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Released: 19 September 1992 Ended
Producted By: Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Framed for murder, Detective Reno Raines becomes a fugitive bounty hunter who fights crime while trying to clear his name. His troubles began after he testified about police corruption, leading Lt. Donald Dixon to set him up.

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BJ Davis, James Whitmore Jr.

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Stephen J. Cannell Productions


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Renegade Audience Reviews

Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Fatma Suarez The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
Raymond Sierra The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
bsmith441 I used to love watching Renegade on late night television in the 90's. Renegade starring Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond, and Kathleen Kimont (Seasons 1-4) was a show about an innocent cop named Reno Raines, who was forced to go on the run when he turned over evidence regarding some crook cops in Bay City, California (Bay City doesn't actually exist in real life).After being captured by talented and brash bounty hunter, Bobby Sixkiller, Bobby soon realizes Reno is innocent and Reno is hired by Sixkiller to take down many fugitives on the run. During this time, Reno with the help of Sixkiller and his half-sister, Cheyenne tries to clear his innocent name.The show is fun and action paced, and it is fun watching Lamas show his real-life extensive knowledge of martial arts throughout the series. The show contains funny dialogue at times, but some of the story lines are downright compelling.The show also features its creator, Stephen J.Cannell, in a recurring role is number one bad guy and dirty cop, Dutch Dixon. Cannell is a surprisingly good actor and has the uncanny ability to tick you off with his smugness.Most fans will also grow to love the character of Bobby Sixkiller. While Sixkiller definitely loves money, he has a heart of gold and often sticks his neck out for his friend, Reno Raines.The first three seasons of Renegade are especially good. The fourth season is more of a mixed bag with some episodes really good, while some episodes seem to focus more on the silly. By the middle of the fourth season, we no longer see Kathleen Kimont on the show at all. Her character was featured heavily the first season of Renegade and then she began appearing less and less (In truth, Kimont was married to Lamas but got a divorce after the first season. Her role began to lessen from that point forward).The fifth season of Renegade showed a show running out of ideas. The story lines were less compelling though it still had its moments. The first four seasons of Renegade were syndicated through hundreds of stations and the fifth season became exclusive to the USA Network. It was a surprise when USA cancelled Renegade after the fifth season because though the show was starting to show its age, it definitely had another season or two left in.I cringe when people claim this show was cheesy. It did have some elements of that, but the show was a good watch and fun. In a day and age of nothing but CSI shows and reality television, it is nice to actually be able to watch something that is just flat out fun.
ddn32 While I understand the appeal of escapist television, I never understood the fact that this show was ever aired. Utter tripe. Rubbish. A show that prompted bowel movements of such severity that the the sewage pipes cried "NO MORE RENEGADE....LAMAS IS KILLING ME !" Cannell really went downhill after his brilliant Rockford Files. It amazes me that the same human being could create both. Was he slumming ? Was this an attempt to appeal to those people in Spittle County, Arkansas who preferred Barnaby to Jimbo ? Who knows. Lamas is a pathetic actor and the dude that played his sidekick was even worse. This makes Quinn Martin Productions seem like works of Shakespeare.
Cinema_Lover I remember when Renegade first came out back in 1992, the opening narration went something like this, "He was cop and pretty good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad. Framed for murder, they got the woman he loved. Now he's on the run, a bounty hunter, a RENEGADE". F*ck man, back in 1992 I had a hard time keeping a straight face listening to something as stupid as that. This show was created by Stephen J. Cannell, who usually creates the best action/comedy/police shows around. Cannell is an Emmy award winning writer that has written many spectacular cop shows like The Rockford Files, Wiseguy, and The Commish. Cannell has also created some wildly imaginative TV shows like The Greatest American Hero and The A-Team. But Renegade was a Cannell miss in my opinion. The plot was basically just a retread of The A-Team. But instead of 4 Vietnam vets on the run from the law for a crime they didn't commit, we get one guy this time in Reno Raines. Reno is framed for a murder he didn't commit and is also on the run from the law and a corrupt cop named Dutch Dixon, played very badly by Stephen J. Cannell. Dixon is a total ham. Reno Raines is constantly on the run, but somehow he still has time to help out every single small town goober he runs into. The problem I had with Renegade is that I couldn't figure out if Steve Cannell was serious or not with this show and it's over the top plots and campy action sequences. With the A-Team, at least we always knew not to take any of that stuff seriously. That show had it's tongue firmly in it's cheek. But Renegade is written and acted in the most DEAD SERIOUS way and it just comes across as totally retarded.Let's say you're a wanted man with a bounty on your head. Are you going to ride around on a big ass Harley Davidson bike, complete with long hair and a black trenchcoat? AND hang around a big long haired Native American with a name like Bobby Sixkiller? Oh yes, I'm sure no one will ever be able to ID you. Yes I know there is a Lone Ranger motif going on here, as there is with all Stephen J. Cannell shows, but this was just way too much. It wasn't subtle, but instead pounded you over the head with a sledgehammer. Reno also used the alias Vince Black ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! This was just totally crazy sh*t. Only a moron that was wanted from the law would act like Reno Raines. Another thing about Dutch Dixon....Mr. Cannell, Col. Decker was a far better antagonist for the A-Team. Hey Cannell, stick to writing better scripts and novels then Renegade. And please for the love of God Steve, don't ever try to act again.
Jacques Vankeschaver I would like to agree myself with jillian-6. 'Le Rebelle' is a truly good show and on French television it is the highlight of all action programs of French Television. Reno is so good - he has intensity, integrity and intelligence. Sixkiller makes me laugh all of the time because of the jokes, he is a clever actor of comedy, I think. I am in the hope that Reno will ensure the 'putain' Dutch gets what he is deserving of.It's true, it's true.