Alice Through the Looking Glass

2016 "It's time for a little madness."
6.2| 1h53m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 25 May 2016 Released
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Alice Kingsleigh returns to Underland and faces a new adventure in saving the Mad Hatter.

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VividSimon Simply Perfect
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
laurenbarrile So many positive points that I can name off, some including beautiful graphics, interesting plot, unique story line, and many more.
mihai_chindris It is "decent". Not extraordinary, nor a waste of time. The sad thing is that it focuses more on the sparkly scenes, like these would impact the viewer the most. In fact, the story lacks substance and this should have been the epicentre of interest. It is far from great, although it's not a disappointment. Something slipped through the fingers of the producers when they were producing this movie. Now it's another commercial film.
leptir_bez_krila First of all, I want to say that I am not a big fan of the first movie, directed by Tim Burton. I thought it was an OK movie and nothing more. When I heard about this sequel, I couldn't care less. And the trailers didn't do much either to get my interest for the movie. So it took ages before I saw this film. And mama mia, was I wrong about it. This is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated movies that came out this year. It's more interesting than the first one, with a far more interesting story and concept. And in the end, it has a really good message for children about time and how we should use time the best way we can, and that the most important thing is our family. The directing is solid, on par with the first movie. The acting is OK, with some good CGI. The music and art direction is actually were the movie shines. There are some incredible beautiful scenes in this movie. It's definitely eye candy for children but adults too. It is a good family movie, and I would never thought that I would say this, but now I feel sad that this movie didn't do better at the box office. And actually really surprising, after all the first movie made over 300 million domestic and over 1 billion worldwide. So what really happened here ? But they could definitely use more time, especially in the beginning, for characters and story. The movie would gain more momentum and be stronger. Most of the CGI is great, but there are some scenes with bad CGI in it. This movie is definitely a step forward, and I would like to see a third movie, but I doubt we will get one. Families will enjoy this and children will learn one or two thing with this movie too. In the end, I would recommend this movie to everyone, go buy it on blu ray. Christmas is coming, and this will definitely be a great gift for every child who didn't see this movie (according to the box office of this movie, there's a lot of children who didn't see this film). This is a good movie, with more pros than cons. + Visually impressive + Art Direction + Very entertaining - They could take more time for character development and story - Some bad CGIGOOD - 7/10
studioAT Having used the books by Lewis Carroll for the first film there's really nowhere for this sequel (an unneeded one at that) to go in terms of plot.It manages to cobble something together, that is equally as nonsensical as anything Carroll dreamed up, but apart from some big names popping up in their roles from last time (Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp) there is a strong sense throughout that this is a sequel for the sake for a sequel.I'm not saying the Tim Burton directed first part was a masterpiece, but at least it was grounded on something more solid.