The Purge: Anarchy

2014 "Welcome to America where one night a year all crime is legal"
6.4| 1h44m| R| en| More Info
Released: 18 July 2014 Released
Producted By: Universal Pictures
Country: United States of America
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One night per year, the government sanctions a 12-hour period in which citizens can commit any crime they wish -- including murder -- without fear of punishment or imprisonment. Leo, a sergeant who lost his son, plans a vigilante mission of revenge during the mayhem. However, instead of a death-dealing avenger, he becomes the unexpected protector of four innocent strangers who desperately need his help if they are to survive the night.


Horror, Thriller

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James DeMonaco

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Universal Pictures


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The Purge: Anarchy Audience Reviews

Micitype Pretty Good
Lumsdal Good , But It Is Overrated By Some
Bergorks If you like to be scared, if you like to laugh, and if you like to learn a thing or two at the movies, this absolutely cannot be missed.
Roman Sampson One of the most extraordinary films you will see this year. Take that as you want.
adonis98-743-186503 The Purge: Anarchy Is a movie starring Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, and Zach Gilford. Three groups of people intertwine and are left stranded in the streets on Purge Night, trying to survive the chaos and violence that occurs. The Purge 2 is definitely way better than the previous film and casting Frank Grillo was a pretty damn good choice to begin with. The film has more action than the original film from 2013 but also a bit more suspense and much better likable characters, the story is for sure pretty dumb to begin with and like i said it works better if you think about it rather than do it but unlike the first one this got the job done better something that the 3rd film did really killed. (7/10)
undeaddt This sequel is by far the best in "The Purge" movie franchise. It corrects and fixes all the mistakes that it's predecessor made in the first movie which was good, but not good enough and had a lot of holes to critic and talk about. You could feel that the first movie did not execute the brainstorming idea that was behind it, but this one, this one deserves all the glory and pushes the concept to live to it's potential. Here, the story expands, the idea expands, the producer opens our eyes to the city in the Purge night where it all happens. You can feel the fear, the agony, the momentum, the drama and all "what if it really happened" thoughts while watching the movie. This movie is a must watch and it is good to know that it is not connected in any important way to the first part. At least 7-8/10 for me.
InaneSwine Quite a mess of a film. It clearly tries to expand on the bigger picture that we missed out on last time - but the fact is that past the initial frightening idea, The Purge: Anarchy is an exercise in mindless bloodshed (as is the eponymous Purge itself), and lacks emotional depth or a coherent story.
TonyMontana96 (Originally seen a few weeks ago) Another film that you would like to rate zero and not mention ever again, but there is no such rating available, so I'll simply state how inhumane and awful this piece of junk really is. A lot of people get killed for no reason, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and yet some stayed indoors and got slaughtered anyway, so the rules were already broken and the government within the film were never going to do anything about it; due to rich people, possibly politicians as well being in on there sadistic methods, and what really did it was a scene where a bunch of rich, overprivelaged people bid on which kidnapped human being they hunt and slaughter within one room, and that is sickening, this thing is empty, trash, the action scenes are terrible, the character's are forgettable and clichés and the entire film is dreadful, something that would without a doubt make the worst film's I have ever seen list. 0/10