Saw V

2008 "You won't believe how it ends."
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Released: 24 October 2008 Released
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Country: United States of America
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Following Jigsaw's grisly demise, Detective Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but Agent Strahm is suspicious, and delves into Hoffman's past. Meanwhile, another group of people are put through a series of gruesome tests.

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David Hackl

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Saw V Audience Reviews

Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Teringer An Exercise In Nonsense
Brendon Jones It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.
Sarita Rafferty There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.
adonis98-743-186503 Following Jigsaw's grisly demise, Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but Agent Strahm is suspicious, and delves into Hoffman's past. Meanwhile, another group of people are put through a series of gruesome tests. Saw V once again feels like the same bad film than most of the Saw installments were plus i haven't seen a worse ending in my entire life than this. This franchise loves to kill the hero and it knows it and unfortunately it also kills any excitement for me to actually enjoy this movies as well. Skip Saw 5 by any way as possible as you can. (0/10)
Rickting Saw V is a bunch of redundant flashbacks combined with a thoroughly boring main test scenario while an FBI agent investigates Jigsaw's new apprentice. That's all this is. This time, there isn't even an amazing twist-ending to satisfy the viewer. S5 is a pretty painful experience on the whole. It's a horror film with less bite than a toothless puppy and, despite being a horror film, virtually no horror at all. The violence is extremely weak and unscary and this doesn't even earn its 18 certificate. The direction is bland, the acting is unbearable and the script has no surprises, no scares and no entertainment of any kind. Saw 3 and 4 may have been bad, but at least some of the stuff going on outside of the traps was interesting. Here, while there are occasional interesting moments and a good scene involving Jigsaw and Hoffman, a deeply boring investigation plot and various pointless flashbacks of Jigsaw and his apprentice setting up traps are all there is to distract from the atrocious main scenario. This one reeks of the writers having completely run out of ideas and this absolutely lacks any kind of oomph. Since the plot is so bad they could have at least did the fans a service and made the traps interesting, but even that aspect of the film is sorely lacking. A bomb.3/10
bh_tafe3 I was very unimpressed with the previous Saw film, so much so that in my review I went into no detailed plot analysis. In the case of Saw V, there is no real plot to summarize. The film attempts to explain how Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) became entangled with the Jigsaw killer.It turns out he decided to impersonate Jigsaw's method to create an unwinnable trap in order to take revenge on the man who killed his sister. Jigsaw, who somehow knew in the third movie that a woman who has never come forward witnessed a crime, uses his God powers to find out Hoffman impersonated him and tries to convert him to Jigsaw-ism. In the meantime FBI Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) turns out to have a history with Hoffman. The dim witted Strahm gets played like a harp from hell by Hoffman and ends up getting himself crushed to death in the trash compactor from Star Wars.We also have a reasonably likable group of thinly connected victims being put through a group trap, but the script cares so little about this group, it doesn't even connect their story to the main plot. If the makers of this film don't care about this group (one of whom is Julie Benz) than neither do I.And that's this movie's biggest crime. There is no one. Absolutely no one in it that the audience is given to care about, and the film doesn't even care enough about what it's showing us to offer us the thinnest of connecting fiber between the A story and B story. Mandylor would improve in the next, but the plotting wouldn't get any smarter. I guess this can just about be satisfying if you're in the mood for a Saw film, but any time put into thinking about what this film tells you to swallow will wreck the mood pretty quickly.
LeonLouisRicci Is that Really the Director's Name (David Hackl), or is it some kind of Forewarning or In-Joke?The Summary Line above Quote is from the Sex Pistol's Final American Concert in San Francisco. After only a 30 Minute Gig Johnny Rotten looks at the Audience and says..."Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" This because the Band, Out of Sync most of the Time, Sid Vicious barely able to Stand Up, Cutting Himself with Razors instead of "Playing" the Bass, and overall just a Disastrous Display of Depravity, the Crowd Booing constantly, the Seminal Punk Band just left the Stage and that was the End, Literally.This Entry in the Never Ending Series isn't much more than a Boring Rehash and seems Out of Sync and Not Knowing when to Leave the Stage, is Repetitive with some of the Lamest Lead Acting ever Committed to Film. Of Interest, at this Point, only to Fanboys and Sadists it is Disappointing and Bad Film-Making to Boot. it is Flat and UN-Inventive, Ends Abruptly, and is the Worst in the Series so far.Yes, so far. It Made Five Times its Budget so Look for Saw VI. Or Don't.