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Released: 18 August 2017 Ended
Producted By: ABC Studios
Country: United States of America
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Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist join forces to take on common enemies as a sinister conspiracy threatens New York City.

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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
JamesRutland Only when all the heroes match together the viewer understands why this series is so stupid to wonder. It seems to have been written by a 3 years old child. There is a scene when one of the hero get a map of a palace in a way so stupid to make the mouth smile for hours - the viewer understands since the beginning that this situation is forced to avoid a real investigation which would take time and duty. Another stupid scene: "Cage" reaches a palace without any reason only to meet the other heroes because the plot set this event. Murdock tails Jessica to avoid her a risk he shouldn't know without any reason only because they have to match the other members of team based on the stupid plot... At a certain point the viewer of this garbage hopes that "the hand" kills all those idiots which repeat always the same "cliché", the same sentences because there is no real developing of the story. Also the role of the supporting character are pathetic. Foggy repeats always the same word to Murdock in every scene they meet because the storytelling has to fill the timeline. The discussion of the characters to motivate the choices are pathetic. Murdock has to save the city but to save Electra he risks the life of others... Claire will break with Luke because of violence in this series sollecitate Luke for the violent reaction and destruction. The end is the apotheosis of all the previous stupidity. Some examples: Claire is able to win against dangerous killers, the defenders defeat "the hand" but the team had decided the smart idea to destroy the palace so to defeat "the hand" also if they enter to defeat the hand: to avoid other garbage I decided to turn off the Tv immediately before the end of this mediocrity. This series is mediocrity. An authority should evaluate the level of stupidity of movies so to prevent the viewers from garbage, because people deserve to be respected. The cast should refuse to accept mediocre plot and poor storytelling. Netflix seriously risks to provoke the users, risks to lose viewers making people angry. It is better to cancel a series since the beginning rather than to issue it irritating people, at least money are saved.
riteshshergill After having seen the defenders I would like to get those hours of my life back. Fairly generic villains with generic motivations who serve as cannon fodder for the protagonists, coupled with weak dialog and a wafer thin plot make this show one of the dumbest things I have seen on the small screen in a long long time. The first thing that rankles me is people's inability to believe that people have abilities - this in a universe where they have acknowledged the presence of the Avengers and aliens. The sheer ineptitude of the cops in this show baffles me. The Hand being a crime syndicate has somehow escaped the purview of the FBI but a day of investigating by a street level PI is enough to expose them. My second problem is with Jessica Jones whose powers seem to come and go as and when the plot demands it. She has superhuman strength in patches and the only time she uses her powers is when she has to move stuff around or block doorways. She can fly but she uses that ability once in her first season and then the writers must have yawned and decided that it was too much so she never uses that ability again. Luke trying to 'protect' the police force by not giving them details about the Hand is beguiling. I mean, sure it would have been helpful if he would have told them more but they are cops and just having a name and a location - Midland Circle should have been enough for them to find out for themselves what the defenders knew. And its laughable that they don't believe in the concept of resurrection - in a universe where Loki exists and Thor exists and super soldiers exist - and the list goes on. I mean these must the most ignorant idiots on the face of the planet. This is a ridiculous cash grab effort and I notice that the seasons are getting progressively worse along with the villians' ineptitude. Daredevil Season 1 was amazing, Jessica Jones season 1 was watchable particularly because of the villain. Luke Cage season 1 was terrible and don't even get me started on Iron Fist. And now we keep getting these generic brain dead seasons and I think its time to give up on the franchise because its too dumb and it makes my brain numb. Please avoid this show like the plague because time is precious and you dont want to be wasting it on this bilge. That cop - Misty is so dumb, I'm surprised she survived the first season of Luke Cage. I guess she's called Misty because she has really clouded judgement.
sevdakarababa-71077 Besides Jesica Jones most boring third Marvel show. Iron fist, Luke Cage, Defenders . I started 3 times and i fell to sleep. Writers and director is not very talented.
stanicnenad I share superhero films and series in several categories:1. High quality, dark, with a story that is for a serious audience. Such series have good acting and less special effects. 2. Superhero films and series for wide audiences, teens and children. They are not so good, they have too many special effects, humor, the acting is shallow. The Defenders definitely belong to the first category. Today we have many superhero series, but a little really good. This series features a combination of four independent characters (plus The Punisher as part of this universe) Together they are extraordinary, it's a matter of personal taste that your character likes more.All independent series, (as well as these) are very good and interesting. Great story, good acting, interesting characters, brilliant bad guys, and especially excellent interpersonal relationships and their characterization. The action is dynamic but not too fast. Special effects are minimal. The biggest plus is that superheroes are portrayed as real people with real problems. And that's just fantastic!! A trap of unrealism is avoided, because if something is too unrealistic then it becomes boring. Jessica is strong but extremely vulnerable, she feels lost. Matt suffered an accident, but he overcame his handicap. Frank lost his wife and children and fights against internal demons. That's why this series and its five independent parts are so good.