Small Fry

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Released: 23 November 2011 Released
Producted By: Walt Disney Pictures
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A fast food restaurant mini variant of Buzz forcibly switches places with the real Buzz and his friends have to deal with the obnoxious impostor.

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Angus MacLane

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Walt Disney Pictures


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Small Fry Audience Reviews

CrawlerChunky In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Kaelan Mccaffrey Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.
Prismark10 Small Fry shows the perils of being a fast food toy.Bonnie is taken to the Poultry Palace for a meal. A mini Buzz Lightyear escapes by changing places with the real Buzz.When he arrives home, Woody sees though this diminutive impostor. The real Buzz stumbles on to a support group for discarded Fun Meal toys and plots his escape.The animation is not as sharp here. I like the dig at how fast food toys are disposable and some of them are not very good. The cynic in me could not help noticing that Disney itself have encouraged the growth of the fast food toy gimmicks. Keep a hawk eye out for the Condorman toy.
adonis98-743-186503 A fast food restaurant mini variant of Buzz forcibly switches places with the real Buzz and his friends have to deal with the obnoxious impostor. Although it's nowhere near as great as the actual Toy Story Trilogy it's still an enjoyable short film about the famous gang of toys and the whole story with Buzz left behind on that restaurant and the Mini Buzz taking in charge is something pretty clever it reminds me a little bit of Toy Story 2 but instead of a cool Buzz we get a mini Buzz the rest of the toys in the process they try to figure out what actually happened to the real Buzz Lightyear and the end result is funny short film from the world of Toy Story.
Lee Eisenberg Shown right before "The Muppets", "Small Fry" has Buzz Lightyear accidentally switched with a different version of himself in a fast food restaurant, and attending a support group consisting of other lost toys, while the replacement version makes a spectacle of himself in front of the characters from the other "Toy Story" movies. It's not any kind of great cartoon, but pretty funny. A neat way to lead into the return of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, etc. And of course I really recommend "The Muppets".The casts from the rest of the "Toy Story" movies reprise their roles, with Jane Lynch providing the voice of one of the toys in the support group.
MartinHafer A local fast food outlet has Buzz Lightyear toys with their kids meals. Through some strange circumstances, the real Buzz is left in the store and a smaller and somewhat annoying Buzz from a kids meal is taken home instead. What's to happen with the original and will they ever get him the previous "Toy Story" films.I have given this short film a very respectable score of 7. I might have been tempted to score it higher, but frankly would have preferred some original characters and am getting a bit burnt out on "Toy Story". I know this means I am running counter to the rest of the viewers out there who seem to have an insatiable love of these folks. While good, to me, familiarity will soon be bringing contempt. Now this does NOT mean I dislike the film--the concept was pretty fresh and the animation was shockingly good. This improved CGI is obvious when you see the adorable little girl in this film who was also in "Toy Story 3" (Bonnie)--she is so much more realistic looking here only about a year later. Shockingly realistic, actually.