2016 "Ambition can be deadly"
5.3| 1h46m| R| en| More Info
Released: 05 February 2016 Released
Producted By: Lionsgate
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An ambitious lawyer finds himself caught in a power struggle between a corrupt pharmaceutical executive and his firm’s senior partner. When the case takes a deadly turn, he must race to uncover the truth before he loses everything.

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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
VividSimon Simply Perfect
XoWizIama Excellent adaptation.
PiraBit if their story seems completely bonkers, almost like a feverish work of fiction, you ain't heard nothing yet.
Wavester 2 names will draw you in (Hopkins/Pacino) the storyline will make you wish you didn't. And something tells me that was the whole premise of this movie, to get you draw in because of the actors involved. I wont go into anymore detail because the other reviewers have put it nicely. I only wish I read the reviews before I watched the movie. At least I watched it for free on Vudu.
emailkatie-51370 Two stars for Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino being cast but aside from that this was a big steaming pile of poo!! Sorry but even AH and AP couldn't save this.....baaaaaaaad!! Avoid at all costs
khanobaid This movie is really stupid. The cast is too good to be in a movie that has a script like this. The script also rubs off on the acting which is below par. Plot has a lot of holes in it and trying to make it mystery is a very stupid thing. My advice is not to waste your time on a movie as bad as this. Don't look at the cast, they can't make script better.
blanche-2 I'm embarrassed to say I actually liked this film.Let me say up front, despite some of the reviews here, I had no trouble following it.I also admit I did figure most of it out. This, however, did not keep me from being entertained.I am surprised Pacino and Hopkins signed on for this as neither role is especially great.Someone, somewhere, greenlit this thing and gave it a decent budget, even though it's a first-time director (Shintaro Shimosawa).The story concerns am ambitious young man, Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel) who goes after fraud perpetrated by a pharmaceutical company owned by Arthur Denning (Anthony Hopkins). Cahill has been cutting corners to make his cases all along; this one is no different, as he obtained the information illegally from an old girlfriend (Malin Akerman). Ben's boss (Al Pacino) gives him the go-ahead to pursue it.Things unravel pretty quickly, as Ben is threatened not only with danger to himself but his wife (Alice Eve); he finds his ex- girlfriend dead and goes on the run.Okay, I happen to think this was an excellent plot clumsily handled by this director, who maybe should have started with something simpler. This is a very complex story to put across, and while some of the camera angles are interesting and I would say this man has talent, it wasn't put together quite right. He tried for a Pulp Fiction thing that didn't quite come off, for one thing; and for another it's just too all over the place.Another problem is that every suspense or mystery movie nowadays has to end with a twist since Usual Suspects. Well, now the twists are expected and passe, so what writers are doing now are putting twists within the twists. It's too much. The acting was okay, but the husband-wife thing between Alice Eve and Duhamel was sketchy and not fleshed out. Not sure who to blame there.Nevertheless, this was a good rental - not sure how I would have felt with these big names attached if I had paid $12 in the theater.