Tiger Claws III

2000 "The end is about to begin."
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Released: 25 January 2000 Released
Producted By: Film One Productions
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When a psychotic martial artist called Stryker resurrects the long-dead spirits of three ancient Chinese master assassins in an effort to take over the New York underworld, it's up to supercops Tarek Richards and Linda Masterson to stop him. However, it's not so easy to battle the undead, and though Richards apparently holds within him the key to defeating these "Masters", he will need the guidance of Stryker's former master to aid him... let the battle begin.


Action, Crime

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J. Stephen Maunder

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Film One Productions


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Tiger Claws III Audience Reviews

SoTrumpBelieve Must See Movie...
Steineded How sad is this?
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Janis One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.
Destroyer Wod First of all, i watched this movie in 2010, so yeah i do get the part where special effects seem to come up from Mortal Kombat Conquest... the lighting stuff was kind of goofy sometimes, but thats just one part of the movie. The story itself was average, if your OK with supernatural stuff. Personally i can't stand Asian movies with people flying in the air or stuff like that, but i don't mind a supernatural aspect in a fighting movie if the fights looks real and good. And sure they did look good in this one. I saw better sure, but i saw way worst and overall i was pretty much satisfied. I saw people complaining that Cynthia wasn't that much in the movie... I have yet to saw Tiger Claws 1(cause its not on DVD) but in part 2 it was way more Jalal than her that had the lead. It seems to me the lead was always Jalal anyway and Cynthia was a good sidekick. They sure probably put her on the cover for publicity, but everybody that saw the first 2 movies, or even just the second will know she is NOT the lead actor. Then the other popular thing people like to complain... "the superman 2 rejects". Just because the bad guys are 3 and "stronger" than normal people dosen't mean it copy Superman 2... Except being 3 they have nothing in common with the superman 2 guys.. (Zod and his guys, yeah i do like Superman) Thinking this way you could say that every movie release since the original Die Hard with Terrorist taking over something would be a copy... Lets just say that overall Tiger Claws is a fun martial arts movie, not a big one that would be remembered like Bloodsport or something like that, but a fan to enjoy movie for fans of the style.
bsl05 I'll admit, I hardly watched this movie - therefore I'm not going to actually give it a numerical rating. But the parts I did see were pretty bad. Example scene with bad guys: "Everyone's running away from us. Oooh, there's a line of unattended cars! Let's walk menacingly while taking turns blowing them up in an evil manner!"It also seemed to be kind of a rip-off of Superman II. Just look at the 3 bad guys and you've got the same demographics in each movie.
neongen OK, so she`s not on screen every single second. The film had only been available in Germany and Russia before now. People have been known to learn German just so as to be able to enjoy TC III This release must be way easier to understand; that alone rates a ten right off. Does anyone have CR competition video?
conanobr Where do I start? First, the three villains from Superman 2 come back to life to do this movie. But now they're asian! They still wear their black outfits and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting population, though.Second, this is a Cynthia Rothrock film, so you expect some female fighting action, right? Wrong. As a matter of fact, Cynthia Rothrock is barely in the movie.Third, this movie sucks in every conceivable way. I keep waiting for Cynthia Rothrock to do a decent movie. I'll be damned if I haven't been waiting for a long time. Now, they're putting her name on a movie simply as a publicity stunt. Next time her name appears on a movie, I'll wait for it to come out on cable.Fourth, I want my $3.50 back.