Just Cause

1995 "Buried deep in the Florida Everglades is a secret that can save an innocent man or let a killer kill again."
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Released: 17 February 1995 Released
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A Harvard professor is lured back into the courtroom after twenty-five years to take the case of a young black man condemned to death for the horrific murder of a child.

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Arne Glimcher

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Just Cause Audience Reviews

FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
StyleSk8r At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Brendon Jones It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.
slightlymad22 Just Cause (1995)Plot In A Paragraph: A Harvard professor (Connery) is lured back into the courtroom after 25 years to take the case of a young black man condemned to death for the horrific murder of a child.I don't get the hate aimed at this move, as I enjoy it. I remember being surprised how much I enjoyed it, as it was slated by critics upon releasel. It has a decent script, and has a few surprises. OK the ending isn't great, but that's it. Connery gives his usual solid performance, whilst Laurence Fishburn, Blair Underwood, Kate Capshaw (Mrs Steven Spielberg) Ned Beatty and Ed Harris are all solid, and we even get an early role from Scarlet Johansson, whilst I just love seeing Ruby Dee in anything. Just Cause grossed $36 million at the domestic box office to end 1995 as the 47th highest grossing movie of the year.
g-bodyl Just Cause is unapologetically conventional, especially since it produces a "factory-produced" script. But that being said, I actually sort of enjoyed the movie. When you pour a cup of Silence with the Lambs into a batter of Se7en, Just Cause is the outcome. The film is moody and tense and there is more action than I thought there would be. The film has some good lines, mainly by the great Sean Connery, who is a hallowed presence in the movie.Arne Glimcher's film is about a Harvard law professor who decides to reopen a murder case, eight years after the case closed due to a plea of innocence. The victim, in these circumstances, is a man named Bobby Earl who was found guilty of murdering an eleven-year-old girl. Earl pleads his innocence saying that he was coerced by the local police in admitting his guilt. Now the lawyer, Paul Armstrong must get to the bottom on what actually occurred.The film has a stacked cast and they each play to their strengths. Sean Connery is excellent and he makes any film watchable. Laurence Fishburne brings a formidable and rather eerie presence. Ed Harris is fantastic in his small role as a serial killer locked in prison. This film is also one of the early roles for the talented Scarlett Johannson.Overall, Just Cause is about as ordinary a thriller you can find. But I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It provides enough thrills for my liking, and there was even an unexpected twist towards the end. I also loved the location of the film, namely the Everglades. It gives the film a more creepy vibe, as we get to keep one eye towards the alligators. The script is nothing new, but I enjoyed the film nonetheless. Most likely because of the very talented cast. I rate this film 8/10.
videorama-759-859391 Without saying too much, Just Cause is an appropriate title that suits a few of the characters motivations. You gotta take the characters for what they are. A corrupt black hating cop, Christopher Murray is a nasty and detestable piece of work, really making us think the poor young convict, Blair Underwood, is innocent of committing an atrocious murder of a little black girl. All authorities are quick to point the finger at this girl. Fishburne as another detective of corrupt air, is not much better than Murray, but of much more discretion, ambiguously fascinating as in what makes this guy tick. These two, practically beat tall skinny Underwood, into a confession. Underwood implores Harvard law professor, Connery, to take up his case again, as serial killer monster, an unforgettably evil Hannibal Lector'ish Harris, who's murdered his folks, has confessed to the killing, too. I'm so glad Connery was in this. He made the film, though the solid Harris, is the highlight, and an asset. Just cause is a psychological thriller, but it's a manipulative one too, in the way it shows death row prisoners, pulling the wool over your eyes, using their intellect to befool you, if for notoriety or a bid for freedom where by the end you really feel suckered, as really there wasn't much a puzzle. Okay, it's not the best thriller, but it does make for good dramatic entertainment, especially for people who want to see Connery strut his stuff again.
Jackson Booth-Millard I will admit I didn't pay full attention to this when it was on, but I did get the gist I needed to, and I suppose it isn't bad. Basically law professor Paul Armstrong (Sir Sean Connery) is given a letter by Evangeline (Ruby Dee), grandmother of Bobby Earl (Blair Underwood), and he wants him to prove his innocence. Bobby claims to be wrongly convicted for the kidnap, rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, committed eight years ago, and he faces the electric chair. So the rest of the film is mainly Paul, with some help from Sheriff Tanny Brown (Laurence Fishburne), questioning the suspects from all those years ago, including imprisoned criminal Blair Sullivan (Ed Harris). It has some red-herrings along the way, and it turns out in the end that Bobby did have something to do with it after all, and he kidnaps Paul's wife Laurie Prentiss Armstrong (Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Doom's Kate Capshaw) and daughter Katie (little and recognisable Scarlett Johansson) near the end for the final showdown. Also starring Christopher Murray as Detective T.J. Wilcox, Daniel J. Travanti as Warden and Ned Beatty as McNair. Connery is always likable with that Scottish accent, even in a small role Harris adds some needed kick, and the story isn't too bad, from what I paid attention to anyway, not bad. Worth watching!