The Identical

2014 "If He is in your dream, nothing can stand against them."
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During the Great Depression, identical twins are separated at birth. One, Drexel Hemsley becomes a wildly successful '50s rock star, while the other, Ryan Wade, struggles to balance his passion for music and pleasing his parents, who want him to become a preacher. Finally, Ryan rebels against his parents' wishes and launches his own music career -- performing the hits of Drexel Hemsley. Ryan later learns the truth about Drexel when their fates tragically collide.


Drama, Music

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Dustin Marcellino

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The Identical Audience Reviews

Console best movie i've ever seen.
Matylda Swan It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties.
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Michael O'Keefe Not that THE IDENTICAL is not interesting, it is bogged down borrowing freely from the legendary life of Elvis Presley. In the mid 1930s, William and Helen Hemsley(Brian Geraghty and Amanda Crew)are blessed, or cursed, with the birth of identical twin boys. The Hemsley's suffer the depression in the deep south and decide to give up one of their boys to a childless couple, the Reverend Reece Wade(Ray Liotta)and his wife Louise(Ashley Judd).Drexel Hemsley(Blake Rayne), from his humble beginnings rises in the world like a flaming comet and gains fame as the adored rock 'n' roll star Drexel "The Dream" Hensley. The other boy, Ryan Wade(also played by Rayne)struggles buried under the thumb of his adopted father, wanting him to enter the ministry. Ryan, like Drexel, has the God-given talent to sing. He would finally actually become an imitator of Drexel, called "The Identical". I would watch it again.The film becomes so predictable and contrived, but yet compelling enough to stick around and enjoy the music. Some of the better tunes: "City Lights", "Gypsy Man" and "Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight" by Rayne. Other songs are provided by The Morph Kings, Darcey & Mo and The Ricky Reese Band.Veteran actor Liotta seems to over-act his role, while Miss Judd is sympathetic, but a little stale. Of course, Rayne, a former Elvis Presley impersonator, does the best with what he's got. Also in the cast: Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano, Erin Cottrell, Gary Beaty and Danny Woodburn.There is only one Elvis and his fans will either be highly agitated or mildly pleased with THE IDENTICAL.
markasscarlyle The story is so basic and predictable, the acting is brutal, but...... It's like a watchable TV movie. I did watch it all and .... Simply put its terrible movie making but I enjoyed parts of it enough to want to watch it to the end... Train wreck or car accident type idea ...curious as to how predictable it will be to the end. The music is more basic than the Beatles But it's catchy and sounds like Elvis and I guess that's why I watched the whole movie. The veteran actors are obviously putting in time and the director took the first or second takes to keep within budget. Every thing is stereotypical 1950's language, slang and morals. The dialogue is hilarious I assume the writers were doing things tongue in cheek.
ajrg-17-381639 This movie is simply awful unless you are a born again Christian. The acting is bad - terrible- and the direction is a joke. However you can watch it with the kids and the songs are well written. There is really nothing else good to say about this. If you are a very religious Christian you may like it. The hero does not drink or smoke and has a blond wife. Everyone is good and there is barely any plot at all. Two twins are separated at birth even though the birth parents love them and without knowing each other ever become big stars, though one makes a living imitating the other. One dies and the other finds out and forgives all the good people involved. The end. By the way I have never written a one star rating ever before. Those who like this were those who did not walk out.
Peter Carlsson Sometimes it's refreshing to see a sweet movie that has some nice cinematography, good actors and no violence, for a change. Doesn't matter if it's faith based or not; it's relaxing and rewarding. We just have to lay our usual critical sense aside and enjoy the ride. This movie have not wasted money on excesses, it's all there on the screen, and for the budget it's really managed to capture the times nicely. This movie has a little bit of Elvis, the 50s, Jerry Lee Lewis, a bit of faith, nice cars, clothes and manners from times gone by. And, why not? It feels fun to see something that are sweet and in a way a little silly sometimes. That doesn't mean that it don't have real feelings and emotions, just that it's not pretending to be something it ain't. I saw this movie with an open mind, and I found the ride to be quite good.