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Released: 22 August 2014 Ended
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Meet the most beloved sitcom horse of the 90s - 20 years later. BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit TV show "Horsin' Around," but today he's washed up, living in Hollywood, complaining about everything, and wearing colorful sweaters.

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Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen / Vincent Adultman / Kevin / Samantha The Food Critic / Olivia / Joelle Clark / Otter / Cow Waitress / Sarah Lynn's Assistant / Ship Co-Captain / Golden Snowflake Announcer / Nurse / Waitress / Cow Waitress / Announcer (voice)
Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter / Marv / Virgil Van Cleef / Prescott / Andrew Garfield / Sandro / Dog Valet / Underwater Man / Concerned Man / Janitor / Bartholomew Scagsworth / Sloth Lawyer / Blimp Co-Pilot / Abortion Doctor / George Tickle / Giant Chocolate Oscar Guy / Actor #2 / Bird / Willie Wesleyan (voice)

BoJack Horseman Audience Reviews

UnowPriceless hyped garbage
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
Derrick Gibbons An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
isaiahmckirgan I'm honestly dissapointed how long it took me to watch this fantastic show; dark humour, so many jokes, deep scenes, LITERALLY. Emotional parts, so many real life relations; they literally made a 1 min clip for his 90s TV show to make it feel authentic & since it's a Netflix show they even put the release date at 1987; this show is so fantastic AND SEASON 5 in SEPTEMBER!!!!!
A_mortis Love the anthropomorphism of the show, the voice acting, and the plots. He (Bojack) has a lot of self hatred and substance abuse, but he carries it well in all his zany antics. Seasons have a lesson in personal growth that aren't Bible thumped over your head. Wacky and Wacked.Bojack Horseman, I love you and want your baby!
benjaminburt I couldn't bring myself to give BoJack Horseman a number grade, because that would be comparing it to other shows. Someone might get the idea that if I rate the show a 10, I think it's better than other shows I or IMDb might have ranked, and that's simply not how I feel about the show. On paper, BoJack Horseman seems pretty run-of-the-mill. A cynical, washed-up movie star and his kooky adventures with his wacky friends. But, if you stick with the show, it quickly becomes so much more than that. Before I go any further, this show has some glaring negatives. The flash animation is highly unappealing for any avid fans of animation. Some of the voice acting is highly disappointing. Sometimes the show feels disjointed. I was disappointed with the portrayal of dementia in season 4, though it wasn't to the point of offensiveness, per se. And lastly, this show is not for everyone.BoJack Horseman ultimately deals with self-loathing and confronting one's own self. Though many themes are layered on top of this, including nihilism, self-destructiveness, a search for meaning, etc., at the end of the day, the show confronts head-on what it's like to be disappointed in who you yourself are and the life you lead. And this is one of the greatest pieces of media I have ever seen tackle this. If you don't feel out of place in the universe, this show is probably not for you. You may sympathize with BoJack and be dismayed at his choices, but they may not move you in any way. BoJack Horseman was crafted specifically to curtail to the thousands of young and middle- aged people who face themselves and their lives and are disappointed. The show asks if a person can ever change, and what a person's deeds are actually worth. In a time of irreligion, these are questions that plague the minds of many, many people. For them, BoJack Horseman becomes a companion, a recognition of the problem that they confront (or perhaps are running away from) every day.The characters and situations feel organic. To some degree, the show is a deconstruction of modern adult cartoons. Mistakes have lasting impacts, and "the status quo is not God". Careful attention to continuity was given. There is a surprising lack of jokes. This is much more a drama than a comedy. A lot of jokes are animal-based puns that don't exactly gel well with the rest of the show. For instance, a guy walks into a bar, orders a grasshopper, and there's a grasshopper- person at the bar. The joke didn't connect at all to the rest of the scene. I wasn't sure if the show was legitimately trying to be funny, if it was trying to lighten the mood or set the tone for the scene, or if it was trying to give a cheesy joke to give the show some charm or endearment. Back to the topic at hand. BoJack himself is very reminiscent of Bill Murray's character, Phil, from the movie Groundhog Day. The reason that movie has staying power is not just because it's associated with a holiday, not just because it has some good comedy, but also because of the depth and struggles of Phil. Phil is cocky and kind of jerk, but really, he's self-loathing. He can't find any meaning in his life. The movie is ultimately about Phil learning what has meaning, and he learns to appreciate the day-to-day. BoJack Horseman is very similar in that it's a self-loathing character and his search for meaning, but BoJack doesn't find any easy answers, and we're along for the ride. Though Groundhog Day may have been an allegory for someone feeling that every day is the same in their boring town, we go every day with BoJack, and every day is a new, different adventure that ultimately ends the same: with BoJack failing to see value in himself or in his life.This show is certainly a unique experience. For some people, it will take them on a ride to, like BoJack, seek for meaning in their life. For them, this show is a must-watch that will literally ask them to look at life in a new way. For some people who are fully satisfied with their life and place in the universe, this show may just seem a depressing spiral of one man, told against the backdrop of some cheap animation and some grating voice acting. But for those who feel this show speaks to them, it was all worth it.
pachomar84 For all the people that rate this show based on if it's funny, here's the deal, it isn't supposed to be. The show is mostly showing the sad parts of life that many of us experience at some point in our lives (bad relationships, childhood family traumas, depression, disappointment, lies, and everything you won't find in a "funny" show. Basically, the protagonist is (apart from a humanoid horse) a guy who had a sitcom during the 90's, now we are shown his life 20 years later, being mostly depressed, alcoholic, jumping from meaningless sex every time he has a chance, and it's a total jerk to almost everyone But the moments in which he is sober (not many) he realizes the self destructive behavior he has, and tries to do something to feel better, almost always making things worst. It's a show full of nihilism, not comedy (they try to do comedy with some of the characters like Todd or Mr Peanut Butter...but it's just doesn't work. I saw all the seasons and I really liked all of them, but not because it made me laugh, but it made me see some stuff of my life reflected on it Even tho it's a world where humans and animal-people live as if it was completely normal, the show is as human as it can get (ok, maybe not everyone would screw up as many times as BoJack does in every episode, but still, the rest of the characters also add up for some of the most common issues people experience in their lives