Christopher Robin

2018 "Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing."
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Released: 02 August 2018 Released
Producted By: Walt Disney Pictures
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Christopher Robin, the boy who had countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Now it’s up to his spirited and loveable stuffed animals, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the gang, to rekindle their friendship and remind him of endless days of childlike wonder and make-believe, when doing nothing was the very best something.

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Marc Forster

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Walt Disney Pictures


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Karry Best movie of this year hands down!
Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
GazerRise Fantastic!
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
nmh0797 Although I am admittedly biased because of growing up watching Winnie the Pooh, the movie exceeded every expectation of mine for a live action Pooh film. Brilliant and inspiring, this film didn't just reimagine a classic, but taught valuable lessons for all ages.
alimac2 When I saw the trailer for this movie, I had to see how it holds up to its lore. What I found was not a kids film. Sure, it could appeal to kids, but if you paid attention the message was for the parents and older audiences. It shows too. My theatre was entirely 21+ despite it being dinner time at a dine in cinema. The message within focused on Christopher going through a mid life crisis of sorts- losing himself and struggling to see what's really important/forgetting to have fun and spend time appreciating the little things and the people you love (self care, anyone?). It was even a little dark at times. I love what they did with heffalumps! Would recommend and willing be getting this on blu Ray.
jackfahy-18595 This movie is so cute that Christopher Robin (all grown up) has came to reunite with Pooh in London.
icecrystals-19197 I understand that the directors and script writers behind this wanted intended on making this movie about grown up Christopher Robin, raising a family, his wife, Evelyn, and daughter, Madelyn. I was pretty disappointed with how dark and depressing a good 75% of this movie was. Yet again, I was impressed by the ending, although rather a cliché ending. Knowing that even though Christopher Robin is all grown up, the hundred acre woods gang could always make new adventures with Madelyn. But something that I did loathe about this movie, and I mean absolutely hated was, Christopher Robin as a character during a huge portion of the movie, very stubborn, not caring towards his daughter's wishes and beliefs and half the time his wife didn't even know WHERE he was.