Rose Red

2002 "Some houses are born bad."
6.7| 4h14m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 26 January 2002 Released
Producted By: Greengrass Productions
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Dr. Joyce Reardon, a psychology professor, leads a team of psychics into the decrepit mansion known as Rose Red. Her efforts unleash the spirit of former owner Ellen Rimbauer and uncover the horrifying secrets of those who lived and died there.

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Craig R. Baxley

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Greengrass Productions


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Rose Red Audience Reviews

AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
Portia Hilton Blistering performances.
generationofswine Reading through, a l0ot of the hate is for Stephen King and not so much for the series itself. Mind, they are hati8ng on him for being a popular writer in the literary version of the hipster nothing mainstream ethos.And while they are doing it, they are forgetting the same hatred for the same reasons were targeted at Poe, Lovecraft, Dumas, and King is in pretty good company for the haters.His problem is...he doesn't know how to end things. At least most of the time with King the pay off is the build up and that build up is really fun to read...or in this case watch.But it ends like The Stand, with a solid "meh." And the plot is very Drive-in B-Horror movie, which is fun, because, you know, they aren't trying to do Shakespeare who was also a--gasp--pop writer in his day.It's King, he does horror and some of it is EPIC, like The Shinning, The Stand, you know the names......but most of it is B-Movie fun and enjoyable on a whole different level.Rose Red is a B-Movie from the haunted house vein and it works, it makes for an enjoyable show with an enjoyable cast.The is until it tapers out in the last act, but it's long enough where that doesn't matter, we had the build-up and it was worth it.
geocapital This is a typical paranormal activity movie: The characters act like idiots, making always the worst choice (like going alone somewhere), most of the paranormal things do not happen on screen, characters die one by one (although they do stay longer in this 4-hour mini series) and you can't even understand why these characters are there in the first place, music that you would never listen by itself (it feels strange that the OST seems to have been released as a double album) and a whole stage and acting that offers more laughs than its parody could ever do. So, the story is about a mentally problematic "psychology" professor who is also a fond fan of paranormal activity. Trying to boost her career, she decides to go and collect some "hard" data (hahahaha) to prove to her boss and the psychology scientific community that paranormal activity is real. The place for that is a mansion belonging to her boyfriend and is supposed to be haunted. Because of numerous deaths, the place was left empty for many years and is considered to be sleeping... For reasons unknown, the "scientist" believes that the house will wake up thanks to a group of other paranormal crazees that she is actually paying to go to the house with her and especially a telekinetic teenager that seems to be special among the rest (we don't know why). Although each of the members seems to have a special talent (a special move if you are a gamer), they barely seem to need it as any random guy could act the same way in that house. So, this professor takes all the expensive equipment of the university (telemetric... hahaha) and goes to collect some hard data. These equipment include a camera and a machine that measures temperature (called thermometer) and how many people are in the room (and despite the number being larger than the actual people, it still doesn't make a difference in the story). After they move in and before setting the equipment, they go on a tour. Although a lot of the paranormal activity happens during this tour (like the screaming room), they don't record anything, and the prof continues the tour like nothing happened. Later on, when more paranormal things happen, the same professor who was so adamant that there is paranormal activity, appears to ignore it and get even crazier forgetting the reason she went there in the first place. Maybe at the end, we understand why... Anyway, to tell the truth, if you like this kind of movies, you will have some pleasant time, with some nice laughs when you know what is going to happen (and it does!). But it's a terribly long movie, with very slow development and these boring scenic gaps fitted for TV shows. Anyway, I'd better go change my underwear for the fifth time. Still half an hour to go.
mauro volvox Stephen King has produced pages and more pages of the purest crap. Rose Red is proof of that. A psychologist/researcher wants to prove that the paranormal is real. She is risking everything even her career to accomplish it.So she assembles a team of people who have every type of ESP power to investigate a haunted house.The funny thing is that one of the members of her team is an autistic girl with extremely powerful telekinetic powers... and every other member of the team has some sort of ESP power too.Wouldn't it be smarter, safer, less expensive to take the autistic girl (and/or the other members of her team) and examine such girl and her powers instead of risking the lives of a bunch of ESP people in a ghost hunt inside a evil and malignant house?This is a pretty dumb way to start a story. Everything after that falls apart.This is for low IQ people only, or those folks who do not care about plots holes the size of Texas.
Mobius Ridaeon I do not understand how Rose Red can have received any positive reviews at all, and yet there seem to be many. ROSE RED IS A TERRIBLE FILM. IT WILL WASTE SEVERAL HOURS OF YOUR LIFE. If you are a person who liked it, you need to have your head examined. I suggest you go to a neurologist without delay.This film is a travesty. A long and dull tale of the most terrible team of psychic investigators ever spending the weekend in a haunted house. Wow, how original. I wonder what will happen... will there be ghosts? Will they scare and even kill people? Maybe if there was a bit less plot exposition and continual pointless detractors ( such as academic rivalry, overbearing mothers, romance between people with no chemistry, etc. ) we might have a chance to get involved in the drama or tension of knowing whats about to happen. However, the characters, which are totally shallow and act in a completely retarded fashion throughout the film, are even worse than the lame plot. THe acting takes the cake as the most excremental aspect of this 4 hour waste of time. Nancy Travis makes every scene she is in unwatchable by constantly grinning and showing off her ugly teeth, not to mention acting like a bitch for 4 entire hours of torture. The other actors are pretty awful as well, giving empty performances, though who can blame them when the script is so unintelligent it seems like King wrote it while he was either drunk or operating heavy machinery. Wow. So bad I can hardly believe it and I could not bring myself to continue watching it, but had to stop half way through after getting a pain in my neck from too much cringing.I can stand a lot of crap when I watch a film and I hate not seeing the end, but this was unbearable. Rose Red has no redeeming value, even as material for mockery.