Basmati Blues

2018 "Journey to a place with a rhythm all its own"
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Released: 09 February 2018 Released
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Linda Watt is a sheltered but brilliant young scientist who is plucked out of her company's lab and sent to India by her CEO to sell "Rice 9," a genetically modified rice she's created. However, unbeknownst to her, the rice will destroy the Indian farmers she thinks she's helping.


Comedy, Music, Romance

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Dan Baron

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Basmati Blues Audience Reviews

Matrixston Wow! Such a good movie.
Pluskylang Great Film overall
ThedevilChoose When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
rlprior Superb cast of professional actors, the music blended with a serious message.This movie had humour, pathos and a wide array emotions. Captivated an audience across several generations.This is not a movie for Marvel fans. Enjoyable light entertainment with a good musical balance, with light romance, evil scheming and conjoined with the serious issue of GM seeds. Genetically modified crops are good for Monsanto but not for the farmers. A salutory message encapsulated in quality entertainment.
Gordon-11 This film tells the story of an American scientist, who is sent to India to market a new type of rice to farmers.At first, I thought it was a musical as Brie Larson bursts into a song in the first scene. Then, I realised that this is actually a Bollywood film. It has all the entertaining elements of a Bollywood film, including songs and dances. The story is predictable, but it works. I enjoyed it.
dedew-79125 It's Good because there's utkarsh in it. i only watch it on the first place because i love utkarsh and want to see him acting. and it turn out not so bad. i kinda like it, i dont know why people said this is boring, because i dont think so. good one.
nicoleamc Smart humor, relevant, and conscious storytelling about the impact of science on an entire culture. Clever use of dance and music which seamlessly embodies each character and drives the point of the story home. Brie Larson beautifully portrays her character of Linda and intelligently drives the point of the story forward. I also enjoyed the playfulness of Donald Sutherland and Tyne Daly throughout as well as how comfortably and artfully they delivered their characters whether dancing or singing. The photography was wonderful and the scenes of village life and people reminded me of my time in India. Well done. A story.that all my friends and family can enjoy regardless of age.