Sesame Street

Released: 10 November 1969
Producted By: Sesame Workshop, Children's Television Workshop,
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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Sesame Street is a long-running American children's television series created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett. The program is known for its educational content, and creativity communicated through the use of Jim Henson's Muppets, animation, short films, humor, and cultural references. The series premiered on stations on November 10, 1969 to positive reviews, some controversy, and high ratings.

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Producted By

Sesame Workshop, Children's Television Workshop,

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EP11 Count Tribute

EP12 Gotcha!

EP14 The Wild Brunch

EP15 Rosita's Abuela Arrives

EP16 Baby Bear's New Sitter (repeat)

EP17 Grandparents Celebration

EP18 The Princess Story

EP19 Judy and the Beast

EP21 The Pogo Games

EP22 Jack's Big Jump (repeat)

EP23 Baby Bear Hates Wee Tee Ball

EP24 The Wedding Planner

EP25 Lights, Camera, Bert!

EP26 Every Plant that Ever Was

EP1 Get Lost, Mr. Chips

Alan is getting ready for the Cookie Connoisseurs Club, the most exclusive cookie appreciation club in the country, to come to Sesame Street to taste his super cookies. Alan asks Chris to distract Cookie Monster while the club meets. Chris tries, but it's too late. Commander Chiphead, the club's Cookie Master, says that Cookie Monster can only taste Alan's cookies if he's a member of the club. To join, he must recite the Cookie Connoisseurs Club Pledge of Allegiance and follow the three rules: to first look at the cookie, then smell the cookie, and finally, only nibble the cookie to savor its flavor. Cookie Monster thinks he can follow these rules, but devours the first cookie right away! Commander Chiphead is not happy, but gives Cookie Monster another chance. Chris suggests that Cookie Monster try to pretend that the cookie is something else to help him control himself. He pretends that it's a yo-yo, which seems to be working, but once Cookie Monster smells the cookie, he eats it right up.. Next, Cookie Monster tries to pretend that the cookie smells like something stinky, which helps him get past rule #2, but as he goes to nibble it, he loses control again. Cookie Monster has one last chance, so this time he keeps reminding himself out loud that he needs to control himself so that he can stay in the club and get to try all sorts of cookies. The strategy works! Now it's time for the last cookie, and Commander Chiphead is so excited because it is one of his favorites. He loses control and devours the entire thing. Cookie Monster offers to help teach him self-control since he's so good at it now.
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EP2 The Good Sport

EP3 Hansel & Gretel's Playdate with Big Bird

EP4 Baby Bear Comes Clean

EP5 Me Am What Me Am

EP6 A Song For The Letter

EP7 Brandies Is Looking For A Job

EP8 Don't Wake the Baby

EP9 Practice Makes Proud

EP10 Afraid of the Bark

EP11 Telly the Tiebreaker (repeat)

EP12 Elmo and Zoe's Hat Contest (repeat)

EP13 The Very End Of X

EP14 Finish the Splat

EP15 Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince (repeat)

EP16 Sesame Street-O-Saurus

EP17 Figure It Out Baby

EP18 Build a Better Basket

EP19 Best House of the Year

EP20 Fairy Tale Science Fair (repeat)

EP21 Lifting Snuffy

EP22 Rocco's Playdate

EP23 Max the Magician (repeat)

