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Released: 16 September 2016 Released
Producted By: XYZ Films
Country: United States of America
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Two old friends living in a dystopic future become trapped in a mysterious time loop — one that may have something to do with an ongoing battle between an omnipotent corporation and a ragtag band of rebels.

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Tony Elliott

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ARQ Audience Reviews

Alicia I love this movie so much
Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
Frances Chung Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
Cheryl A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.
patrick-413 I don't want to say too much about this dystopian/home-invasion thriller, so as not to spoil the many twists and turns. I found it to be a rare combination of thrill-ride and true Science-Fiction. The idea of repeating your day like a saved game has been done a few times before (most notably "Edge of Tomorrow" and of course "Groundhog Day") but this one adds the clever wrinkle of slowly doling out new pieces of a mystery along the way. The acting and script were both excellent, and the directing, sets and cinematography never once reveal any low-budget shortcuts (I'm sure that . The ending was extremely satisfying as well. I'm going to have to watch this one again to get all the subtleties of the script and performances, and just for the sheer fun of it. Highly recommended for Science-fiction fans, and probably a great one for fans of intelligent thrillers in general.
lloobee_4-1 All I'd say is watch the film. It's ... different.Only 7 real people in the entire film (reminds me a bit of "The Thing" in that sense) but with each scene slowly peeling layers off each of the characters, showing slightly different perspectives, and so on.Wonderful soundtrack. Especially during the last few scenes. Can't quite place the melody, sure I've heard it somewhere else.I didn't really like Rachael Taylor's performance, until quite near the end. There's a simple line "No No No No No No No" (so I don't think that's a spoiler), where the human side really shows through; a view of someone who has seen awful things, but then has been exposed to unimaginable horror. A million times worse, as it were. By that point in the film everything is totally messed up, but that moment of realisation is worth watching the entire film for.Oh, that and the last 2 seconds of the movie. Very clever, leaves the playground open for the mind to wander. What the hell happened next ?
jjpete70 Live, die, repeat. Sound familiar. But instead of aliens, what if it's accidental science, a crime, freedom fighters, a menacing corporation?Includes love triangle, betrayal in multiple forms, and a wonderfully slow reveal of the clues to what's going on.It keeps your attention, wondering how the protagonist will move forward through an endless repeating time loop. With some fairly good writing and great performances, it is an entertaining flick.The not-so-good. Due to the challenge of being consistent when dealing with time travel/loop movies, plot holes open easily and are resolved with sudden shifts in character's behavior/motivations/actions. There is inadequate explanation as to what's going on outside (think 10 Cloverfield Lane) and not all characters are given any depth.Final conclusion: a worthwhile viewing
subxerogravity I really like it. turned out to be a really good movie.Sometime in the future a guy built a machine that malfunctions and puts him in a time loop he can't escape from.It's kind of like a less funny Groundhogs day, but very intense.I really like the energy that the movie is giving off. Everything happens at a quick pace as Renton figures out more and more about his problem and attempts to deal with it, and every time he goes through the loop he learns more about his situation, and it's always this awesome twist to his story every time he began a new loop.I won't lie, Robbie Amell seem too attractive to be a scientist capable of creating a machine that can create clean unlimited energy, but that was a stereotype I quickly got over, not that he was good at sounding smart, more like the movie was moving too fast to care that much. He did do a good job of having that personality of a too smart for you jerk.It's an excellent hard science thriller.