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7.1| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 03 January 2005 Ended
Producted By: CBS Studios
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Allison Dubois works in the District Attorney’s office using her natural intuition about people and her ability to communicate with the dead to help to solve crimes. Her dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people.


Drama, Crime, Mystery

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Medium Audience Reviews

AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Lawbolisted Powerful
Abbigail Bush what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Kinley This movie feels like it was made purely to piss off people who want good shows
Mark Turner In 2005 a new series premiered on NBC that caught viewers fancy and tied into that desire to know what would happen in our futures if we could. Our fascination with psychics had been a long one going back to people like Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon and moving forward at the time with John Edwards. This series renewed that interest and took as its basis the real life story of psychic Allison DuBois, a psychic who has aided the police on several occasions.Patricia Arquette stars as DuBois in the series. Having grown up with these abilities but never applying them she tries to lead a normal life living in Phoenix with her husband Joe (Jake Weber) and their three daughters (Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark and Madison and Miranda Carabello). Allison becomes an intern working for Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) and while working for him has a dream about a murder case taking place in Texas. Now the problem is how does she convince the law enforcement people she works with that her visions are legitimate not to mention convincing her husband as well? Of course she does eventually get them to follow up on the clues she can provide and bad guys are caught. In the course of these events her abilities are accepted and she helps with more cases than ever.The thing is if they never accepted her abilities there wouldn't have been a series worth of stories to tell and especially a series that lasted 7 seasons. And as a viewer you have to believe that the crime in Phoenix would become non-existent with the way the DA and his team rely on her abilities more and more often as it progresses. Plus they have to convince anyone in other police departments in other cities of her abilities when she dreams about those locations.But this is television. We want to believe, we want to be entertained and we want to hope that someone out there like this can help put bad guys away behind bars. With the crime statistics in this country it would seem a never ending battle. But again that doesn't matter as long as the show can be entertaining and this one was.Arquette comes off as an everyday mom who has had these visions all her life but who has finally found a way to apply them to help others. At the same time it's not just helping solve crimes that goes on here. She's making lunches for her kids, dropping them off at school and dealing with their day to day issues as well. She has to comfort her husband when the need arises and the pair here on screen present a loving couple that deals with the same issues we all do on a daily basis be it bills or bullies or gossip mongers. Arquette's performance here brings the character to life in all of these circumstances.Weber does a great job as well as the beleaguered husband who at first doesn't believe and yet learns that what she claims is true. And with the dreams and visions she has being those involving murder and mayhem he's the solid base she needs to stay grounded. Weber's portrayal of that supportive spouse is well done here. Even more so when it turns out that their three daughters also are in the midst of developing the same psychic connections.While the series did well enough when it was on it was often up against some of the stiffest competition there was. It battled against the CBS juggernaut that was the CSI franchise in one form or another, the hottest shows on at the time. It later found itself up against LOST and the phenomena that that was and then LAW & ORDER: SVU but it carried on. The series lasted 5 seasons on NBC and then shifted over to CBS for 2 more seasons before finally calling it quits.This box set contains all 7 seasons for fans to go back and enjoy all over again. And if you never got around to watching any more than occasional episode you can now join in from the start and follow through to the last episode. Fans of Arquette will love having them all in one spot on the shelf and those who have been picking them up in individual seasons can now sell those off and take up less space there with this comprehensive collection.
bbewnylorac Some people will find the concept of a crime fighting psychic ridiculous. But the excellent scripts, direction, special effects and mostly the compelling acting raise this series above the norm. It reminds me of The Twilight Zone for its playful willingness to explore the supernatural. The plots play on our fears about the things in life we can't control. And having the main character, Allison Du Bois, being an average suburban Mom is a master stroke. She's portrayed as someone doing her best - between doing the laundry and cooking meals - to prevent catastrophes and right wrongs. She is constantly scared and baffled by the situations she finds herself in, so we identify with her by wondering what we'd do in the same situation. The supporting cast, including her loving husband, Joe (Jake Weber), their three daughters and the charismatic detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) are all excellent and exude intelligence. Some very serious issues are explored in this series, but there are also plenty of fun scenes and playing around with time, characters and effects. I recently rediscovered Medium on repeat, and was reminded what a fantastic, quality show this was.
Wael Katkhuda If someone asked me what is your all time favorite TV series? i'll simply say Medium.Now a lot of people might think that i'm overrating this show and they are a better crime series such as: CSi, NCIS, Bones etc. but what is so special about this show is the whole package in a way none of all these series bring it to the audience.The first thing ( which is the strongest thing) is the family life of medium i dare anyone to give me any series (a long side with Friends) that makes you feel that you know this family, that you feel most of the time that you are living with them. and the whole family is likable Alison and joe are perhaps the best couple I've ever seen in my whole life, and it doesn't mean that the are perfect the have ups and downs, fights and a lot of times they are out of money, but nevertheless the continue to live as a happy family. Also all of Alison daughter are likable. Ariel is so sweet and intelligent, Marie is so innocent,and Bridgette is the soul of the whole show she is so cute so intelligent and walks and talks as she was an old person. The second thing that was so special was they way of the crime, most of crime show is to identical by not knowing the killer and then the investigation method tell at the end you discover the whole thing, but in medium it is different the brought a new thing which is knowing the truth by psychic lady that helps the police to get the bad guys although she have no experience in crime scenes.Even when you goes out of the dubois family you feel the same way of the supporting cast : Miguel Sandoval (Alison boss) which delivered one of his best performance till this date. David Cubitt also gave us a very nice performance of the ideal Detective, even when it comes between the justice and his own brother he choose the justice immediately.The only thing the bothered me in the whole show is the final episode , i mean what they where thinking when they killed the husband the made the show so stupid and the way that Alison died was very bad and annoying (at least they could gave us a nice ending not a bad one!!!) At the end it was and still a great TV show with great cast, a show that is focusing on everything from A to Z, and brings to the audience the suspense, horror, love, some how an ideal family life that everyone of us hoped to have.
A_Different_Drummer Before we talk about the show, let's talk about the talent. Glen Gordon Caron has been on the other side of the camera for a very long time, with a pedigree that includes, oh, for example, discovering Bruce Willis. And that's just for starters. Similarly, Arquette had a long and fairly impressive run in features, not always the A-roles, perhaps, but consistent nonetheless. Bringing these two together in 2005 was a match full of promise and ultimately the promise was kept. Next, the stories. It may be because the premise was based on a real person that the week-to-week plots were entirely consistent with the way real intuitives actually operate in the real world. Ordinarily Hollywood simply cannot resist the temptation to take it up a notch, especially from season to season. Had the plot arcs followed the usual Tinseltown roadmap, the Alison character played by Arquette would be getting predictive dreams in Season 1 and raising the dead by Season 6. But the producer showed restraint, and I believe that is part of the reason for the success of this show. I have seen every episode, and I recall that by the time the last season rolled around, they were getting just a tad frisky -- Alison may have a fatal illness, Alison's ability may be illegal in court; Alison tries to help Joe's business with her gift -- but a 6 year run is nothing to sneeze at. It was consistent, it was solid, it was entertaining. In TV, that's about as good as it gets.