EP24 Trashgiving Day

EP25 Porridge Art

EP26 Great Vibrations

EP41 Mine-itis on Sesame Street

EP6 Y a Quest? Y Not

Telly excitedly runs to Abby and Elmo to tell them he has the book they’ve been waiting for, How to be a Knight for a Day. Hooray! Telly, Abby and Elmo look to the book to tell them how to become knights. First, they have to wear a suit of shining armor. They zip off and whoosh! Elmo, Abby and Telly are dressed in suits of armor. Clank! Clank! Clank! Next, they must sing a knight song, so they sing, “We Are Three Knights So Merry.” Then the book tells them they must go on a quest. But they don’t know what to search for! As Elmo, Telly, and Abby think about their quest, they hear a whimpering letter “Y.” When they ask the letter “Y” why he is crying, he tells them he is unsure of his purpose in life. He can’t think of any words that begin with the “Y” sound. That’s it! Telly decides their quest will be to look for things that begin with the letter “Y.” First, they enter Gina’s veterinarian office looking for animals that begin with the letter “Y.” Then they decide to check the laundromat but they still can’t find any “Y” words. Next, they visit Alan at Hooper’s store. Just as they are about to leave, they see a hairy cow passing, but are disappointed because hairy cow doesn’t begin with a “Y.” But wait! Alan explains that the hairy cow is actually a yak, and yak begins with “y.” All of the sudden, Abby, Elmo, and Telly think of other words that begin with the letter “Y,” such as yogurt and yo-yo. They did it! They found words that begin with the letter “Y.” Elmo, Abby and Telly sing the knight song and cheer in delight!
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EP13 Abby Has the Sparkle Fairy Freckles

Elmo and Abby are playing tag. Suddenly, Abby’s freckles start sparkling! Abby calls the Fairy Doctor who looks at Abby’s freckles. Abby has a case of the Sparkle Speckle Fairy Freckles! This is where freckles sparkle and glow, and eventually fall off. The Fairy Doctor tells Abby the magic words to get the freckles back, “Fricka-Fracka, Freckle Back-A”. All of a sudden, Abby’s freckles jump off of her face, glowing and bouncing all around! Abby, with the help of Alan, chases one freckle as it bounces into Hooper’s store. Chris spots it on a cereal box. Abby says the magic words and poof! The freckle returns to Abby’s face. Abby has five more to find! Rosita notices the dot on the center of her flower drawing is sparkling and so is the dot on the “i” in her name “Rosita.” Abby says the magic words two times and the freckles reappear on Abby’s face. Only three more to go! Abby notices that all the freckles seem to be hiding on little circles and realizes she should look for circles! Abby sees two more freckles go bouncing into the laundromat. Mama Bear notices a sparkling freckle on Baby Bear’s polka dotted underpants and Elmo notices a freckle on Leela’s nose ring. Magic word time! Abby leaves the Laundromat and notices a freckle on Cookie Monster’s cookie. He’s about to take a bite! Luckily, Abby stops him just in time to say the magic words and get the last and final freckle back on her face. Cookie Monster happily eats the cookie, while Abby admires the six freckles on her face!
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EP15 Amphibian Show

Elmo and Abby are resting when suddenly it’s time to play the game show, “Find that Amphibian.” Elmo and Abby must find an amphibian before the game show’s tadpole turns into a frog. They don’t know what an amphibian is, but the announcer gives them a clue- an animal that starts out living in water. Elmo and Abby meet a fish and are convinced they have won the game! As the announcer explains, though, fish only live in water and not on land. Elmo and Abby look for their second clue- an animal that breathes air. They find an amphibian! A bird! They learn, though, that amphibians don’t have any feathers. Elmo and Abby look for their third clue-an animal with four legs. Elmo and Abby come across a horse, but a horse is a mammal, not an amphibian. Elmo and Abby use their last clue about metamorphosis to help them. They come across an alligator. Could this be an amphibian? No, an alligator is a reptile not an amphibian. He looks the same way now as he did when he was a baby, only bigger. Elmo and Abby are disappointed. They’re never going to find an amphibian! Luckily, they run into Chris who suggests that they find an animal that fits all the clues- an animal that lives in water when it’s a baby, breathes air as an adult, has four legs, and goes through metamorphosis. Suddenly, they think of Anne Phibian, the game show’s announcer. She matches all the clues. Hooray! They found an amphibian. And just in time! Elmo, Abby and Chris celebrate as they dance with the amphibians!
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EP21 The Planet G

