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8.3| TV-PG| en| More Info
Released: 23 January 2003 Ended
Producted By: Beyond Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website:

MythBusters is a science entertainment television program created and produced by Australia's Beyond Television Productions for the Discovery Channel. The show's hosts, special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, use elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories.

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MythBusters Audience Reviews

Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
BoardChiri Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
zizumia I have seen this show many times over the years and I used to like it, till I found repeated times that their myths they test, are not what they claim it (mostly when they say it is false), for I have personally experienced these myths before and proved them true. Example is when they test a myth that you can be knocked out of your shoes, well they "proved" this myth wrong, because they never could get the dummy to fall out of its shoes when run over. Well I know someone could be knocked out of their shoes for I saw someone get hit by a train right in front of me and his shoes lay, still in the position they were in when he was wearing them, right where he was standing. So the myth is right, but since it didn't get THEIR results, it's automatically false.The show is interesting, but I have seen quite a few episodes that were not to their results so they proved it false, even though I know it is true..
oppas_rj I only started watching Mythbusters a few years ago, but liked it so much I've now seen every episode several times. It's fun and entertaining, but also educational. I was never a big fan of science classes in school, but now find myself fascinated with many of the things they demonstrate on the show. Watching their process is great fun, as is seeing the results they come up with.The hosts are all engaging and likable, and there's good chemistry and enthusiasm between them - you can tell they enjoy their jobs, and work well with each other. Each has their own talents, and it's always interesting to see what they bring to the table. There's also humor in the show, which makes it that much more enjoyable.I think it's great that there's a science based show out there that is so popular with both kids and adults. The testing and science may not always be 100% lab perfect, but it really does promote critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, and inquisitiveness about so many different things - which are sorely lacking in most other TV programming. There's also a great interactive quality to the show - fans can suggest myths, they have Viewer Specials, and on several occasions they've retested various things the fans have asked them to.I would highly recommend it!
I M Buggy When I first started watching this show a few years ago, I thought that it was pretty interesting. Most of the tests seemed to show some empirical, scientific thought.Unfortunately, in the past few years the trend has drifted far toward the "woo-hoo we blew it up" subjective experience while showing greatly flawed design or well-thought design in their "tests." I really can't put much weight in their conclusions or results, or invest my trust in their findings, any longer.It would be nice to see more focus on scientific and empirical (repeatable result) experiments, but unfortunately I expect that the expense and serious thought versus the current ratings-grabbing thrills would be financially counter-productive for the current production's aspirations.Basically, I no longer can consider this show to be serious experimentation or valid evidence of whatever conclusions are reached. I also note that the show has increasingly shown inconclusive or flawed-design results in its attempts.
DashTheGreat I love this show. Mythbusters is about as good as they come when it comes to TV programming. The Cast is great, seem to know what they're talking about (as opposed to random TV personalities thrown out and given lines, while those in back do all of the work), and can tackle new ideas each time. It never seems like this show will run out of steam, despite the limited number of myths that they can do. The "specials" such as the Pirate, Superhero, and Shark myths specials are great, which is unheard of on cable TV. Usually the word "special" is enough to make you run away. I can't see this show going off the air anytime soon. Excellent show! 10/10