Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

2012 "The inbred hillbillies are back!"
4.1| 1h31m| R| en| More Info
Released: 23 October 2012 Released
Producted By: Constantin Film
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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A small West Virginia town is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where throngs of costumed party goers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals kill the fun when they trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students.


Horror, Thriller

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Declan O'Brien

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Constantin Film


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UnowPriceless hyped garbage
BoardChiri Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay
Forumrxes Yo, there's no way for me to review this film without saying, take your *insert ethnicity + "ass" here* to see this film,like now. You have to see it in order to know what you're really messing with.
Juana what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Michael O'Keefe A group of clueless college friends are searching for some fun at the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween in the backwoods of West Virginia. Crowds of costumed party-goers gather for some hard music and mischief. The visiting college group have some car trouble, but are still dying to have some fun. They don't realize the crowd is being invaded by inbred hillbilly cannibals. Trick or treating heathens turn the celebration into a bloodbath.Gruesome, gory and disturbing images. Gut twisting horror. This time might be a one and done. Enjoy buckets of blood. Written and directed by Delan O'Brien and filmed in Romania. The cast includes: Doug Bradley, Rosie Holden, Camilla Arfwedson, Paul Luebke, Amy Lennox, Simon Ginty, Radoslav Parvanov, Borislav Ilev and Roxanne McKee.
unbrokenmetal Some teenagers go to a festival in a small town where a kind of Halloween masquerade takes place. When an old man attacks them with a knife, the kids get arrested too, because they carry drugs on them. However, the old man is the leader of the freaks we know from the previous parts of the series. They come to rescue 'daddy', and among the Halloween masks, they don't even attract too much attention with their looks. The police station is soon under siege, a situation reminding me of the John Carpenter classic 'Assault on Precinct 13'.Part 5 is probably the most vicious episode of them all, not hiding the violence in a dark forest, but openly showing it in the streets and enjoying it to a degree some viewers may find disturbing. There were 5 major censorship cuts in the DVD released in my country, and it is not hard to see why (some missing footage could be spotted in the bonus material, anyway). Not that I was angry about that - it was over a bit sooner. 'Wrong Turn 5' is rather crude and simple, splatter effects over story content, apparently the series is on its decline here. Camilla Arfwedson got a great female lead role as the sheriff at least. I voted 8/4/6/7/5/4 for the 6 movies.
MoviesReviews101 Story: We start by following our group of sexed up, drugged up and alcohol fuelled college students as they are preparing for Mountain Man Festival, a big festival set in and around the mountains of West Virginia. While being reckless the friends run into a mysterious man, wrecking their car and leading to them all getting arrested. Now the cannibals want to crash the festival and free there family member from jail, but along the way the leave a body count. Trying to show that the cannibals have a mentor who bought them into the Virginia area is a plus, but to be honest that is the only highlight. The film has gone into the flat out torture porn mode with the cannibals playing games with their victims by trying to find the most outrageous ways to kill them. The characters seem to make decisions that are beyond terrible including the Sheriff saying stay together and the very next comment she goes outside on her own. This is just poor storytelling, how will the cannibals eat the victims if they destroy them so much? In the end this continues the trend of the films declining as they continue to lose what made them interesting. (3/10)Actor ReviewDoug Bradley: Maynard looking after the cannibals now, he is family to them but he normal look helps him blend into the crowd, he is trying to teach them how to cope with their change in environment. He gets locked up and promises everyone will die if he isn't released. Doug makes a good villain to add to series and is menacing throughout. (7/10)Camilla Arfwedson: Sheriff Angela only Sheriff in the local town who isn't looking forward to the festival because it leaves them dealing with all the drunks. She never manages to follow her instructions making her a terrible leader. Camilla never convinces as a cop and her character is horribly written. (3/10)Simon Ginty: Billy driver of the car that wrecks because he is too busy being reckless with his friends, though he does take complete responsibility for the drugs. Simon gives an inconstant performance as the stupid college kid. (3/10)Support Cast: The cannibals are the same as always solid enough, but the supporting friends all make poor choices and become disposable.Director Review: Declan O'Brien – Thankfully this was his last outing on this film so hopefully now we can give it back to someone who can save it. (3/10)Horror: Torture porn now, what happened? (3/10) Settings: They couldn't even create the isolation idea, that bit is easy. (3/10) Special Effects: Solid effects with some of the kills but wrong genre really. (7/10) Suggestion: No, just no. (Leave it in the Box Set) Best Part: Doug Bradley is actually an interesting addition to the series. Worst Part: Becoming torture porn. Believability: No (0/10) Chances of Tears: No (0/10) Chances of Sequel: One more sequel to come Post Credits Scene: NoOscar Chances: No Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes Tagline: Fear will consume youOverall: Prison Break, Cannibal StyleCheck out more reviews on http://moviesreview101.com/
JÄnis Locis I am a big fan of wrong turn movie franchise, although this movie did not live up to my expectations, it was outclassed by any other wrong turn movie a mile in every aspect of the movie. The worst thing was the ''empty town'' the movie was shot in, supposedly everyone is at the huge festival, which, is going on near the town, nobody helps the victims, the plot for this movie was incredibly dull and uninteresting, didn't have any pleasure watching it. The first 4 movies were really great, if you like this franchise, of course, you will need to watch this as well to fully understand the whole plot of the franchise, since there is now wrong turn 6. But don't expect this to be a good one.