Maria helps Elmo write a story about the letter “G.” Elmo is having trouble thinking of letter “G” words, but Maria reminds him of the letter “G” sound. Elmo thinks of the word “golf”. He draws a picture of himself playing miniature golf and hitting the ball so hard it flies into space and lands on Planet “G!” Elmo remembers another “G” word, “goldfish”, just like Dorothy, his pet fish! He draws a picture of himself riding on a goldfish up to the planet “G” to look for the golf ball. He tries to think of another “G” word when Baby Bear stops by before he leaves for school. Baby Bear loves his teacher, Mother Goose. “Goose” begins with the letter “G!” Elmo incorporates a picture of a goose into his story. But uh-oh! The goose perches herself on Elmo’s golf ball, thinking it’s an egg. Elmo has to get the goose off the ball, but how will he do it? With the help of Zoe and her two friends who are “girls”, Elmo sings the “Get up and Go Dance” song. He draws a picture of the goose getting up and dancing with the two girls as he leaves the golf ball behind. All of a sudden, Elmo finds a hungry “goat” munching on a page of his story. When the goat stops eating, Elmo draws a picture of the goat trying to eat his golf ball in space. Luckily, in the story Elmo offers the goat some “goulash” and the goat drops the golf ball. He draws a picture of himself flying back to Sesame Street. Elmo excitedly reads the entire story of Elmo’s Adventure on the Planet G to Maria and Chris.
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EP26 Princess Show

Abby, Rosita and a penguin are going to play princesses. First, they decide to dance. Rosita leaps high into the air. Abby leaps even higher. The penguin takes a running start and leaps so high she lands on a balcony and can’t get down! Uh-oh! Suddenly, a prince enters and offers to rescue the penguin. He calls for her to let down her hair like the prince does in “Rapunzel,” but penguins don’t have any hair! Abby flies up and brings the penguin safely to the ground. Next, Abby, Rosita and the penguin go princess-roller skating, but the penguin can’t find her second skate. Never fear! The prince comes along to help. He pulls out a glass slipper, just as the prince does in “Cinderella”, but the penguin can’t skate with a glass slipper! Abby suggests they just look for the other skate. They find it and continue skating. Abby skates fast. Rosita skates even faster. The penguin skates the fastest and loses control. She crashes into a mailbox and gets stuck! The prince comes along to rescue her and give her a kiss, just like in “Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White”, but a kiss won’t help the penguin get out of the mailbox. Rosita has a better idea! What if they cooperate and work together to help pull her out? It works! But the prince is upset. He wasn’t able to rescue a princess even once today. Abby explains that just because they are dressed as princesses, doesn’t mean they have to be saved. The prince agrees and they happily play a game of football together.
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EP12 Season 37, Episode 12

EP4 Alan's Vacation Replacement

EP5 Cinderella's Fairy Godmother's Mistake

EP6 Little Furry Red Monster Parade

EP7 Elmo's Chicken Dream

EP8 Rocco's New Dance

EP9 The Sesame Street Square Game

EP10 The New Four Bears Story

EP11 Gordon, Miles, and Grandpa's Music

EP12 Telly Falls from His Pogo Stick

EP13 Snuffy's Invisible (Part 1)

EP14 Snuffy's Invisible (Part 2)

EP15 Professor Super Grover's School for Superheroes

EP16 Gabi Becomes a Temporary Play Date

EP17 Baby Bear Tries to Teach Curly to Draw

EP19 Cookie Monster writes a story

EP20 Baby Bear Adjusts to Curly's Big Growl

EP21 Elmo Feels He's Treated Unfairly by Rocco

EP22 Baby Bear tries to make Curley sleep.

EP23 Miles' Band Needs a Quiet Place to Practice

EP24 Elmo becomes a bird.

