Hotel Desire

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Antonia is a single mother who works as a hotel maid in Berlin. A normal hot summer day takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with a particular guest of the hotel, famous blind portrait painter Julius Pass.


Drama, Romance

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Sergej Moya

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Hotel Desire Audience Reviews

Jeanskynebu the audience applauded
Acensbart Excellent but underrated film
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
Guillelmina The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
rhepting Amazing movie, sensual and dramatic. Amazing movie, sensual and dramatic.
M MALIK i saw this film unexpected of what it is about but i have to say damn its quite amazing specially the last 10 minutes of it.hotel desire 2011 is a German film about a maid who works at a hotel she drops her son to the school and comes to work at hotel from here things slow down as most of the time is wasted into useless dialog between hotel staff like cooks,the boss & other workers etc anyway the real great stuff starts right after when she begins going into rooms & cleans them she sees a lot of people in one room where some photo-shoot or film making is going on she stops the screen goes black & white this whole sequence is well shot by the director a lot of slow motion is used here as well to get more detail out of characters & environment it's not overdone & it works well comes the big moment when Antonia the maid gets into the last room she thinks its empty but a phone call rings she freezes suddenly a naked blind man comes he doesn't know she is in the room he talks to himself wears his cloths on an he was about to look for shoes he touches the feet of the maid the maid could have moved easily from the place but she wanted more of its clear the guy feels her whole body they starts kissing & it leads to hot sex on the bed,i am telling you guys this is something else its short film but great one i mean 2 strangers having instant sex without saying anything to each other is haunting but beautiful at same time this film captures that mood nothing more.if you are looking for some soft core or a hardcore porn film the please stay away this is not porn its a character study,the sex scene is quite explicit and not for everyone.the best thing in this film is the acting of Clemens Schick yes he is the guy who played role of a bald bad guy in Casino Royale 2006,here he plays a blind person with so much deep emotions you could feel the pain in his eyes he included so much emotional depth into his character i can't explain his ranger is limitless great actor i must say.the lead actress Saralisa Volm is fantastic she should be more famous,this film is no masterpiece but its good for what it is.the only negative point is the whole boring hotel staff thing and dialogs it should have been edited down more it affects the pace since it runs only near 40 minutes its totally worth checking out.Hotel Desire 2011 is a short film not to be missed my rating is 5/10.Recommended
Feizal MANSOOR The two other reviews of this movie, as I write this, both seem to have missed the director's vision. One of them is almost a diatribe and the other an apology. Neither do this sensitive, hand crafted movie justice. There maybe some technical problems with the editing, for example an unfortunate jerk in continuity early on when the protagonist moves from changing room to being upbraided by Management, but to me from the perspective of what the Director was trying to do and whether he did it, the movie was almost perfect. I don't understand the criticism of the music, the use of Debussy for example was, dare I say, lyrical? Each shot is thought out and framed beautifully. There is subtle complexity to the several story lines of ordinary human interaction each of them confirming in a precise way elemental humanity. Only a shrink-wrapped hedonist would call this porn. Metaphysical in content it is really a celebration of life as beauty. The tenderness of the final denouement is sublime and it most certainly is not in the sex.
Horst in Translation ( "Hotel Desire" is a 40-minute German movie from 3.5 years ago. The film's director and writer is Sergej Moya, mostly an actor (and a pretty mediocre one) himself and this is his third and so far last effort as a filmmaker. The first 20 minutes of the movie we get introduced to the main character, her private and professional life. Her son leaves for France in order to spend some time with his dad. Next she goes to the hotel where she works as a maid and we also get to know her colleagues. These include known German actors Frederick Lau, Herbert Knaup and Palina Rojinski. However, the cast is just make-believe that this is an artistic movie. It is not. The whole direction and music reeks of pretense, but in the end everything this movie is memorable for is a very graphic sex scene between the main character and a hotel guest. (You could also guess this direction when you see the protagonist showering naked in the very first scene.) Of course, the fact that the guest is blind makes this something entirely different than porn, right? No it does not and the whole thing is as forgettable as the lesbian kiss included earlier in this movie as some sort of appetizer for what is about to come. The story is pretty uninteresting too. The maid makes all kinds of mistakes at her job and yet the only one who gets punished is the one who recognized these mistakes. And if this is not already enough, the main character decides to have sex with a hotel guest and smoke (which activates the fire alarm) afterward, all this after she got almost fired on several occasions. The whole smoke-rain metaphor is pretty cringeworthy. But it also makes this film a perfect example of an ambitious filmmaker who just does not have the talent to deliver what is on his mind. A failed attempt in terms of writing and directing for Moya and in terms of acting as well Can't say I'm surprised that Volm is not having much of a career right now. Not recommended.