2002 "The mind is a place of its own."
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On February 15, 1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the world's most infamous serial killers, was convicted of 15 counts of murder and sentenced to 937 years in federal prison. This movie is based on events from his life.

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David Jacobson

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Dahmer Audience Reviews

FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
TrueHello Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.
Mathilde the Guild Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
Darin One of the film's great tricks is that, for a time, you think it will go down a rabbit hole of unrealistic glorification.
tmdarby I'm a true crime buff and almost cringe at the thought of a movie based on someone like Dahmer. Number 1 because they don't deserve it, and number 2 because movie makers tend to mess them up. Not so in this case. I know the case fairly well and can tell you that this movie is fairly accurate. The few artistic type liberties taken were very well done and make sense in the context. The best part of this is Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Dahmer. Wow, what an amazing actor. I had no idea. The accent, the movement, the phrasing, all sound exactly like every interview of Dahmer I've seen. Just a terrific job on Renner's part. All in all I recommend watching a documentary on this case if you're interested in the true story, but then you'd miss Renner's brilliance in this one.
notright84 I have done quite a bit of research on Jeffery Dahmer and I must admit I am fascinated by him. I came into this movie with an open mind and realizing that maybe in an effort to make the movie more watchable they they couldn't show every detail but I wasn't expecting to see a Disney version of Mr. Dahmer's life.First of all almost no detail of the actually murders was shown and that is important as the method of murder is a great incite into the mind of a serial killer. Second it failed to show any part of Jeffrey's childhood for example him slicing up a fish that he had caught in front of his friends or the fact that he as an outcast at school and vied for attention, or his struggle with his homosexuality. All crucial aspects to this killers' mind.This movie is not good in any way shape or form
benzed I saw this film a few years ago, The final scene showed Dahmer disemboweling one of his victims and having sex with the body. Just watched this again and that was no longer in the film. Doing a search shows this version seems to have disappeared with only a trace at amazon.co.uk Very unusual for there to be no record of this on IMDb or WikipediA. Made the film that much more disturbing. I wouldn't say that should be a deal-breaker because I would recommend this film for Renners portrayal and performance. I will say that the movie really let me down the second time viewing due to the total lack of gore that the UNCUT version provided.
wes-connors This is the story of an oily, but good-looking nerd named Jeffrey Dahmer; he loses his marbles after picking up a hunk who declines to have sex with him. The hunk, who used to wrestle in high school, gets chopped up as a consequence. This makes Dahmer's kitchen a bloody mess, because he is not proactive when it comes to cleaning up after himself. Apparently (and, this isn't shown), Dahmer had sex with the hunk's body, because this becomes his preferred sex act. He has sex with "dead" bodies for some intervening time - putting "dead" in quotes here, because Dahmer doesn't kill his victims; instead, he drugs them.There is also, apparently, some action between Dahmer and a mannequin he keeps in the closet (again, this isn't shown, but it seems to fit the character's personality). Dahmer picks up his soon-to-be doped lovers at a gay bar which also happens to double as a hotel for one-night-stands. Well, the groggy men must have looked a sight upon awakening, because the bartender gets hip to Dahmer's tricks, and cuts him off; in fact, bouncers throw Dahmer out on his butt. His ruse up, Dahmer decides to permanently "lobotomize" a man because finding another gay bar with attached hotel accommodations can't be an easy task.Studying pictures of the human brain, Dahmer uses his excellent "gaydar" to pick up a man shopping for sneakers. Then, he drills a hole in the drugged man's head, and puts him to bed. Also, Dahmer has either a more human-like mannequin or another body in bed with him. But, three is not enough company for Dahmer, and he picks a fourth man up while shopping for a knife. Alas, the bottle of pills Dahmer uses to drug his victims has dwindled down to a couple of hits, and the victim doesn't pass out. As a result, we get to see some heartfelt communication between the men, and the beginnings of an actual relationship.While still violent, Dahmer reveals his softer, philosophical side to his potential victim. He's actually a pretty clever dude. Finally, it seems like Dahmer has made a love connection. To see if it works out for the men, you'll have to watch the movie yourself… "Dahmer" is based on a true story and is done in the "non-linear" style (expect flashbacks). It's not quite a horror story and not quite a serial killer story. But, the performances are (all kidding aside) excellent. Director David Jacobson and Jeremy Renner make the lead character a sympathetic psycho, though we're never really sure why we should like him. And, determining what makes him tick is difficult. Watching Mr. Renner interact with his three victims - wrestler hunk Matt Newton (as Lance), sneaker dude Dion Basco (as Comte), and especially knife clerk Artel Kayaru (as Rodney) - is the film's greatest strength.******* Dahmer (6/21/02) David Jacobson ~ Jeremy Renner, Artel Kayàru, Matt Newton, Dion Basco