EP25 Rosita dislikes her accent

EP26 Big Bad Wolf Huffs and Puffs When He Loses

EP27 Episode 1046

EP28 Episode 1047

EP29 Episode 1048

EP30 Episode 1049

EP34 Episode 1023

EP35 Episode 1024

EP36 Episode 1025

EP37 Episode 1026

EP38 Episode 1027

EP39 Episode 1028

EP40 Episode 1029

EP41 Episode 1030

EP42 Episode 1031

EP1 Karaoke Night at Hooper's Store

EP2 Elmo Falls in Love with Gina

EP3 Cookie Monster Is Blamed for Stealing Cookies

EP4 Episode 993

EP5 Episode 994

EP6 Episode 4036

EP7 Episode 996

EP8 Big Bird Writes a Story

EP9 Elmo and Zoe Pretend

EP10 Zoe Challenges the Notion of Girls' Games

EP11 Oscar Needs a Change of Scenery

EP12 Episode 1001

EP13 Elmo and Zoe Search for Rocco

EP14 Episode 1003

EP15 Episode 4045

EP16 Elmo and Rosita Have a Play Date

EP17 Episode 1006

EP18 Rosita Befriends a Frog Wearing a Crown

EP19 Stinky and Zoe Write a Story

EP20 Zoe's Tutu Gets Stuck in a Tree

EP21 A Baby Duck Thinks Telly Is His Mommy

EP22 Baby Bear and Telly Find a Bagpipe

EP23 Episode 4053

EP24 Episode 1013

EP25 Episode 4055

EP26 Episode 4056

EP27 Episode 1016

EP28 Episode 1017

EP29 Episode 1018

EP30 Episode 1019

EP31 Bert's Birthday

EP32 Big Bad Wolf's Brother Is Falsely Accused

EP33 Super Grover's Cape

EP1 Episode 960

EP2 Episode 961

EP3 Episode 962

EP4 Episode 963

EP5 Episode 964

EP6 Episode 965

EP7 Episode 966

EP8 Episode 967

EP9 Episode 968

EP10 Episode 969

EP11 Episode 970

EP12 Episode 971

EP13 Episode 972

EP14 Episode 973

EP15 Episode 974

EP16 Episode 975

EP17 Episode 976

EP18 Episode 977

EP19 Episode 978

EP20 Episode 979

EP21 Episode 980

EP22 Episode 981

EP23 Episode 982

EP24 Episode 983

EP25 Episode 984

EP26 Episode 985

EP27 Episode 986

EP28 Episode 987

EP29 Episode 988

EP30 Episode 989

EP32 Episode 4012

EP33 Episode 4013

EP34 Episode 4014

EP35 Episode 4015

EP36 Episode 4016

EP37 Episode 4017

EP38 Episode 4018

EP39 Episode 4019

EP40 Episode 4020

EP41 Episode 4021

EP42 Episode 4022

EP43 Episode 4023

EP44 Episode 4024

EP45 Episode 4025

EP46 Episode 4026

EP47 Episode 4027

EP48 Episode 4028

EP49 Episode 4029

EP50 Episode 4030

EP1 Episode 930

EP2 Salsa Party On Sesame Street

EP3 Episode 932

EP4 Episode 933

EP5 Episode 934

EP6 Episode 3921

EP7 Episode 3922

EP8 Episode 937

EP9 Episode 3924

EP10 Episode 3925

EP11 Episode 3926

EP12 Episode 3927

EP14 Episode 3929

EP15 Episode 3930

EP16 Episode 3931

EP17 Episode 3932

EP18 Episode 947

EP19 Episode 3934

EP20 Episode 3935

EP21 Episode 3936

EP22 Episode 3937

EP23 Episode 3938

EP24 Episode 3939

EP25 Episode 3940

EP26 Episode 3941

EP27 Episode 956

EP28 Episode 3943

EP29 Episode 3944

EP30 Episode 3945

EP31 Episode 3946

EP32 Episode 3947

EP33 Episode 3948

EP34 Episode 3949

EP35 Episode 3950

EP36 Episode 3951

EP37 Episode 3952

EP38 Episode 3953

EP39 Episode 3954

EP40 Episode 3955

EP41 Episode 3956

EP42 Episode 3957

EP43 Episode 3958

EP44 Episode 3959

EP45 Episode 3960

EP46 Episode 3961

EP47 Episode 3962

EP48 Episode 3963

EP49 Episode 3964

EP50 Episode 3965

EP51 Episode 3966

EP52 Episode 3967

EP53 Episode 3968

EP54 Episode 3969

EP55 Episode 3970

EP56 Episode 3971

EP57 Episode 3972

EP58 Episode 3973

EP59 Episode 3974

EP60 Episode 3975

EP61 Episode 3976

EP62 Episode 3977

EP63 Episode 3978

EP64 Episode 3979

