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8.5| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 13 January 2015 Ended
Producted By: CBC
Country: Canada
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Formerly filthy rich video store magnate Johnny Rose, his soap star wife Moira, and their two kids, über-hipster son David and socialite daughter Alexis, suddenly find themselves broke and forced to live in Schitt's Creek, a small depressing town they once bought as a joke.



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Schitt's Creek Audience Reviews

Dorathen Better Late Then Never
Anoushka Slater While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.
Mathilde the Guild Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
Kayden This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama
blackrdt Wonderful cast... quirky and sweet! Daniel Levy has been a longtime favorite. This is the first show I binge watched. I just love the entire cast. Great job!
wwehrspann-28086 We need a court room scene with Richard Mull playing Bull Schitts.
worthwood This show is so bad and unfunny on ever level I actually feel like I've been attacked or something. It's unbelievably insulting to me that my tax dollars are paying for this garbage to be made with a lot of that money going into the pockets of Dan Levy, the most annoying and untalented actor I've ever seen on TV ever, who obviously only has a TV show because he is Eugene Levy's son. It's shameful and it's a terrible show contrary to what these super suspicious glowing reviews all say about it and him. Truly an awful, insulting show.
emmytoinfinity It took to about mid way through the second season before this show really found its tone, and it's brilliant. The closest thing I can compare this to is a 1930s screwball comedy, only updated with a modern sensibility. The humor and tone is very sophisticated, despite the seemingly tired fish-out-of-water premise, because the writers never go for the most obvious or expected joke or if they do, they subvert it. The show had developed its storylines and characters very impressively, and you genuinely end up caring about the Rose family and their friends. The Alexis storyline is better than most recent romantic comedies, especially when the show decided to make nice guy Ted her true love and her having to become a better person to win him. Back in the 1930s, she would have wound up with gruff Mutt without having to become a better person and the nice guy would have been discarded.It's also lovely to see queer David get his own romantic comedy plot and the banter between him and Patrick is sharp and funny. I am really looking forward to seeing how these stories move forward in Season 5. It's also sweet to see their parents, Johnny and Moira, have stayed in love despite their change in status. It's really funny, it respects its audience and it is often surprising, too.