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Released: 15 November 2016 Canceled
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Bob Lee Swagger is an expert marksman living in exile who is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president.

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Nonureva Really Surprised!
Claysaba Excellent, Without a doubt!!
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Zlatica One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.
charliejohnson-02287 Shooter has fired off its final round; USA Network has opted to cancel the Ryan Phillippe drama after three seasons, our sister publication Variety reports. Shooter's third season is currently airing Thursdays at 10/9c, with five episodes still to run.Shooter this season is averaging 740,000 total viewers and just under a 0.2 demo rating, down sharply from Season 2's 1.25 mil/0.35.Based on the book series by Stephen Hunter, Shooter starred Phillippe (Secrets and Lies) as highly-decorated Marine Corps sniper Bob Lee Swagger, a man who was pulled back into the fray when his former commanding officer Isaac Johnson (played by ER's Omar Epps) asked for his assistance in preventing an assassination plot against the President of the United States. But when Swagger realized the truth - that he'd been set up to take the fall for another murder - he set out on a new mission to clear his name and keep his family safe. Subsequent seasons followed Swagger's rivalry with a nefarious colleague and the search for answers about his father's long-ago death, all while associates endeavor to uncover the truth about a cabal known as Atlas.Shooter's cast also included Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill) as Swagger's wife Julie, Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Arrow) as FBI Agent Nadine Memphis, Eddie McClintock (Bones) as nefarious figure Jack Payne, Josh Stewart (The Punisher) as a sniper named Solotov, Jesse Bradford (The West Wing) as Harris Downey, and Gerald McRaney (This Is Us) as Red Bama Sr.
rick-morgan9063 Here we go again, another awful American TV series straight from the jelly mold named mediocrity. Our hero is ex special forces, and scowls a lot to prove it. Only he can save his country from a sniper who has already boasted that he will kill the President (as they do) so our hero runs around with a gun trying to look cool whilst the supporting cast deliver the most ludicrous and wooden lines available from the waste bin of script writing. So many folks have rated this series highly which is why I have provided a counter-balance. This show is bad. Badly written, badly acted, plot holes everywhere, and will only appeal to those who just want some bubblegum TV - for lovers of quality movies and TV shows, may I suggest that you steer clear of this utter cliched mess.
witster18 Listen, I didn't serve, and I'm not a weapons expert, so I wouldn't know if there are technical issues with the series. That said, for a USA series this is surprisingly entertaining. Also, it's pretty hard to find any soldier-based actioner or science/dr piece without finding something to gripe about."Shooter" the series, now available on Netflix, was for me, as good or better than the feature film starring Mark Wahlberg. I noticed he's an executive producer here. That film lost a little steam down the stretch, but I found the first season here really kept me wanting to get home and binge. THe plot twists aren't always perfect, but the series does have some smart little twists along the way. It think ahead of itself quite often and the acting isn't nearly as bad as some of the ridiculously low reviews here. I wonder which action-television-series those detractors would like to recommend. Ryan Phillipe does a fine job and is quite believable in his action garb. He obviously hit the gym for the role, and does a lot of his own stunt-work here, and it deserves a mention. There series' biggest flaw is the leads interaction with his friend and former superior, Issac. Their dynamic just doesn't work. There's no way that some of the stuff would have gone down like it did here. That's my biggest gripe. However, all the other "villains" fit and work quite nicely here, and the series stays pretty consistent in terms of quality and pacing. I'm actually looking forward to see how fast they will crash and burn in the second season. It always happens. Bloodline started to spin out of control mid season 2, as did many other great first seasons. THis one wasn't as spectacular of a first season, but I'm still kinda interested to see where they try to go from here. You could do much worse for a made-for-tv action series. Much, much worse. Check it out. What you might imagine a "Jack Reacher" series would look and sound like. If you can avoid nit-picking and just enjoy it for what it is - watch it.
wdaliangiup Those who rated this show high probably didn't finish watching the first season. It started okay with a good story but then it turned into something ridiculous. it seems like no one in the show ever has a plan, they just keep bumping into each other anytime they want. Everyone wanted to kill everyone but when they do meet in person, they have a deal. Then they go back and plan on killing each other again. It was just like the video games that I played. I know I have at least 3 lives to spend. The main character faked death but soon lost his cover, but no one cared anymore and he called his wife anytime he wanted, had sex with his wife, and had a family picnic somewhere. it took everyone a looooong time to realize that maybe they should kidnap his family to get to him. Before that, no one was watching his family even though they all know the guy who tried to kill the president was still alive. Then again, he met with his enemies in battle field or in offices, and killed bunch of small pawns and left, before coming back tomorrow.