Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

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Released: 22 July 2015 Released
Producted By: The Asylum
Country: United States of America
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The sharks take bite out of the East Coast when the sharknado hits Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida.


Horror, Action, Comedy

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Anthony C. Ferrante

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The Asylum


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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Audience Reviews

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Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Phonearl Good start, but then it gets ruined
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
adonis98-743-186503 A monstrous tornado unleashes ravenous sharks from Washington, D.C., all the way down to Orlando, Florida. I don't know what is worse the fact that Frankie Muniz who hasn't appeared in a film in decades chose to be in here? or the fact that the untalented and drunk David Hasselhoff chose to make an appearance as well? Probably both i guess. This film is just as bad as the previous 2 in the series and it's neither good looking in terms of cgi and definitely neither good in terms of perfomances. The dude literally went on space like seriously writers? (0/10)
Pumpkin_Man The Sharknado films just keep getting cheesier, better and awesomer. Syfy truly has a cult hit on their hands with this franchise! I love that they know it's silly, but they embrace it. From saving the President in Washington DC, from saving everyone at Universal Orlando, and even all the way in outer space, Fin Shepard is back and ready to fight the biggest Sharknado yet. This one introduces David Hasselhoff as Gil Shepard, Fin's father. Keep a look out for all the cameos and references to other great films. Be sure to watch after the credits, because there is a scene that involves the fate of April. If you love cheesy B-movies, you'll definitely love SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!!!
Leofwine_draca I have a chequered history with the SHARKNADO series. I enjoyed the first film for what it was, a fun and cheesy B-movie along the lines of 3-HEADED SHARK ATTACK or AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO. The sequel was a step down for me; it had little story and just went for the ludicrous set-pieces, which were dumb.SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! continues the downward slide with an increasingly ludicrous tale that draws in the President and a whole scenario ripped off from Armageddon; taking the sharks into outer space was definitely a step too far. Instead of being a cult monster flick, this tries way to hard to be some cult so-bad-it's-good comedy, and yet it's not good. It's dumb, cheesy, gory, and has bad effects throughout.After this and PIRANHA 3DD, I think David Hasslehoff has the kiss of death when it comes to B-movie cheese. The only cast member I liked was Cassie Scerbo, who returns from the first to give a thoroughly enthusiastic performance; the rest of the leading players are on autopilot. For most of the time, SHARKNADO 3 contents itself on offering cameo after cameo, with the likes of Frankie Muniz, Bo Derek, am embarrassing George R. R. Martin, and an - OH HELL NO! - Jedward turning up for the cult factor on a regular basis. It's not enough to make this a real film.
WakenPayne This is a franchise that since it being brought up in the drawing room knew what it was going to be. It's like Sharktopus in the sense that it's deliberately trying to be a bad movie in the same vein as The Room or Troll 2 and while they haven't quite succeeded (in the sense that those movies work best when it's an accident) these movies can sometimes be a hoot. This movie isn't as funny, one of them is that this has celebrity cameos galore, while taking advantage of almost none of them. I admit having Jerry Springer eaten thinking it was Jaws at the universal studios theme park was good but Penn and Teller just enter and leave and I don't have a clue what they were trying with George R. R. Martin (and... He's in Sharknado? Of all the things!) there are many more. Oh and like the second one it amps things up to 11 but that is quickly shot down with... I guess, endearing moments, I seriously don't know whether it's satire or not but if it isn't... This is Sharknado, people! If there was anything in high demand from it's fan base it's not endearing moments. No, it's moments like the one where inside a shark in space Finn burns up on re-entry inside it's gut and survives both being inside the digestive system but re-entry. Give me more of that!... Oh and by the way since they're in space, you can say this franchise has in fact quite literally, jumped the shark!