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6.8| TV-G| en| More Info
Released: 01 January 1993 Ended
Producted By: CBS Productions
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.drquinnmd.com/

Dr. Michaela Quinn journeys to Colorado Springs to be the town's physician after her father's death in 1868.


Drama, Western

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Audience Reviews

ThiefHott Too much of everything
Aubrey Hackett While it is a pity that the story wasn't told with more visual finesse, this is trivial compared to our real-world problems. It takes a good movie to put that into perspective.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Zlatica One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.
Matt Otter Honestly, this could've been great, I mean, I'm a HUGE fan of "Last of the Mohicans" so I'm all in for a good romance set against a backdrop that is not so ideal. Also, it was obvious this show was gonna have a lot of sappy moments and cheese, but I can go with that too.However, this show is just too preachy. Every single episode it's like T-minus 40 till Dr Mike is gonna make "that face" and then we're going to be treated to the most ridiculous and over the top characters and situations all ending with Dr Mike giving us her holier than thou speeches, and of course, she's always right and everyone else is wrong.I'm certainly not suggesting the times this show was set in were perfect, but give me a break. Not to mention, many of these "horrors of the white man" NEVER HAPPENED. It wasn't just a "few things" as others here tried to say, many of these falsehoods are very serious and sadly are still believed by far too many people.Hate to break it to you folks, but white soldiers never purposely infected blankets to kill Indians, sure, many Indians died due to European diseases, but that was the result of peoples ignorance with regards to how the immune system worked.I stopped watching after season 3 as I just couldn't take it anymore, looking back I don't know why I kept around that long, guess I kept hoping because as I say this show had great potential, sadly it just became someones vehicle to push their political beliefs.
ericadavies1982 I used to watch this when it was on TV, and then years later i have bought the box set, and looking at the episode list and the lists on the DVD they don't match up. anyway, i am so glad that Jayne saw the scripts and decided to take the role as Dr Quinn, in a way sad for her to make a personal choice to do the work cause of her husband, but after seeing the show and watching DVD if Jayne didn't take the part who would, also glad that the pilot casts of 4 members changed they didn't suit the characters as those who went on from episode 2. shame that Erika's father made a bad choice not to let her continue her role. i loved everything involved with the show. and i did see on many occasions that actors was used again. one that i remember (only today i watched a DVD), was a cowboy who went on the run with a baby, and later becomes Sully's best friend.
endmaine Dr Quinn, was the best weekly TV show period. It had an excellent story to tell for the whole family. Much better than the crap wrap that is out there today. Whole some entertainment with family values,, not the cheesy, gay stuff you see everywhere today. The wild west was famous for instilling family values and nurturing the community. Too many times we do not get to know our neighbors at all. When we were children we had family BBQs and parties. Now there is none of that. We are all way too busy to get to know our neighbors and have fun. How many of you know the names of your neighbors.Lets return to those days shall we ! God Bless America and the creators of Dr Quinn.
Reno-007 I would first like to address the clueless individual who said this show lacked any kind of historical accuracy. Being a student of history and have taken enough classes in college to know the subject quite well, yes it did embellish certain things but not all of it was BS. Fact: There were a handful of women who were educated and did have degrees in medicine, they primarily came from what we would consider today Liberal areas in the North i.e. Boston, Philadelphia. Fact: The genocide that human garbage such as Custer and Chivington did to the Native Americans was well documented and treated very solidly during the two parter where Custer slaughtered Native Americans at Washita. Fact: After the Civil War, many people including single women, very few but they did make the trek, moved West because of the nightmarish slaughter of the War. Also it's spelled History or if you wanted to say Herstory, it's Her Story. You need to go back to school or take some anger management classes, given your hostile and laughable comment on a great show. Only drawback was the last season where Sully was living in a cave after killing that insect Sgt. O'Connor played very well by Patrick Kilpatrick. Also when Sully held that dead Indian baby after the Washita Massacre I was in college at the time taking a U.S. History course and did a paper on low life Custer, got an A- for that! Again, a great show that I wish could have gone on for at least one more season. Jane Seymour and the rest of the cast came into their own roles very well and it's a shame that it's not shown that much on T.V. anymore. FX, bring it back!