2004 "It's the Little Things in Life that Matter."
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Released: 03 August 2004 Released
Producted By: Canal+
Country: United States of America
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A man is reluctant to tell his fiancee that his parents, uncle and brother are dwarfs.


Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Matthew Bright

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Tiptoes Audience Reviews

Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
VeteranLight I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Verity Robins Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.
thesar-2 1. Most men will adamantly turn down a hot chick's offer for a blow job. Am I right, guys? Am I? Hello?2. You know you are marrying THE ONE when she's comfortable enough to admit she'd love to see you as a kid circle jerking it with other young little people.3. If your fiancée reminds you she's pregnant, and while staring directly at her stomach, you state: "Yes. You are," immediately start planning on at least 18 years of child support.4. "The asshole is the strongest muscle in the human body," or so Lucy tells us. I always thought it was the tongue. Oh, well, when those two meet, maybe they can duke it out.5. "And in a role of a lifetime…Gary Oldman," says the trailer. Well, they got that half right.6. Do most women will put their pee-soaked pregnancy test on their coffee mug they're still drinking from, or is that some kind of circle of life thing?7. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito look more like real-life Twins now.8. You're only really homeless until you remember you own a million-dollar cabin in the woods.9. Really, the only thing anyone can do when their cell battery's about to die is toss it as far as possible into the dark woods.10. Where was the episode where Dr. House visited the Little People Hospital?11. Real people have bodies like Matthew McConaughey and are given names like "Steven." Fake little people settle for "Rolfe" and carry on the rest of their lives on their knees.12. Every proper Motel Employee Training Manual should include: Check out time can equate checking out of life.13. If the Quasimodo look doesn't add sympathy, Gary, try wearing a real person's robe.14. Unprotected sex is okay, as long as you're asleep. Yes, this includes rape.15. David Alan Grier went onto many great projects thanks to Tiptoes. Such as: Bewitched and Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.16. Becoming Jewish is easy! All you need to do is change the subject of insulting little people and laugh your faith and Christ off.17. LPride conventions are a ton of fun, when you're not on the run.18. Maybe being kicked off a bus in the middle of nowhere did Lucy more harm than good when she considers a roach motel a high end Hollywood resort.19. I didn't know how to spot ADR that well, until I heard most of the lines from the "French" Peter Dinklage.20. Little people might want acceptance from ALL! Well, except from the homosexuals they rally against.21. Patricia Arquette's wardrobe and hair choices were made by a blind person. See? They tried to include everyone here.22. When Kate Beckinsale calls you, remember it's gonna cost you. $3.99 a minute sounds about right.23. People can take food from others and it's not considered stealing. Food's from God, it's plentiful and God wants us to eat it. Huh. Well, I will tell that to the cop next time I dine and dash.24. Granted, I am not a parent, but do all babies look like blocks of wood?25. Big black men want little white women. Or so I'm shown. Or so the party goers are shown.26. "No! I need George Lucas. He's the only one who can do my hair!" is how I imagined Kate Beckinsale got her hair styles just right for the movie.27. Never give your loved ones heads up there are little people involved.28. Not many people know there's a lot of "good money in (the) firefighting business."29. You can go from calling little people "midgets" and worrying drastically your child will become one to choosing an actual little person as your lover in mere weeks.30. I'm not a CGI fan, but using a couch instead of CGI to hide normal size legs is just…hilarious.31. "No faggot doctors!" is shouted by a character we are supposed to feel sorry for.32. "What is the motivation of my character?" asks McConaughey, who's both supportive of his midget family as well as ashamed of them, who wears a retainer but won't fight with it in, who trains firefighters but yells when his personal life gets in the way, who has to be away on business for a week but is only minutes away from home, who wants to make his fiancée jealous of him by bringing his hot, blonde student and then ditches her the second the two meet, who doesn't want a child but will accept said child until it's a few weeks old. 'I think he's confused, just punch a hospital wall mere moments after your son is born and figure it out,' was probably the answer he got.33. Heck, just watch Daniel Tosh's Tiptoes Uncut video (look it up online.) It's worth a watch following the movie… tosh.comedycentral.com /video-clips/ u1lmo5/ spoiler-alert-- --tiptoes--uncut (Just Google that. I had to add spaces for IMDb rules.)
vaa3102002 This could have been a really good film. I had Tivo'ed it since Im a big fan of Peter Dinklage - but his role was ridiculous as was the story line with him and Patricia Arquette. Gary Oldman was unrecognizable as the brother - I kept looking for him as the story unfolded. He did a great job since he is a great actor, but I cant help wondering if they had Peter Dinklage cast as the brother and eliminated the story line of him as the anarchist romancing Arquette that it may have been more credible. I found it hard to believe that the wife Kate Beckinsale would be so politically incorrect as to refer to the family as midgets. I had deleted it mid film but then retrieved it feeling compelled to see the whole film.
hidihothere OK, so I read that Matt and Kate were in it so I was like, Super-dee-duper! That's all I read before I hit "play" on my Netflix. It was a deeper, more satisfying movie than I expected. Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors; he never fails to impress me, I don't think I've ever seen anything with him that I didn't love.I thought the movie dealt sensitively and honestly with struggling to accept differences. It didn't patronize people with disabilities, or judge them as less than full members of society. I thought the movie also went some distance in providing information about some of the difficulties, both social and medical, that many people with Dwarfism have.A great movie with a soul. And Matt in his underwear. Nice.
andiaci Happened upon the movie by chance, but am the kind of person who goes for actors/actresses rather than directors, so when I saw Gary Oldman and Kate Beckinsale, thought I couldn't go wrong, and indeed I didn't!For a while though was wondering where Gary Oldman was, and the thought actually passed my mind that the promoters had actually made a mistake, or that they billed Oldman and that he'd have a cameo later on, just to sell the movie. Was I surprised though when the penny finally dropped!Irrespective of Oldman's part in the film however, the movie gave me tremendous insight into a group of people we all, arguably, don't know much about; sensitivities, problems etc. I strongly recommend it, to be viewed with an open mind.