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Released: 16 September 1963 Ended
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Country: United States of America
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The Outer Limits is an anthology tv series of self-contained sci-fi-horror stories, sometimes with a plot twist at the end.


Drama, Sci-Fi

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Vic Perrin


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The Outer Limits Audience Reviews

Wordiezett So much average
Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Allison Davies The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
mccready-906-458193 The Outer Limits was an incredible science fiction series. A lot of people compare it unfavorably to The Twilight Zone (and I mean the original Twilight Zone from the same era as this show, not the movie or remake series that are quite honestly very inferior to the original). But this show is in my opinion as good (or at least almost as good, so much so that it's practically equally) to Rod Serling's classic. Definitely check this show out, it's on DVD now. And the remake of The Outer Limits is also fantastic (not as good as the original but much better than say the remake of Twilight Zone). Check them both out if you like dark TV sci-fi.
alexanderdavies-99382 "The Outer Limits" is one of those shows in my opinion, that displayed great promise via its first few episodes. Indeed, episodes like "Hundred Days of the Dragon," "The Man with the Power," "The Galaxy Being," "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork" and "The Invisibles" contain some truly memorable moments of Science Fiction television. The writing and the acting are quite exceptional. Sadly, it is downhill there after. A lot of the episodes don't seem to have been fleshed out with strong narratives. In other cases, the ideas are so far fetched as to be rather ridiculous. Regarding the second season, the episodes "Demon with a Glass Hand" and "Soldier" get the series onto a more even keel. It's a shame that most of the others couldn't have been of a high calibre. The production values are pretty good though, certainly well above average. I am only too aware that "The Outer Limits" is compared with "The Twilight Zone" as they were both broadcast at the same time at one stage. There is little reason to compare the two shows as they are different in style as well as in storytelling. "The Twilight Zone" is more of a Fantasy series, where as "The Outer Limits" opted for being more of a broad kind of Science Fiction series. This consisted of stories exploring alien worlds, encounters with alien life forms on earth, astronauts in outer space etc. Personally and for sheer storytelling, I shall always prefer "The Twilight Zone" as the high quality was always there. However, the one advantage "The Outer Limits" had was that it was more comfortable in the one hour format. We have such a vast roster of actors to watch: Martin Landau, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Culp, Harry Guardino, Sally Kellerman, Donald Pleasence, David McCallum, Cliff Robertson and others. The kind of talent we rarely see these days. I would sum up "The Outer Limits" as a flawed masterpiece but it backfired in spectacular fashion.
glennmartonic yep.....old sci movies of the 1950's, followed up by the best decade of science fiction TV......the 60's. So much was going on and busting out. star trek, land of the giants, the invaders, time tunnel. twilight zone was in full swing by then. My fascination though was with Outer Limits. I'm like 9 years old, to me it was a great age to be wowed, and scared outta my buster browns. I wished i still had my outer limits card set. I've seen them on eBay, and am tempted, but for now my DVD collection works for me. The stories were fun, scary, and made even a 9 year old think. My favorites are invisible enemy, Z anti Misfits and the inheritors. The music score, and sound effects etched in my brain forever like in granite.What an age of science fiction TV, and what a great show......."we are controlling transmission".......Outer Limits.
MartinHafer Although "The Outer Limits" was hampered by excruciatingly low budgets (creating, in some cases, some ridiculous special effects), it was a terrific show that died an unnatural death. As IMDb pointed out, the network effectively killed it--even though it has been a popular show. Why? I have no idea, but it's a shame the series only ran two years--two very, very good years.In my summary, I mentioned the rival series "The Twilight Zone". This is because they clearly dealt with a lot of the same material, though "The Outer Limits" more often had themes involving sci-fi and monsters--more the paranormal. This isn't the only reason I prefer watching re-runs of "The Outer Limits". The big one is that there were very few really bad episodes--only a few flat ones (such as two involving South/Central American dictators that simply didn't fit in and only seemed to be there to attack these folks). It was consistently creepy, entertaining and thought-provoking. And, because they only made a few, it's not a lot of effort to see all of them for yourself--you'd be doing yourself a favor.