EP65 Episode 3980

EP1 Episode 3851

EP2 Episode 3852

EP3 Episode 3853

EP4 Episode 3854

EP5 Episode 3855

EP6 Episode 3856

EP7 Episode 3857

EP8 Episode 3858

EP9 Episode 3859

EP10 Episode 3860

EP11 Episode 3861

EP12 Episode 3862

EP13 Episode 3863

EP14 Episode 3864

EP15 Episode 3865

EP16 Episode 3866

EP17 Episode 3867

EP18 Episode 3868

EP19 Episode 3869

EP20 Episode 3870

EP21 Episode 3871

EP22 Episode 3872

EP23 Episode 3873

EP24 Episode 3874

EP25 Episode 3875

EP26 Episode 3876

EP27 Episode 3877

EP28 Episode 3878

EP29 Episode 3879

EP30 Episode 3880

EP31 Episode 3881

EP32 Episode 3882

EP33 Episode 3883

EP34 Episode 3884

EP35 Episode 3885

EP36 Episode 3886

EP37 Episode 3887

EP38 Episode 3888

EP39 Episode 3889

EP40 Episode 3890

EP41 Episode 3891

EP42 Episode 3892

EP43 Episode 3893

EP44 Episode 3894

EP45 Episode 3895

EP46 Episode 3896

EP47 Episode 3897

EP48 Episode 3898

EP49 Episode 3899

EP50 Episode 3900

EP51 Episode 3901

EP52 Episode 3902

EP53 Episode 3903

EP54 Episode 3904

EP55 Episode 3905

EP56 Episode 3906

EP57 Episode 3907

EP58 Episode 3908

EP59 Episode 3909

EP60 Episode 3910

EP61 Episode 3911

EP62 Episode 3912

EP63 Episode 3913

EP64 Episode 3914

EP65 Episode 3915

EP2 Episode 3787

EP3 Episode 3788

EP4 Episode 3789

EP5 Episode 3790

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EP7 Episode 3792

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EP9 Episode 3794

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EP11 Episode 3796

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EP13 Episode 3798

EP14 Episode 3799

EP15 Episode 3800

EP16 Episode 885

EP17 Episode 3802

EP18 Episode 887

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EP25 Episode 3810

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EP31 Episode 3816

EP32 Episode 3817

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EP34 Episode 3819

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EP36 Episode 3821

EP37 Episode 3822

EP38 Episode 3823

EP39 Episode 3824

EP40 Episode 3825

EP41 Episode 3826

EP42 Episode 3827

EP43 Episode 3828

EP44 Episode 3829

EP45 Episode 3830

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EP47 Episode 3832

EP48 Episode 3833

EP49 Episode 3834

EP50 Episode 3835

EP51 Episode 3836

EP52 Episode 3837

EP53 Episode 3838

EP54 Episode 3839

EP55 Episode 3840

EP56 Episode 3841

EP57 Episode 3842

EP58 Episode 3843

EP59 Episode 3844

EP60 Episode 3845

EP61 Episode 3846

EP62 Episode 3847

EP63 Episode 3848

EP64 Episode 3849

EP65 Episode 3850

EP1 Episode 3656

EP2 Episode 3657

EP3 Episode 3658

EP4 Episode 3659

EP5 Episode 3660

EP6 Episode 3661

EP7 Episode 3662

EP8 Episode 3663

EP9 Episode 3664

EP10 Episode 3665

EP11 Episode 3666

EP12 Episode 3667

EP13 Episode 3668

EP14 Episode 3669

EP15 Episode 3670

EP16 Episode 3671

EP17 Episode 3672

EP18 Episode 3673

EP19 Episode 3674

EP20 Episode 3675

EP21 Episode 3676

EP22 Episode 3677

EP23 Episode 3678

EP24 Episode 3679

EP25 Episode 3680

EP26 Episode 3681

EP27 Episode 3682

EP28 Episode 3683

EP29 Episode 3684

EP30 Episode 3685

EP31 Episode 3686

EP32 Episode 3687

EP33 Episode 3688

EP34 Episode 3689

EP35 Episode 3690

EP36 Episode 3691

EP37 Episode 3692

EP38 Episode 3693

EP39 Episode 3694

EP40 Episode 3695

EP41 Episode 3696