Death Race

2008 "Get ready for a killer race."
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Terminal Island, New York: 2020. Overcrowding in the US penal system has reached a breaking point. Prisons have been turned over to a monolithic Weyland Corporation, which sees jails full of thugs as an opportunity for televised sport. Adrenalized inmates, a global audience hungry for violence and a spectacular, enclosed arena come together to form the 'Death Race', the biggest, most brutal event.

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Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
Livestonth I am only giving this movie a 1 for the great cast, though I can't imagine what any of them were thinking. This movie was horrible
Portia Hilton Blistering performances.
Geraldine The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
juneebuggy This was actually better than I was expecting. I liked the premise, the island, the prison setup. I mean it doesn't require a huge amount of brain power to watch but its still fun, the stunts are fantastic and there's a good cast attached. Statham -doing his thing, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, the always bad and recognizable Robert LaSardo, a bunch of hot chicks for the guys. I also liked (Joan Allen) as the Warden, extra bitchy and amusing as the antagonist.And while the whole movie culminates towards the actual "death race" and it was super cool it also went on and on and I just kinda glazed over after a while, with all the bullets, explosions, near misses, gory deaths and bloodshed. Cool stunts though, very video gameish. 02/13
SeriousJest In the bonus feature "Start Your Engines – Making a Death Race," Anderson declares that he meant for this movie to be a darker, more serious, believable version of Death Race 2000. I've never seen the original, so he may have succeeded, but I found this film to be hokey in a few parts, including the ending. All of that being said, it is one of my favorite hokey car films. There is actually a compelling plot behind the race, plenty of great action, and a solid cast, including newcomer beauty Natalie Martinez, whom I'd like to see more of. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that you need to see this flick, I will say that you probably wouldn't mind watching it more than once, either.For more reviews and a kickass podcast, check out:
Marko Zivanovic My expectations were a lot higher. The film has everything you need for a good action: fast cars that have a weapon on them, racing, prison and Jason Statham. Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is a former driver, who comes to prison for the murder of his wife, which he did not commit. They received an offer to race under the mask Frankenstein, the famous prison racer who died in the last race, but nobody knows. Races that were supposed to be the best part of the film, turned out the worst. Literally they were boring. There was more dialogue in the car, than the action on the track. The movie has really had the potential to be a good move, but they screwed up. As I said, I was expecting much but got little.
richieandsam DEATH RACEYet another remake… only this time they did a good job.The movie is about a guy who is in jail for murdering his wife, the problem is he is innocent. Whilst in jail, the warden makes him an offer he can't refuse… drive in the Death Race as a famous masked driver that died in the last race. If he wins, he gets his freedom. The Death Race is a car race like no other… not only do they have to win the race, but they have to survive. All the cars have weapons and every convict driving is racing for their freedom.The action in this movie is really good. There is not just great car chases, but the fighting scenes are also really well done. But then that is Jason Stathams best quality. The man knows how to kick butt in a movie. I thought the fight scenes were really well choreographed, but the camera work was not great. The action scenes seemed very shaky. They probably shot it that way on purpose so you can't see them missing each other. Still, I thought it was very off putting and sometimes hard to see what happened. This also goes for the driving scenes. There were a few moments in the racing scenes where I had no idea what was happening as the scenes just kept changing far too quickly and were very shaky. It didn't ruin it too much though. It was still very enjoyable.The acting was surprisingly good too for a cheesy action movie. The movie stars Jason Statham as the guy who gets falsely accused. Jason does a great job playing Jason Statham. Every one of his roles seem the same to me. But all his movies are very entertaining. Other cast members are Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Tyrese Gibson & Natalie Martinez. Everyone did well. I can't really fault anyone's acting.The cars in the movie looked great. I loved them and really liked the weaponry they had on them. There were some amazing crashes and some great driving from the stunt drivers.The thing I loved about the original was the violence. There was some violence in this, but to me the original had more. I loved the fact that in the original they were racing around the streets and the general public was getting killed by the racers as they raced around… with this one they are racing on a track in the prison. It lost the edge a little bit because of that. But in general, the movie is a lot of fun and well made.I will give this film 7 out of 10."The United States economy collapses. Unemployment hits a record high. Crime rates spiral out of control. The prison system reaches breaking point. PRIVATE CORPORATIONS now run all correctional facilities for profit. TERMINAL ISLAND Penitentiary streams a series of Cage Fights live on the Internet. Prisoners fight to the Death, creating a ratings sensation. They are the new Gladiators and Terminal Island is their Coliseum. But like the mob of ancient Rome, the modern audience soon becomes bored. They demand more... DEATH RACE is born."For more reviews, please like my Facebook page: Reviews/456572047728204?ref=hl