The Opposite Sex

2016 "A battle of the sexes, winner takes all."
4.5| 1h36m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 19 May 2016 Released
Producted By: Verdi Productions
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The story of Vince, New England's most successful divorce attorney. To Vince, life is one big competition, and losing is unacceptable. This also applies in his dating life with his love 'em and leave 'em approach. Then Vince meets Jane, who is beautiful, successful and also extremely driven. Together they enter into a series of entertaining wagers with each other where the winner gets to decide the fate of the loser.



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Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan

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Verdi Productions


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The Opposite Sex Audience Reviews

Ehirerapp Waste of time
Colibel Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.
AutCuddly Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,
Hattie I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.
Ian This is a curate's egg movie. The original title, A Bet's a Bet, is far more relative. The Opposite Sex means absolutely nothing and makes no sense. But the implementation of the conceit, however you look at it, is dire! It's an interesting idea, poorly executed. In parts, it's preachy, manipulative, and not particularly funny where it's supposed to be (apart from the intro).But Mena Suvari is absolutely gorgeous (if that's not a too non-PC thing to say) and is one of the best things about this movie! (But in the movie she's obviously far, far, far too good for the main guy.)Next best thing is Debra Jo Rupp who is vastly under-used, under-represented and plays a superb, far too short part. Why couldn't the director see this and write more for her?So disappointing overall, mainly due to a so-so script. Not quite a feel-good movie, not quite a rom-com and not quite a, er, well, anything else, really...
rodrig58 How can a man be the best divorce lawyer and in his personal life to be a complete idiot? Because he has 3 other friends as goof? No, just to be in another film full of talk (quite naturally by the way), and finally to turn into a loving and understanding man, to defend the interests of the woman which, he says, would be in love. I wanted to see this movie for Eric Roberts, he is the most famous of all the cast, an actor with many interesting roles in previous movies, excellent in "Runaway Train" (1985) directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. But big disappointment, Eric appears only about two minutes in the whole movie, just a very small role. And even bigger disappointment, the film is an absolute total waste of time. Words, words, words, only babble. Or makes you sleep, or makes you want to end sooner.
shominy-491-652355 When we rented this DVD (under the name "A Bet's A Bet") last month, we didn't know what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! This movie is a riot! Geoff Stults as Vince (competitive attorney and ladies' man) kept us laughing for 90 minutes! His lines and his point of view regarding women and life are hysterical (and not typical). The scenes where he is hanging out with his male friends are hilarious - all his friends are funny! Vince meets his match when he meets Jane (Mena Suvari) and she is great! She is perfect in this movie! Another pleasant surprise in this film: When conversation became more serious (between Vince and Jane), the actors and lines were believable and not corny or clique like so many male-female love stories. We enjoyed this movie so much, we are going to buy it online. It is definitely the kind of comedy we will watch again and again!