Our Summer in Provence

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Released: 09 May 2014 Released
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In the wake of their parent's separation, three siblings spend the summer in the south of France with their estranged Grandfather. In less than 24 hours, a clash of generations has occurred between the teenagers and the old man. During this turbulent summer, both generations will be transformed by one another.


Drama, Comedy

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Roselyne Bosch

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Our Summer in Provence Audience Reviews

Unlimitedia Sick Product of a Sick System
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Jakoba True to its essence, the characters remain on the same line and manage to entertain the viewer, each highlighting their own distinctive qualities or touches.
rsonderegg OK, so I am a bit sentimental and get teared-up easily on nostalgia. But if you're willing to leave your cynic self behind and go along with the too-good-to-be-true sequences, you'll thoroughly enjoy this story of modern France mixed with beautiful, traditional Provence.True, the teenager actors are a bit cartoonish, but not totally unbelievable. The "grandparents" are thoroughly enjoyable, both Jean Reno and Anna Galiena, if you are willing to overlook that she is probably too young and beautiful for her character.If you would like an uncomplicated "comfort flick" after a stressful day or tiring week, this it the film for you or for the whole family. There's something to like for everyone.
Horst in Translation (filmreviews@web.de) "Avis de mistral" or "My summer in Provence" was written and directed by Rose Bosch, who, if at all, you may know from writing Ridley Scott's "1492: Conquest of Paradise". The start is fairly general. Two teenagers, spoiled with the newest technical achievements from their life in the city, have to go to the countryside to spent the summer with their grandma and grumpy grandpa as their mother needs some time for herself.This film had a handful flaws. Sometimes it was cheesy, sometimes even cringeworthy. The acting was not always that good (the kids, especially the teenage boy), but it has one huge strength: Jean Reno. Even he is certainly not the most talented actor, but, in his mid60s now, he still has so much charisma to make this film work. Obviously, it is all built around him: the crying scene when his dead brother is mentioned, the drinking, the fact that the kid he beats up turns out to be a drug dealer, the unrealistically easy communication with the deaf-mute boy, the fact that the boy's mom actually did not want any more contact with her father and there are many more scenes that prove he is the heart and should of this film, maybe actually more than there should be. The start of the film was nice how the kid does not hear the constant arguing going on in the train, but other than that there is really no significance to him not being able to hear or speak.The writing really lacked on several occasions (apart from that prize Reno's character wins at the end and how he loves it, his quirks - funny to watch and an interesting lesson on simple priorities), but Reno (and to a lesser extent the actress who played his character's wife), the music ("Sound of Silence" and the instrumental parts) and the landscapes keep this from being a failure. In the end, my recommendation if you should watch this one or stay away, all depends on how much you like Jean Reno. My favorite scene was probably him meeting all his rocker colleagues from the old days.
smithellie1966 I am giving it 3 only for the beautiful summer scenes of the south France. And maybe for the cute little actor who did not say a word, but won my heart. Everything else, including performances are really awful. Even Jean Reno, the French star, was bad in this movie. Teen actors were seriously overdoing it. This movie is loaded with stereotypes and unbelievable characters; the "reunion" part was especially awful, pretentious and clichéd. Unsuccessful attempt to bridge the generation gap. I have nothing else to say about this movie to meet 10 lines requirement, therefore I will say that I feel cheated, since I got used to really liking French cinematography.
Voyou Nobodysbusiness If, like me, you appreciate Jean Reno, then you'll certainly get some pleasure from watching Avis de Mistral. The man is as good as ever, playing a confused and at times grumpy grandfather with emotion and subtlety. If you're not familiar with her, you'll discover the equally superb Anna Galiena, who also has a beautiful filmography that I strongly recommend.The teenagers' act doesn't feel natural much, specially the older brother's, but that won't hurt your ears if you're not a French speaker. The mute little brother is quite adorable. The old singer Hugues Aufrey has a small part, but should have stuck to singing in French.Story-wise, it's an archetypal French comedy. Nothing great, nothing terrible, despite some events not making any sense. The kids are Parisians unwillingly spending time in the sunny countryside, which is a perfect source of clichés. The village in Provence and its inhabitants get the postcard treatment, complete with beautiful scenes of traditional non-violent tauromachy, horse-riding in the swamps of Camargue, and Gypsy street performances.Recommended as a brochure for a holiday's destination. For all ages.