A Rainy Day in New York

2019 "Love In Spring."
6.6| 1h32m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 26 July 2019 Released
Producted By: Gravier Productions
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Two young people arrive in New York to spend a weekend, but once they arrive they're met with bad weather and a series of adventures.

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Woody Allen

Producted By

Gravier Productions


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Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
ActuallyGlimmer The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.
Nicole I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.
Rexanne It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny