with Uma's character and keep a straight face while she was overacting her heart out.Jeffrey Dean Morgan: His character is such a lowlife & mean-spirited guy you couldn't possible root for him. His acting was forced and wooden. I had such high hopes for him after I saw his scene-stealing performance in Grey's Anatomy. Oh, you may have noticed I'm not really talking about the plot, script, overall because it was completely non-existent. The $ for this waste of time should have gone to charity.
degele This film could have been so much better; I found it did not live up to its potential. I really wanted to like this film, I am a big fan of Uma Thurman, and consider her a serious actress. I enjoyed her scenes as a radio talkshow host, and thought they were the best in the film. I also thought most of the advice she gave to her women listeners was honest, and forthright. The initial impression I got of her relationship with her fiancé Richard was that this was a loving, supportive relationship. I even found the humour in the way that she was accidentally married to Patrick. I just didn't like anything else about the film at all. I don't think that Uma is a great comic actress, and Colin Firth was wasted in this role. The actor who played Patrick was likable enough, but for me the film just wasn't funny enough, and the romance was not believable. For someone who recommended love and not infatuation or a passionate affair that would soon burn itself out, she didn't evaluate her own life properly when her beliefs were challenged, and she started questioning all that she had been telling her listeners. I would have liked her to have broadened her horizons, and developed relationships with her father, her colleagues and new friends, and become a more well-rounded person. Apart from that, there was nothing new in this film, and I would avoid it as a lighthearted romcom, because there's not much rom, and precious little com. I would recommend watching Uma in The Truth About Cats and Dogs instead. The rest of this review contains spoilers about this film, so please stop reading here if you wish to avoid any spoilers. SPOILER ALERT: (the rest of this review)I really didn't like the ending. Patrick obviously loved Sophia, and she had loved him and was not settling, so this storyline could have been handled differently. Emma's interaction with Patrick could have served to bring her down to earth from her ivory tower in the radio broadcasting studio, to realise that she had made a snap judgement on someone and a couple that she did not know at all. She could have had a few moments, a kiss with Patrick only to realise that he was a good man, and should go back to Sophia. For someone who claimed to love Sophia, Patrick certainly found new love rather quickly, and never really did anything to show why Emma should love him, other than that he was a hunky fireman, who was there to rescue her, and carry her off into the sunset. This bothered me. I could see how Richard might be a safe option, and Emma's attempts at controlling him, and mothering him were a sign that this was not a healthy relationship, but I could not see any reason for her to love Patrick. Here, I would have had her relax and let her hair down a little, as she did in the film, by becoming more involved in Patrick's community, and becoming more open and spontaneous. I would have had her bring Patrick and Sophia back together, to be a little bit more understanding of human frailties, and to kiss a few frogs, and make a few mistakes with men. I would have liked her to have walked off into the sunset on her own, independent, and still single, knowing that she would find the right man eventually. I might even have had her glimpse this man at Patrick and Sophia's wedding, with an introduction that showed the potential of a possible loving relationship, but leaving the ending open. That way, we would still have had the obligatory Hollywood happy ending, with Patrick and Sophia, but Emma would have learned new insight into love and relationships have stayed true to herself.