2018 "Her story begins where her life ends"
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Plot kept under wraps. Described as a show with an interactive element where the audience can determine the outcome of the story.


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Alicia I love this movie so much
ScoobyMint Disappointment for a huge fan!
Humaira Grant It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Edwin The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.
altereggonyc I give this film a very poor grade not because it was bad but because it seems unfinished. It's like a home renovation in which the contractor walked off the job after doing most of it. The first five episodes were first rate, and it was well on its way to being a very satisfying whodunit. Then it fell off a cliff. It had snappy dialogue, interesting subplots, a murder with a few suspects, and a relatable police detective who seemed intent on solving the mystery and unearthing local corruption. It had a layered feeling, like The Killing, in which the crime leads to suspects at higher and higher levels. But then... nothing.Did the actor who played the police investigator quit the show? How else to explain how he vanished just when key revelations about the crime and local corruption emerged? It's certainly not consistent with his character. Then there's the crusading amateur hellbent on exposing the real killer, who just goes home after solving the crime, knowing that an innocent man remains in prison. It's very abrupt and not consistent with her character. Several other characters behave illogically in the final episodes. The series needed a different ending and/or maybe one more episode to allow the characters to finish what they started.Boo. Hiss.
sywine This was a huge surprise; I had started watching inattentively, letting three recorded episodes play while I made party preparations. Somewhere along the line it occurred to me I should start over and pay attention. The structure is clever, which you won't notice until you're 2/3 of the way through, and you won't realize how incredible the acting is until you figure things out a bit. Devin Ratray's performance, initially very understated, BLEW MY MIND. The ensemble acting crackles and snaps. And the story just works. The subject material, about a rich cougar and the inevitable hang-abouts, could put people off but I know the sea- and ski crowd and this is an exceedingly accurate portrayal.
lcarey-31912 At times, confusing and some dialogue just did not make sense and left too many unanswered questions. Not up to the HBO standard.
mitch1989-250-591469 This series had my attention right away. The acting was solid. Good character development. Every scene and every word spoken was significant and seemed to contain clues. I found myself rewinding scenes and rewatching episodes to make certain that nothing was missed. Every character seemed to be a suspect. A great "who done it". I ate it all up, but then at the very end someone punch me in the gut and I threw it all back up. What a waste of a good meal. I was left unfulfilled, too many unanswered questions and loose ends. I feel as if I missed a couple of episodes. -STOP READING HERE IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS- What was the significance of the bumper sticker and tattoo with the four arrows? I can guess but that isn't supposed to be how it works, is it? And why would anyone tattoo that on their hand? Why was there a fine piece of art hanging in a run down trailer? Who the heck was Cameron and why didn't we ever get to meet him? Why did they include the scene with Laura and (I'm guessing) her boss? Was it a clumsy attempt to make us think that she could be a suspect, too? Why did Eric throw his father under the bus and what did his mother have to do with it? I want to know. Are we supposed to believe that Alan went from an intimidating, hulking ogre to a kind hearted grandpa figure who suddenly starts helping Petra with her investigation after he ferociously tried to stop it? Are we to further believe that Alan isn't worried about retaliation? Are we supposed to be okay with the idea that Petra fights for the truth and succeeds in clearing her brother's name (the same brother who has a criminal past, that she turned in and had little respect for), but in doing so she ends up getting the wrong man to confess (a good honest man that she knew was innocent) and then that's when she stops fighting for justice... excuse me?!! Did Joel ever get a trial? What was his fate? Where WAS Joel between 9:46 and 11-something o'clock? And what about Nate!!? We were rooting for him, we wanted to see him get redemption and we never even saw him in the finale. And the very last scene?! What are we supposed to take away from that?! Are we now to believe that Petra is suddenly admiring the artwork of children, particularly a child's portrait of a smiling Olivia? Is Petra now taking inspiration from Olivia?! Petra never liked or appreciated Olivia as an artist or as a person and we were were okay with that. Olivia was no "hero" in this story. She was shallow and unlikable. She was the complete opposite of Petra. She was an accidental author, who published a children's book after having a dream. She appreciated the artwork of children and had a gallery dedicated to their art. She didn't have to work hard doing any of it and it made her a wealthy woman. Then there's Petra who repairs fine works of art and that takes talent and discipline. She's also an unpublished writer trying to write a book on the science behind art appreciation which takes considerable skill and knowledge. I'm left confused. Is this a story about who killed Olivia or is this a story about Petra finding herself through Olivia's inspiration? What ever the case, it doesn't matter because none of it works.