The Muppets

2011 "They're closer than you think."
7.1| 1h43m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 22 November 2011 Released
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When Kermit the Frog and the Muppets learn that their beloved theater is slated for demolition, a sympathetic human, Gary, and his puppet brother, Walter, swoop in to help the gang put on a show and raise the $10 million they need to save the day.

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James Bobin

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Clevercell Very disappointing...
Jeanskynebu the audience applauded
HeadlinesExotic Boring
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
Matt Greene My insatiable love for this movie's only grows with each viewing. The musical numbers are fantastic (Life's a Happy Song is maybe in my top 10 film numbers ever), the emotions are unexpectedly potent (Rainbow Connection & Pictures in My Head beautifully touch on my longing-for-childhood nerve), & the constant stream of sincerely hilarious jokes make it one of the great comedies of the '10s.
Hermione Granger This is a good movie for the first time you see it. It's creative, and Amy Adams does a wonderful job here. However, I've watched it only twice, and the second time I watched it, though I was laughing, it felt forced and fake. I didn't enjoy it, and the two times I watched the movies were around five years apart. There's also a "talent" Walter is supposed to have, but it looks real dumb. What I do enjoy is seeing our classic characters Kermit and Miss Piggy. So, enjoyable first watch but okay and not that great the second. Not worth keeping or a family classic.
Bonnie O'Connor It had nearly been a decade since the Muppets' last film and I truly believed the Muppets were as dead as most of their original actors. What was the point of keeping them going? It was as though the world moved on without them. However, in 2011 I saw a poster of the upcoming film and slammed my head. "Please no," I thought, "you're going to ruin them with jokes done all wrong!" Amazingly enough I was 100% wrong! This movie not only kept true to the Muppets' original characteristics, but it also resurrected them from the dead! The story is the Muppets are scattered and Walter (who for some reason looks like a Muppet rather than human) and his brother get them all back together to save the theater.I loved every second of this movie! The jokes were perfect, the acting was great, the story was flawless, the songs were memorable, and the voice actors were just like the original voice actors, though Gonzo was the only one with his actual voice actor (welcome back),. I was tempted to sing along with them, even when they had the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. There's so many ways this movie could have failed, but this movie had already been aware of those chances and skipped them or made fun of them. For instance one thing they do is kidnap Jack Black to be their guest star. How many ways could that go wrong? However, not only does Jack keep dirty jokes toned down, but seeing him tied (literally) in with characters from the 1970's is a pathway for the Muppets to adapt to the present. With all the dated comedy that goes on that has died away, it is amazing to see how Jim Henson's comedy can easily adapt to our time and be fresh. Personally, what I loved best was the audience. While in theaters I looked back and saw people who were old and young sitting altogether. The elderly were coming to see something they had grown up with and the children were watching something interesting. They were all laughing together, talking about it, and on my way out I heard two teenage girls singing "Manama". I felt like the movie had unified the young and old generation together. It was the most precious moment I will never forget from any movie.
mjharrison247 ...if it were a Christmas movie. A brilliant slice of nostalgia,pure genius.The Muppets go on a road trip as only the Muppets can. This time they have to save the Muppet studios. The genius is how this film manages to combine all the elements of the old movies whilst paying homage to them,yet somehow bring it right up to date. This will not disappoint old fans like myself as well as create new ones. With more celebrities than a whole season of the show,a catchy new song plus rainbow connection and even the Muppet show itself. Magic for all ages.