I'm Reed Fish

2007 "Reed Fish's life turns into chaos when a high school crush returns on the eve of his marriage to the small town's sweetheart."
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Released: 01 June 2007 Released
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Country: United States of America
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When an old high school crush returns to his small hometown, Reed Fish's once simple, calculated life begins to unravel. A drunken incident prompts Reed's fiancee (Alexis Bledel) and the entire town to turn against him. This one-of-a-kind hilariously clever comedy features an up and coming ensemble cast and an unforgettably captivating original soundtrack.


Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Zackary Adler

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I'm Reed Fish Audience Reviews

TaryBiggBall It was OK. I don't see why everyone loves it so much. It wasn't very smart or deep or well-directed.
Rio Hayward All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Kamila Bell This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
Jenni Devyn Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.
gavin6942 The life of Reed Fish (Jay Baruchel) turns into chaos when a high school crush (Schuyler Fisk) returns to Mud Meadows on the eve of his marriage to the small town's sweetheart (Alexis Bledel).We have a pretty good cast here with Katey Segal, the wonderful DJ Qualls (with an unusually good-looking woman), and of course our leads. Baruchel is an awkward actor, but it works well for roles like this.I was a bit confused by the premise, though: what kind of moron would be distracted from Alexis Bledel? That just makes no sense to me...The film features an odd framing device (which I will not explain) and has a twist or turn that has left many viewers confused and not understanding what is happening. I freely admit not fully getting it at first...
jblippman A cute, small, character driven movie about a guy who looks 15 but is apparently in his mid 20's. On the eve of his wedding, his high school crush comes back to the small town where they grew up. Predictable angst ensues. The soundtrack is good if you like emo country soft rock. The performances are fine, too. Alexis Bledel is very lucky to get so much work considering she only has the one persona. Jay Baruchel channels Zach Braff, which brings me to the main problem with the movie. Unfortunately, it is hard to accept the reality of a town of gorgeous women who inexplicably love scrawny unattractive boys. Worth seeing if you can get it for free, otherwise wait for it to be on Lifetime or MTV.
dadawan I watched this movie via Pay Per View on cable with my daughter last night. Having watched three other movies this weekend, I think I liked this one the best. Reed shows a nearly idyllic view of life in a small town in the summertime, where all the inhabitants are nice folk, and the weather is perfect every day. This movie is really about that moment when you are 20-ish and you really make the big decisions that can determine what the rest of your life will be like. Since the writer put his own real name in the title of the movie, it isn't hard to imagine that this is his story. Yes, this is not the most exciting movie ever, but the main character was very likable, the humor was amusing and the girls very pretty. Compared to "Princess Diaries 2", another PG movie I saw this weekend, "I'm Reed Fish" was easily the more enjoyable film.
thepurplelantern I just saw this film on Direct TV - PPV last night, and I was really quite taken in by it. My Fiancé did not enjoy it, for obvious reasons, but, we both liked the plot, pacing, acting, and structure of the film.She disagreed with who Reed ended up with in the end, and, I now want to re watch to pick up on more of the clues about who he actually is with, in the end.I think the stand out really was Schuyler Fisk, she did a great job in the movie, has an incredible voice, and, well, I just find so much to like about this thing. A great film, great performances.Loved It.