Boy Culture

2006 "Sex pays. Love costs."
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Released: 15 September 2006 Released
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A successful gay male escort describes in a series of confessions his tangled romantic relationships with his two roommates and an older, enigmatic male client.

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Q. Allan Brocka

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Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Roman Sampson One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.
Joe Day For the record, I came of age in that brief period between 1975-80 known as Disco. It was time of The Castro, Sylvester and Harvey. It was the time of cocaine and Studio 54, Liza, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol - part Two. It was a time when the "thing" was for men to not be uptight about our masculinity and to not freak out at two men tongue kissing, etc. Heck, try it yourself: don't knock it if you haven't tried it. So, most of us did because our girlfriends wanted us to!I have been watching gay-themed films this week on Netflix, having been out of the scene so-to-speak for many years, I wanted to see what the gay crowd was up to on cinema. Boy, how things never change.Much of what I considered gay culture came to a halt with A.I.D.S. Bathhouses and such. However, having watched a half dozen or so contemporary gay-themed movies, it seems things are back to square one, except once in a while you see a condom.The gay life is a drag - pun intended.I watched another called Bear City and was amazed that clubs still have orgy rooms in back; that guys go to glory holes etc. I thought that was over. I also notice that all the jealously, backbiting and insecurity are in tact as well. And of course EVERYBODY has serious daddy issues.Often these films throw in religious references, usually to highlight the spiritual battle (God always loses) or to simply mock God and blame HIM for the depression, etc. Still others, like this one, give us the all-accepting loving family and lately, those families have all been BLACK - which is total baloney. Black families DO NOT traditionally welcome their sons home with a white boy (or any boy) in tow and happily lead them to a bedroom. I have also noticed that in these films the father (if there is one) is more-than-happy to welcome gay sons and may even confide to them they they too had "urges" in that area. Great dad!If there are couples, it is generally all about sex and you see that they spend a lot of time in bars since if they are not screwing each other, they fight and so cannot really stand to be alone together if not having sex. Likewise, monogamy is a joke.I can recall going with a mixed group to a bar back in the day and they had this chain suspended from the ceiling attached to a Harley. As it descended, there was a guy in "open" leather gear and for a buck you could fist him - a buck a thrust. All this went on while the music blared and most of the club paid no attention whatsoever. Meanwhile, take a "wrong turn" and you could enter a dark space where the only thing you recognized were hands and mouths. Super!!! I actually lost my wallet once and went back to this bar to retrieve it and when I saw the "dark space" in the light it was very depressing. As Bette Davis might say, "what a dump!"All of this is to say that I am glad that was a phase and not my life. I am totally bored by gay boys, twinks, daddies, bears, whatever. Maybe it is a thing for youth, I don't know, but in hindsight, I would skip the whole thing. It gets you nowhere.Maybe it is just me but there seemed to be millions of gay men back then too but today it seems that EVERY guy under 30 is gay. Every guy with a beard is a daddy or bear etc. It amazes me.It is boring. Maybe if they brought by the neckerchiefs in various colors guys used to hang on their behinds - left or right. I don't know.
Cyma_Rizwaan_Khan This was nice. Joey was beautiful, my favorite character for sure. The movie has some great dialogue but I kept wishing the acting was better. The execution wasn't the best, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I found the dynamic between the three main characters very refreshing and the whole love thing between two of them it was good too. The whole thing with the main character's older trick was a bit weird. Again better acting and execution could have made the whole thing better. I liked the way it ended but I was kind of disappointed and hurt for Joey. He was the one guy who was acting well anyway. The movie on the whole, I think its one of those who take the stigma off prostitution and I liked that.
onthejazz-589-452380 Boy Culture is refreshing, entertaining, unpredictable and addictive. There is so much right about this movie. From the choice of actors, use of the 7 Deadly Sins, the tone of the witty narration, dialog, public service announcement and family oriented dynamic, makes this the best movie I have ever seen.The world from the storyteller's perspective is riveting and insightful. But none more than how he compares with the Virgin Mary.Ten minutes in, I wanted to know who wrote this witty dialog and created such a complex character in such a relaxed style. The genius with how he connects the characters objectives with their role in the dynamic is inspiring.His use of analogies is overflowing with each executed so brilliantly that this becomes more than just superb story telling. It is a uniquely introspective masterpiece of epic proportion.I finally understand how someone can watch a movie over and over, without there being years between viewings. And for the first time I can say I have without question a favorite movie.
Jay Harris Normally most gay themed films are not good movies,MOST have second rate acting & production values & the plots ^ story lines are usually pretty bad. In fact I did not even like the last film by this director EATINGOUT.The above being said, BOY CULTURE is one first rate film, The script is actually believable.We have a very high priced male hustler, who is so fussy he has only 12 clients.. We concentrate here on his latest client, an older , very virile Senior Citizen, who seems to be more of a mentor to our Hustler.In order to please the IRS tax-man, our Hustler has 2 roommates. One a very engaging Black,who while not a hustler is quite promiscuous,He & our hustler hero seem to like each other & that seems to be all? The other lad is just an 18 year cutie. who cares for both of themThe dialog between these 3 & the Senior, is just first rate & we learn much about the lives & how they live & love. They may not always agree with one another, BUT they do care & that sure helps make this film a worthwhile rental. I will buy it when the price is affordable.This is a movie to be seen over & over.They are all likable people that we the audience can care about.The film may not be for everyone, BUT for those that like well made & acted light comedy/dramas, this is a must see,'Why this charmer played in only a hand full of theatres, ( according to IMDb 7 ) is beyond all comprehension.There is a minimum of foul language,no frontal nudity, & very brief sex scenes (well handled) .this was not rated by the the rating board. I would give it a PG-13Ratings **** (out of 4) 98 points(out of 100) IMDb 10 (out of 10)