One Day

2011 "Twenty years. Two people."
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Released: 19 August 2011 Released
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Country: United States of America
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A romantic comedy centered on Dexter and Emma, who first meet during their graduation in 1988 and proceed to keep in touch regularly. The film follows what they do on July 15 annually, usually doing something together.


Drama, Romance

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One Day Audience Reviews

GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Micransix Crappy film
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
AshUnow This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
robinssa-98507 Fine actors as they all are the casting let's the original story down. Em is supposed to be a down-to-earth socially inept plain Jane with a broad Yorkshire accent. By contrast Dexter is a posh kid, louche, slightly out of control. Neither action really channels this. Ann Hathaway can't be disguised as plain just by putting a pair of spectacles on her, and her accent is as cut glass as dexter. Meanwhile D just appears sleepy. Not the clear distinction on which the book thrives.
carrotjarrott i thought this was just a plain romantic movie with a boring plot, tho it almost sounds like that... but mostly it was very fresh to me and really interesting... it simply so realistic and magical with so much touch of feelings...I've watched this for three times and yet never bored to amaze me
becca One Day will fulfill all your chick-flick needs. This British romantic comedy does a great job at hitting all the stereotypes and will leave you laughing, crying, and conflicted. This film uses unique filters, interesting camera angles, and well-known actors to cover up the lack-luster plot line. One Day is a romantic comedy that follows the lives of two friends who are flirting on the line of a relationship. Emma, the nerdy female love interest played by Anne Hathaway, finds herself in bed with Dexter, a handsome male played by Jim Sturgess, which quickly turns south and they decide to be friends instead. The film follows the two almost-lovers as the progress through the ups and downs of life while attempting to maintain their friendship. The stereotypical plot shows both friends date the wrong people at different times with their timelines frustratingly never quite matching up. The Director adds a blueish gray filter periodically throughout the film to emphasize the gloomy content of various scenes. While this technique works well for tragic scenes, it gives an off-kilter feeling for scenes that would otherwise be cute and romantic. This filter may aide the film in taking your emotions on a roller coaster ride – as you might expect from a romance movie – but upon closer examination, the filter seems overdone and out of place. The well-known Anne Hathaway's acting turned out to be subpar and was overshadowed by her co-star, Jim Sturgess. The chemistry seemed to be lacking between the couple and only seemed to pick up when Jim incorporated that knowing stare that can only be given to someone you truly love. The accents seemed to waver as the years go on and it was difficult to tell if this was intentional or a slip in the acting. When the accents were present, they sounded forced and annoying, but is it even a rom-com if the male lead doesn't have a sexy accent? The flirting and awkward moments between the two friends aren't quirky and unique, they are overused and expected. The film included an awkward encounter between Dexter's wealthy parents and Emma that has been seen in every romantic comedy done before this one. The aesthetic seemed a tad off as the film progressed through the years. The clothing only had minimal changes as they covered a time span of almost 30 years. If it wasn't for the text telling you what year it was, it would be difficult to differentiate between the progression of time and flashbacks. One Day is the perfect film to watch when you just want to see a predictable love story. The story line isn't original, but it touches on everything that makes a romantic comedy such a popular genre. This film will have you crying and laughing as you reminisce on relationships that could have been, but in the end you will be lacking the feeling of love. The film is missing a sense of plausibility that makes it difficult to relate to and will therefore not be your favorite movie, but may be good enough to occasionally snuggle-up under the covers to watch.
juneebuggy I was a huge fan of the book by David Nicholls and really looked foreword to seeing this... And while it didn't quite live up to my expectations and somewhat failed to capture the love and tragedy of the novel it was still a decent enough romance.The lovely Jim Sturgess plays rich playboy Dexter, with the (mostly irritating) Anne Hathaway as working class woman Em. We join them in 1988 on the night of their college graduation where they almost get together, decide to be friends and then proceed to follow them over the course of the next two decades.We see them through assorted relationships, phone calls, fights, hopes, vacations, missed opportunities, laughter and tears. There is always the anticipation of, will these two ever get together? The tone of the movie is different than the book, trying to be a bit like 'When Harry Met Sally' and failing. I also didn't ever feel the connection between Dexter and Em. I guess I should stop comparing the two, apples and oranges and all that but when you adore a book as much as I did its hard.The ageing of the characters is very well done here, subtle but especially apparent at the very end when the movie flips back to the night they met and you go wow, look how young they were. The clothing is also true to the decade and there are some fun (bad) hairstyles. 1/4/15