The Last of the Mohicans

1992 "The first American hero."
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In war-torn colonial America, in the midst of a bloody battle between British, the French and Native American allies, the aristocratic daughter of a British Colonel and her party are captured by a group of Huron warriors. Fortunately, a group of three Mohican trappers comes to their rescue.

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Michael Mann

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The Last of the Mohicans Audience Reviews

Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
RipDelight This is a tender, generous movie that likes its characters and presents them as real people, full of flaws and strengths.
AutCuddly Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,
justinforcier The Last of the Mohicans offers viewers pure entertainment along with adventure, romance and action. The story tells of an adopted son, his Mohican brother and father trying to avoid the ever expanding war between the British and the French in the colonial era of North America. But when they rescue two daughters of the British commander of a fort, they are forced in the middle of this battle to return the daughters safely with danger at every turn. I've always loved this movie ever since my father showed this to me as a kid. I instantly fell in love with the score and the story. Last of the Mohicans offers the audience everything to keep you entertained. This is a hard movie to only watch once. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys movies. This for me is a perfect rainy day film.
Horst in Translation ( "The Last of the Mohicans" is an American (mostly) English-language film from 1992, so this one has its 25th anniversary this year. It is most likely the most famous of many adaptations of the original novel by James Fenimore Cooper and this movie was directed by Michael Mann, who is also one of quite a few writers working on this project. The biggest reason why so many people still know and watch it is that the central character (though not the one in the title) is played by Daniel Day-Lewis briefly after his first of so far 3 Oscar wins. And he sure does look the part as do most of the other actors here portraying Native Americans. The film won an Oscar for its sound, was nominated for a Golden Globe for its score and was really very appreciated by the BAFTAs. One of the bigger awards players that year. You will find somewhat known actors in this one in smaller roles like Postlethwaite, but a great deal of the cast members really were entirely unknown to me, also those who played bigger supporting characters. As females may like the Indian characters' looks I must say that the females in here (Stowe and especially May) were really gorgeous. But that's just a side-note. If we talk about the subject at hand, I woulöd not call the film a western, but a historic war drama and as 2 of these 3 genres are far from my favorites, I am not too surprised I did not like it. There is not much wrong with it technically, even if I am a bit surprised by the awards attention. Costumes, make-up and sets are fine as well. The romance part was a bit meh, also with how we have her early on reject her suitor showing us what a modern independent woman she is. That was close to Rosamunde Pilcher level. So from the perspective of romance I think the film is not working too well. Maybe if you have a bigger interest in war and history films, then you will enjoy this one taking place centuries back in the past. I know I am a great Daniel Day-Lewis fan, but this movie here is not on a level where he really shines in it. I don't know if it is his approach or if it is the way the character was written. Tough to say, maybe a mix of both. Not too surprised he did not get an Oscar nomination that time. The only memorable thing is really his hair. He is a far more gifted actor than he can show us here. And that he is nonetheless among the better aspects doesn't really say anything great about the film. I also felt the supporting cast was not too good unfortunately. Or they had the problem that there were just too many minor characters in here and almost all of them did not get the proper attention and character writing that justified their existence and should have made them memorable somehow. I must say at almost two hours the film had too many lengths. There were good moments as well without a doubt, but I don't think they were good enough to justify sitting through this one. One major problem I had was that the title character who dies at the end (here's your spoilers!) just never got the significance he needed to make us care for him and mourn for him eventually. Same about the young woman who follows him. That sure came surprising. Maybe too surprising to feel authentic and not for the sake of it. Let me finally say that I am writing this review as somebody who has not read the book. Maybe you need to in order to appreciate this film, but I don't think this should be the case ever. So no idea if the writers here messed up (thus my reference in the title of the review) or if the base material already had these glaring weaknesses. I can only say that story is king and that the film with regard to the plot was not good enough and that strengths in other fields that received awards attention cannot make up for the lack in quality when it comes to writing. This was a missed opportunity and I give it a thumbs-down. Not recommended as this is one of DDL's weaker/weakest films.
Raven-1969 There are worse things than being scalped in the wilderness of the North American frontier in 1757. There are those who poison hearts. Magua, a Huron warrior with a twisted heart full of greed and lust for revenge, is skilled at doing both. In a surprise attack on a company of woefully unprepared British troops in the forest, Magua nearly succeeds in killing a pair of sisters – Cora and Alice Munro - traveling with the unfortunate soldiers. The Munro sisters and their protector, Major Duncan Heyward, are rescued by a trio of Mohican trackers. Among the Mohicans is a pale skinned marksman named Hawkeye. In order to keep their scalps, the Brits stick with the roaming Mohicans. Cora and Hawkeye, both fiercely independent spirits, become infatuated with each other along the way. Duncan unravels at this. He wants Cora for himself. In anger and jealousy Duncan risks accomplishing the very evils that Magua, still-circling and keen for the kill, intends. Hearts are as lethal as hatchets.Filmmakers often do not do book authors any favors, yet this is one case where they do. James Fenimore Cooper's machismo manifesto is spiced up with added romance and without ruining the underlying narrative. Action lovers are not left hung out to dry. Hatchets shine red, warriors swagger, cannon balls thump on fort walls, bodies tumble from cliffs and scalps are snapped up like action figures at dragon-con.From the outset of the film, where Hawkeye runs adeptly and tirelessly through the forest in pursuit of prey, the intensity and dedication of actor Daniel Day-Lewis is highlighted. The film could be watched merely for the enjoyment of his acting skills. Hawkeye is one of the roles that Day-Lewis seems destined to portray and it is hard to imagine the two apart. Madeleine Stowe (Cora) and Day-Lewis provide fervent chemistry. We delight in the combining of these two generous and independent souls. Wes Studi is a natural as Magua. He wields heartlessness and hatchet with equally fearsome effectiveness.One of the wonders of the story, which combines real events and fiction, is that it reveals the roots and nature of the ideal American character. This character is exemplified by Hawkeye whose holds dear the wilderness and has an independent spirit, open heart, outdoor skills and moral courage. "Whoever comes into the woods to deal with the natives," wrote Cooper "must use native fashions, if they would wish to prosper in their undertakings." Hawkeye intuitively understands and demonstrates this. He knows both worlds of natives and settlers alike, and is beholden to none. Educated under sky and forest canopy, he is fearless, generous and sympathetic. The American frontier may be shrinking along with the Mohicans, yet the spirit lives on. It is the fabric that ties Americans together and director Michael Mann brings it to life.On the 25th anniversary of the film release, one can look back from the sleep inducing dullness of the overly used computer animation era and appreciate amazing old-school thrills. Upstate New York is the setting of the story, yet the beautiful waterfalls, mountains and old growth forests of North Carolina serve as the backdrops for the film. The Celtic influenced soundtrack is so mesmerizing that you will find yourself humming it aloud and, if off-tune, irritating your neighbors. My friend Mark Baker makes a brief appearance as "colonial man."
Hitchcoc This is a contemporary version of an age old American classic. We have the standard James Fennimore Cooper novel with Hawkeye and Chingachgook. A group of pioneer women are kidnapped from a fort in upstate New York. The Mohicans are an incredibly violent tribe. The settlers are slowly being massacred because they pose a threat to the indigenous people. Hawkeye and his Indian partner are given the task of keeping people safe. They are wise to the way things operate. This is one of the most violent films I've seen. Daniel Day Lewis plays the famous woodsman. Over the edge interpretation of a signature book. However, not for the squeamish.