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Released: 24 February 2012 Ended
Producted By: Every Cloud Productions
Country: Australia
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Official Website: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/miss-fishers-murder-mysteries/

Our lady sleuth sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920’s Melbourne, fighting injustice with her pearl handled pistol and her dagger sharp wit. Leaving a trail of admirers in her wake, our thoroughly modern heroine makes sure she enjoys every moment of her lucky life. Based on author Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery novels.


Drama, Crime, Mystery

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Audience Reviews

CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
Lucia Ayala It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.
telegrafic As most of present tv crime series Miss Fisher suffers from the same bad things that its contemporaries: too much rugged and unpleasant cases, a bad script, not very convincing performances and -what definitely makes viewer quit this show- an unlikeable main character. So if you put all these aside what does it remain? Beautiful clothes and lovely sets. Miss Fisher could have been an interesting pre-code free woman with a strong will and resolution to solve crimes with the cooperation of the chief police and some friends. And that would have been fine. But writers preferred to create a sort of high class (?) promiscuous lady (ejem) who has sex with a different man in each chapter, walks in beautiful clothes and carries a golden gun. In between, she investigates murders -but really, who cares. Cases are usually lurid and unpleasant (to say the less) including murder, prostitution, child abbuse, sex explotation and other similar subjects. So finally the only good things of the show are its beautiful clothes and lovely sets. That's all Miss Fisher is. And that's a pity, because it could have been a good tv show set in the roaring 20s about a detective woman who solves crimes with brain and style, a sort of Australian Partners in crime.
pjrandall Intriguing character relationships, absolutely fantastic costume designs. Although a murder series, you're not really exposed to the violence leading up to the act. Sexual innuendo is not in your face and no vulgar language. All in all a show that is great for family viewing. Too many TV shows are far too sexual, far too demoralizing for the family and use far too much vulgar language and innuendo. Hoping this will be a very very long running show.Reminiscent of shows like Bones, Murdoch Mysteries, Murder She Wrote and a few other BBC shows, sadly which some have been cancelled in favor of non family friendly television shows. Let's hope the big TV moguls learn that most viewers want decent TV programming.
sashascarlett Hmmm. Wasn't sure about this program that I decided to binge watch over the Thanksgiving Holidays. Delighted that I did. It is not deep mystery or action-packed excitement. It is plucky heroine and Jessica Fletcher light with Miss Marples-styled whodunits that conclude efficiently in an hour, but the mystery is not the reason to watch this show. The cast lead by a charming and delightful Essie Davis makes this a must see. I love her character and her frump of an assistant, Dot (Ashleigh Cummings). Her posturing with Jack Robinson (Nathan Page), a "real" detective is sexy and witty and completely different than other similar police-fish out of water romances (it is dry as sherry and the two have real chemistry). Hugh (played by Hugo Johnstone-Burt) especially in scenes with Dot are burgeoning with young romance and tingle with the sensation of realness. The other supporting cast, most notably Miriam Margolyes (who usually plays a frumpy English peasant woman but here plays a frumpy English aristocrat) is excellent as are the two men, Miss Fisher hires to do handy-work (and spy work) and her butler, Neil Melville, a delight if bordering on camp.Easy on the eyes, the costumes (British award winner, Marion Boyce) is a dream come true. Davis looks stunning in everything and everything looks stunning on Davis. Watch this with a cup of tea and a gentle heart and you will walk away charmed and enchanted by the magic this cast makes. A delight with a pinch of sardonic mystery added in for posterity.
umasub-34315 Recently found this show on Netflix and it has made me a total addict. The cast, costumes and the period settings are superb. I also love the variety of settings in each story line - from circuses to factories to beaches. As for Ms Fisher and the Inspector - well I can't wait for their scenes together, and for their story line to develop. Above all else the show stands out for making ms fisher a truly liberated woman of her times, without compromising on her feminine charms. Essie Davis and the restrained acting from the Inspector are priceless. I am still in season one and am rationing how much I see each week as I don't want it to end.This show is Great help in my withdrawal symptoms from Downtown Abbey!