Little Children

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Released: 06 October 2006 Released
Producted By: New Line Cinema
Country: United States of America
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The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations.


Drama, Romance

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Todd Field

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New Line Cinema


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Little Children Audience Reviews

WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
NekoHomey Purely Joyful Movie!
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Loui Blair It's a feast for the eyes. But what really makes this dramedy work is the acting.
Kirpianuscus a film about vulnerability. fears. desires to escape from yourself. errors. and the meaning of life. few characters. and admirable performances. immature relations, hunt of a suspect, family's crisis, the children as axis of universes in fall, small community's challenges and dark atmosphere. one of films about ordinary every day reality who impress. for the basic truth who is discovered scene by scene. for the pressure of conflicts. for the memories of different forms of Bovarism. for the force of fear and hate and punishment against yourself. for the images about life. for the beauty of illusions. and for the end of dreams. a beautiful film about solitude. and about the high price of escapes from the social expectations. a puzzle. well made. inspired circle of nuances.
schalla-32352 I just saw the movie: "Little Children" and I must say I was very disappointed too how Brad never got caught cheating on his wife! He had an affair with Sarah for goodness sakes!!!! He has been sneaking out and going behind his wife's back and it just wasn't appropriate whatsoever for a married man with kids and a married woman having sex. Why couldn't he just be honest? Why did he have to lie and go behind his wife's back? I wish there was a scene in the movie where Brad's wife beat the hell out of him and where he got caught cheating and lying!! This was very frustrating and why this movie was garbage. This can never really happen in real life! Especially when Brad's wife started to get a little suspicious and even sense that Brad was cheating but didn't confront him or say anything about it? Made no sense!
Dominic LeRose Suburban lifestyles may be though of as calm and peaceful and where problems don't really exist. Sure enough, writer/director Todd Field creates an adapted masterpiece about the hardship that troubled adults have in suburban America. There are different stories that combine together like in "Pulp Fiction and "Traffic. Kate Winslet plays Sarah Pierce, an unsatisfied housewife who has one daughter after a divorce with her husband. She meets Brad Adamson (Patrick Wilson) at the local playground and falls in love with him. Brad is a stay at home dad who is working to get a law degree in school and is pressured by his working wife Kathy (Jennifer Connelly). The two have a son. Brad is friends with Larry Edges (Noah Emmerich), an ex- cop due to accidentally killing a young teenager on the job. Larry is promoting to get the released pedophile Ronnie (Jackie Early Haley)back in jail and taunts him. Soon the adults realize what it takes to live as they encounter each other. This film really opens your eyes to how intense suburban life can be. Growing up in a nice suburb, I wonder how the people of my community really feel every day after putting on a fake face and pretending everything is fine. Todd Field writes an absolutely spectacular and brilliant screenplay by giving a genies title and creating interesting characters. The title "Little Children" has an elaborate meaning. It is referring to the adults in this film for acting childish and for being surrounded by kids the entire time. Each character has some connection to kids. Sarah and Brad are parents, Larry accidentally killed a teenager, and Ronnie is an ex-pedophile. However, Sarah is unsatisfied and is childish for not realizing how great her life truly is. Brad plays football like teenagers socially and is distracted like another child character we meet. Ronnie is very childish and creepy by acting like a little kid. Larry is childish for not forgiving himself and plotting revenge on Ronnie. Kathy is childish for not allowing her husband to be happy as a a stay at home dad. How brilliant to keep that title! There are many other supporting characters like Sarah's friends and husband who act like teenagers as well. Her friends for gossiping and her husband for his sexual actions. As the film flows, you really see the truth behind these characters and how they are the reason for the title. Every character may not be likable, but are fascinating and an adventure to watch. Kate Winslet plays a housewife in a troubled lifestyle and dominates every scene with her feelings. Patrick Wilson parallels her in the male version and gives an equally good performance. Jackie Early Haley is the true gem in this film. He plays his character in a way that chills your spine but also makes you care for him in a strange way. He gives an absolutely classic and heart- wrenching performance. Jennifer Connelly and Noah Emmerich support the film by giving extra tension and drama. Todd Field's directing is almost as superb as his mesmerizing writing by portraying the ordinary, suburban lifestyle in a shocking and dark way. "Little Children" is a tough film that can change your view on the world and stick with you in a powerful way and take you on a roller coaster of analyzing brilliant film-making.
Wuchak "Little Children" (2006) is a well-done adult drama mixed with lots of dry humor. The story revolves around two suburban couples in Connecticut and people linked to them. Sarah (Kate Winslet) becomes increasingly intrigued by a local stay-at-home dad, Brad (Patrick Wilson), particularly when she catches her husband yielding to his base desires (in a particularly funny scene). It's a slow descent into hell, so to speak, as the situation leads to adultery and its typical consequences. There's also a subplot about a man just released from prison for exposing himself to a minor and the ex-cop who's obsessed with destroying him, but the latter has his own demons, which disqualifies him of his high horse.The film's called "little children" (presumeably taken from the Bible, e.g. 1 John) because the key adults are acting like little children in one way or another rather than responsible adults. The message of the film is simple: GROW UP. Or "everyone grows older, but not everyone grows up." Winslet shines here. "Little Children" was released nine years after her breakthrough in "Titanic" and she's just way more appealing as a woman -- a curvy whoa-man -- than as the teenager with baby fat (not that she wasn't attractive in "Titanic," of course; just that mature women are always better than immature girls IMHO). Jennifer Connelly plays Kathy, the bread-winning wife of Brad, and I find it interesting that the movie goes out of its way to say that Kathy is a "knockout" while Sarah (Winslet) is kind of plain, short and with too-thick eyebrows. I guess "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" because, as pretty as Connelly may be (just too thin), I think Kate blows her out of the water with her voluptuousness."Little Children" is just a solid adult drama. It has some dialogue-driven (and body language-driven) slow parts, but it consistently maintains your attention and adequately shows that ordinary life and the glory & shame thereof is more compelling (and funny) than the most overwrought CGI-laden action-packed idiotic "blockbuster" (not that those types of films can't be effective, like the outstanding "Terminator 2: Judgment Day").There's one brilliant scene that takes place at the dinner table where both couples finally spend time together. During the conversation Kathy picks up on her radar what's really going on between Brad and Sarah. It's subtle, but she clearly picks it up. The directing, writing and acting of this scene are all flawless -- masterful filmmaking.The ending could've been better, but the decisions two characters make show that maybe they're growing up after all; and I like that.The film runs 137 minutes and was shot in New England and New York.GRADE: B+