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Released: 18 September 1985 Ended
Producted By: Universal Television
Country: United States of America
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Robert McCall is a former agent of a secret government agency who is now running his own private crime fighting operation where he fashions himself as "The Equalizer." It is a service for victims of the system who have exhausted all possible means of seeking justice and have nowhere to go. McCall promises to even out the odds for them.

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GurlyIamBeach Instant Favorite.
Claysaba Excellent, Without a doubt!!
Spoonatects Am i the only one who thinks........Average?
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
AaronCapenBanner Edward Woodward was fantastic as former "company" operative Robert McCall, who abruptly resigns from service and offers his skills and connections to help ordinary people in need, whether that be from street punks, gangsters, terrorists, stalkers, or corrupt corporations. Whatever the threat, McCall was up for the challenge, and he certainly wasn't a man you would want for an enemy! I marveled at how Edward Woodward imbued the role with such power and menace to the criminal element, who frequently underestimated this middle-aged Englishman the same way murderers would Culumbo, for instance. To see Woodward take on younger threats and beat them in his fearless style was a joy to watch; this was a man trying to make amends for his mysterious past, a man who has seen much evil, and isn't intimidated by it, and who likely doesn't fear his own death.Pity it was canceled after four years, but has recently received a full series DVD release, so now can be enjoyed once again by both old and new fans.
nicstepro I miss the Equalizer.Burn Notice is my modern day EQ, but I do miss the days when everyone wasn't 30-something (or more often 20-something) in their professions. A mature man who maybe sees the adolescent wolves nipping at his heels ("This one's mine, McCall!" when McCall tries to get the gunman to lower his weapon and has to shoot), whose mid-life crisis goes in a positive direction.I do think more slipped by whoever 'proofed' these shows back then, like Colleen's magically disappearing dishrag. It's here by the lamp, it's there in her hand, it's gone, it's back again when Colleen's stalker calls (and calls back). Add to that, the discontinuity when the stalker stops speaking, but his lips are still moving. Somehow I think more of that sort of thing is caught today.Nor did they count on VHS/DVD magic revealing the 'empty' car going into the water after McCall shoots the driver. Or the badly toupeed stunt double of Woodward's during the fight scene on the boat.And I have some nits, like the CIA being so threatened by him he's in a Red File (Callan anyone?). I think a real red file would just be given to lawyers and he'd have pile of non-disclosure agreements to sign. Death by hand-cramp. A lot of promise in the pilot. A nice appearance by Jerry Stiller. A fancy apartment the Equalizer looks out of place in, and a dog that is thankfully never seen again (Sorry, can't Equalize today, I have to take the dog to the vet.) I do wish the series had gotten into how he managed to get the police behind his actions with no 'official' backing. Or stuck to more conventional and fewer preachy stories as it did toward the end. But I still would've loved another season.
marciakohring Series is very much enjoyed. I never got the opportunity to watch it when it was first aired in the 80's. Edward Woodward is an excellent actor and makes the character of Robert McCall real. In fact he seems to project that ability in all the various roles he has played in other movies as well. His range of acting ability is as diverse as the roles he plays. One review even called him Britain's answer to Sean Connery. The Equalizer should be aired - all four seasons. It is better that the fanciful detective tales being carried now. In addition to good scripts, the photography of New York and DC is excellent. The supporting cast for each episode is well planned.
flyind-1 The equalizer is probably my favorite mystery. I watch the reruns every day, and, since they do not have DVD's out as far as I know, I have started to tape them. This show has a great level of suspense for anyone who loves mysteries, and it's got an interesting plot in every episode.I'm only going on 14 and just started watching the show's reruns about 2 months ago (when my grandma discovered it was in syndication) but it's already one of my favorites. I was educated early on about violence and the issues that I see appear in the Equalizer, so I understand it completely. I know the show has a high level of violence and deals with many strong subjects, but that's nothing compared to some of the things I see today on TV. McCall does kill a lot of bad guys, but at least they don't make an extremely graphic scene. McCall even dislikes killing anyone, so that doesn't mean he enjoys shooting his gun off at every criminal out there. This show dealt with things that actually happen. There is violence out there, and there are very scary things going on as well. If only there were a few real Equalizers, we could make a difference.Robert McCall has true to life feelings in my opinion. Sure, you may not meet a man who keeps a bunch of weapons and used to work for the CIA, but he has normal feelings. He's calm and kind, but his temper can flare with proper stimulation, such as a very nasty bad guy or an argument with Control. He knows what to do and tries all he can to help his clients. Edward Woodward does a great job portraying Robert McCall as lifelike. He brings a uniqueness to the character that I haven't seen on any show before. The role fit him perfectly. Woodward's way of playing McCall can not be done by anyone else.The Equalizer is ready to dole out justice to criminals, and to equalize the odds of those who's odds are against them. I may not have been alive when the show ran it's course, but thanks to syndication, The Equalizer is my daily treat to enjoy alone, with my family, or with my friends. I truly think it is an awesome show.