2013 "A love story, unequaled."
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A documentary that tells the emotional journey of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship — a relationship that was cut tragically short by a misstep off the side of a roof.

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Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

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Mozark Productions


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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Forumrxes Yo, there's no way for me to review this film without saying, take your *insert ethnicity + "ass" here* to see this film,like now. You have to see it in order to know what you're really messing with.
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Lidia Draper Great example of an old-fashioned, pure-at-heart escapist event movie that doesn't pretend to be anything that it's not and has boat loads of fun being its own ludicrous self.
Yunyun Z You may have watched several good, impressive gay films before. But you might feel they are overly dramatic and far away from your life. I promise you Bridegroom is the most special and touching gay movie I have seen. Actually, it is a documentary. The real story was found by the director on Youtube in 2012 (It Could Happen To You). Bridegroom, the love story of Shane and Tom is also a precious memory for Shane.In the film, the hero, Shane Crone pays tribute to his partner Tom who died in an accident in 2011. All "actors and actresses" are themselves including Shane and Tom's family and friends. It's a documentary about Shane and Tom's childhoods, their acquaintance and their life. The film is tearful and heartbreaking because it does not have a happy ending. Tom dies young at only 29 years old.More heartbreaking is that Tom's family refuses to accept Shane. As Tom's lover, he cannot attend Tom's funeral. Although Shane's family and friends accept and support him, his sadness cannot be described in words. His world crashes with Tom's leaving.Shane and Tom, like other young people, are cheerful and optimistic. I also feel they are lucky, because they can meet their soul mate and true love in the big world. Shane is brave, and he can tell the world his story and about the tragedy.The world should be diverse and colorful, like the gay symbol - the rainbow flag. This small film may influence the audience and make a meaningful impact on society.
runamokprods For a while, I felt interested but a bit removed. Certainly the story is tragic, but there are so many tragic tales in the world. Certainly any homophobia is horrific, but when there are still gay men being lynched, this story seemed not nearly as dramatic and shocking as others. And its style is basic – talking head interviews with friends and family, home videos, photographs. I thought (in my smug liberal way) that its good for the country to see a film showing how normal, likable and in love two young men could be. But this wasn't news to me. It felt rudimentary, aimed at those who had never known a gay couple and realized 'hey, they're just people'. But then something strange happened. In the film's last half hour it built into an emotional tidal wave. I didn't realize I was hit until I suddenly started to cry. These two men were so deeply, sweetly in love, and Shane Crone, rather than simply crawl into a shell after the untimely death of the love of his life, and after being barred from the funeral by the homophobic family, and dealt many other emotional (and legal) cuts and bruises only because he and his life partner were gay, managed to rally himself, and make a you tube video that has reached millions with an impossible to argue with plea for gay marriage. That he could take this devastating loss, add mistreatment, and instead of giving up on life do something important and life affirming was profoundly affecting. Suddenly the whole film seemed to have more weight. I wept through the very moving responses his video (the one that got me is a self proclaimed life-long redneck, vowing to never oppose gay lovers again). Even the end credits full of thousands of names of those who cared enough to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign for the film moved me with joy for the resilience of human beings, the fact that things are getting better, and that love is still the most powerful thing in the human experience, both in personal and political terms.
Amari-Sali As the world goes from some sort of malice toward homosexuals to tolerance, movies like this remind you of how silly it is people can actively hate a group of people who do them no harm. But, thankfully, as much as there is an underlying theme about equality within the film, the love between Tom and Shane is what is the most showcased. Thus making a film which could rival some of your favorite romantic movies. Characters & StoryThis documentary features two men. One being Shane, and the other Tom. Their love story plays out like many love stories in which this extrovert meets this quiet person and through the extrovert the quiet counterpart blossoms. And the film decides, rather than to start when Tom and Shane first date, they instead make it so you build up to that moment by getting to know the two men before the love came about. With that, the film makes it so you are almost like an acquaintance of the two boys, who you may have seen around school, and rather than them being someone you just randomly look up on Facebook, instead you get one half of the relationship, and all their friends, telling you what happened from beginning to end.PraiseTruly, for a film a little over an hour to be so touching is quite amazing. As I've said in other reviews, so many films do so much in order to make an on-screen relationship seem authentic, but when you see Tom and Shane, and think about all that lead up to their relationship, it truly does create a mental precedent, as their friends say in the movie. Then, what makes this film all the better is the fact this romance was reality. Thankfully, both Tom and Shane loved using their camera to take picture and create videos, and when you combine those two with the interview segments, you get a film which squashes any Nicholas Sparks movie adaption, and rivals any other depiction of love you can think of. But, perhaps the nicest thing is the way we are introduced to Tom and Shane. We get to see two separate entities grow into finding each other like the proverbial missing puzzle piece. And though there isn't much affection shown, in terms of kissing or something like that, just their interactions and pictures show the type of romance I'm sure many dream of. And though really all we are as viewers are people viewing into the window of Shane and Tom's life, the amount of detail really makes you feel almost like an acquaintance by the end of the film.Criticism Honestly, there isn't much to critique the film on since it is fairly to the point and only a little over an hour. I mean, to nitpick, I could say I wasn't fond of most of the music used, but that is mostly because there is a lot of original music which I wasn't feeling, country songs, and songs which may have fit the moment, but I think were unnecessary overall. However, and maybe this is just my feelings, I think it was unnecessary for the movie to have one of the interviewees, who seems so foreign in comparison to Shane's or Tom's family members and friends. And the reason I say he seems foreign, is because it seems his main purpose is to associate Tom and Shane's story with the push for marriage equality and gay rights. And really, the film itself, on its own, speaks on why marriage equality matters as well as speak on the issues a gay person can have in this world, especially if they grow up in an area of intolerance. So his participation almost seems more like an invasive sponsor than someone contributing something of worth.Overall: Rental/ VODPerhaps in the future, when people take note of how far things have come, films like this one will be used to show part of the devastation which came simply from unfound hatred. And while we are told neither Tom nor Shane were physically bullied, you do see through Shane how much mental torture can come from not only not accepting yourself, but not having those who you want to be close accept you. Making this, to me, worth renting. For while it is just one man's story, like so many before, and surely after, it is a story which matters and truly reminds you despite the many differences there are between people, be it race, sexuality, likes/dislikes and etc., there are a few basic things we all search for and are a part of what gives us hope, and reason, to live possibly into our 80s, 90s, and 100s, and that is having someone who accepts all of you and finds it complimentary to their being.
Justin Regan Finally found the time to watch this. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to share the love that these two people have for one another. The documentary follows a touching love story while displaying the current imbalance of rights and freedom in our world and how it affects the underprivileged. Gay people already know and live these stories. It's meant to change the hearts and minds of straight privileged people who aren't necessarily paying enough attention or who haven't yet been exposed to such realities like the ones shown in the story of Bridegroom. Take an hour out of your day and watch it; it's very worthwhile.