Death Warrant

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Released: 14 September 1990 Released
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The Canadian policeman Louis Burke is assigned in a jail to investigate the murders of prisoners and jailors. When in jail, Louis, using his outstandings martial arts skills, is able to save his life and make himself respected in that violent world. At least, helped by two another prisoners, he succeded in finding the truth about the dreadful crimes. In a violent and corrupt prison, decorated cop Louis Burke must infiltrate the jail to find answers to a number of inside murders. What he finds is a struggle of life and death tied in to his own past.

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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
jimbo-53-186511 Louis Burke (Jean Claude-Van Damme) is a cop who is assigned with the task of going undercover in a violent prison whereby inmates and guards are being killed. Burke must try to find out who is being killed, why they are being killed and ultimately who is behind the killings. Things go from bad to worse for Burke when he learns that someone on the outside is assisting the guards and inmates in carrying out these crimes.Like I said in my summary the story here is OK and serviceable, but it's still rather run-of-the-mill and whilst Death Warrant never does anything truly bad it's also a film that it's really hard to care about whilst watching it. Perhaps part of the problem is the approach that has been used here; a lot of JCVD films are done in a more tongue-in-cheek manner which, more often than not, make some of the weaker stories that little bit more digestible. In Death Warrant, the director has used a more deadpan and serious approach to the material making the whole film feel rather dour and dull. As a result of this the film lacks any real tension or excitement - the only time the film gets close to either of these things are the scenes involving The Sandman - this is largely thanks to a wonderful performance by Patrick Kilpatrick. In fact if the Sandman had a larger role in the film then I'm sure I would have enjoyed this more than I did. The only other person to make any sort of impression on the picture was Abdul Salaam El Razzac as The Priest - at least he tried to bring some fun to the picture.The rest of the acting is so-so at best; Van Damme isn't a great actor, but in this film he was really poor and looked as though he was reading his lines from an autocue. I would like to say that he made up for this in the action scenes, but even they aren't up to the same standard as those from films such as Bloodsport or Kickboxer. Cynthia Gibb is also bland and adds next to nothing to the picture. The supporting cast mostly play ridiculous clichés, but I suppose that was all that was asked of them.All in all, Death Warrant is a pretty poor offering, but with little tweaks here and there it could have been a pretty good film. If we'd have had more of the Sandman and a bit more humour then I think that these things would have been the difference between this film being a good film as opposed to a below average film. Sadly, for me, Death Warrant is definitely the latter of the two.
gavin6942 In a violent and corrupt prison, decorated cop Louis Burke must infiltrate the jail to find answers to a number of inside murders. What he finds is a struggle of life and death tied in to his own past.This movie is notable for being one of the last Cannon films, as well as the first film from David Goyer. And it is an excellent example of both, being that over-the-top fun we expect and love. This is not high art, but it does not need to be.The generic VanDamme film is a lot of kicking and punching and nonsense. "Cyborg" has become something of a cult classic despite being incredibly stupid. This is a more intelligent film, with actual character depth and plot. Maybe not a strong plot. And maybe the twists are a little too obvious. But still a fun ride.
slightlymad22 An in his prime Van Damme is in top form in this routine action flick. Plot In A Paragraph: Tough police officer Lewis Burke (Van Damme) is sent undercover in a maximum security prison, to investigate some mysterious deaths of inmates and guards. On the outside investigative attorney, Amanda Beckett (Cynthia Gibb) poses as his wife, whilst also investigating what is going on. It is routine, it is predictable, it is clichéd and it is poorly acted at times. However there is still fun to be had here, as the action pieces all well done and there is a certain amount of tension. Van Damme is in great shape and acts as well as Van Damme could back then. Cynthia Gibb, who I always enjoy watching on screen looks fantastic and also gives her usual reliable performance. It's a shame she disappeared in to TV movies in the 1990's after this movie, as I have not seen her in anything since.
logantoxic Probably the best action prison movie around. I am not talking about escape thriller type films. I am talking about high kicks, jump kicks, face punches, and people getting lit by fire. This was filmed during Van Damme's glory years with such classics as Kickboxer, Bloodsport and Universal Soldier (MY personal Favorite). Death Warrant is Top Tier Van Damme and he knows it. He has that early cockiness about him that he seems to lose as he gets older and his films steadily get worse and worse and eventually he only makes straight to video type films. Interesting tidbit, Death warrant was written by David Goyer, who has also written Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, for those starving Batman fans who need more. This film is dark and gritty but still has that 90s flare which I think brings a nice balance to the movie. If you are in the mood for some Van Damme Spilt kicks and don't want to think to hard then this is the film for you.You can get more info by visiting my Youtube Channel Logan Toxic or by visiting my page at: