E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

1982 "He is afraid. He is alone. He is three million light years from home."
7.9| 1h55m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 11 June 1982 Released
Producted By: Universal Pictures
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.et20.com/

An alien is left behind on Earth and saved by the 10-year-old Elliot who decides to keep him hidden in his home. While a task force hunts for the extra-terrestrial, Elliot, his brother, and his little sister Gertie form an emotional bond with their new friend, and try to help him find his way home.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Audience Reviews

BootDigest Such a frustrating disappointment
SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
Christopher Shobris I just want to take a few minutes to talk about one of my personal favorite films of all time. And as far as Spielberg films are considered it is my favorite. But firstly I want to get out of the way the flaws of the film, every film has them, even films I hold to high regard. Honestly, it's hard to find any flaws since this is a nearly perfect film in every aspect. You can't criticize the visuals since it was made in the 1980s, but I think the performances by the kids other than Thomas, Barrymore, and MacNaughton could have used some work, of course featuring also a young C. Thomas Howell, but it's not terrible. Now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about what makes this film so special and timeless. Firstly, Steven Spielberg's direction as always is masterful, especially when it came to getting the best possible performances out of the main characters, and the main characters are children. Spielberg always knows how to capture that childlike innocence in a film without being sappy, and it's wonderfully displayed here. Secondly, the main kids themselves who are the heart, soul, and blood flow of this movie each with groundbreaking performances especially by Henry Thomas as Elliott, and a cute and young Drew Barrymore as Gertie. Robert MacNaughton sort of serves as the middle man, being conflicted with the ways of an adult but still preserves that childlike wonder when he too meets ET. Thirdly, the master himself John Williams proved yet again why is one of the greatest musicians of all time. After musical hits from Jaws, Star Wars, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, he comes in here and gives arguably his best score before or after. He himself made you believe a boy and alien on a bicycle can fly. And without Williams music that bicycle scene with Elliott and ET flying across the moon wouldn't be anywhere near as iconic. Or the chase scene with the police wouldn't feel as intense without his music. And lastly but certainly not least, ET himself. It is a outstanding job on the creators of this magnificent alien. A bunch of people collaborated to make him including sound designers, makeup artists, costume artists, Spielberg, and many many others and together they made him as believable as you could possibly make him during that time. His voice is provided by Pat Welsh, and Debra Winger also contributed heavily to the character. I also don't want to forget the adult actors involved including Dee Wallace, and Peter Coyote, they too do a great job serving as a lense from an adults point of view of the film and the situations within. Overall, this is a film that should never be touched, Spielberg struck gold with this film and he recognizes that. Many films afterwards that deal with a friendship between a boy and another otherworldly being or animal have to owe it to this film. As the friendship between Elliott and ET is a friendship that people will look back on as one of the greatest. And the film itself should be considered one of the greatest films of all time. As a result this film easily gets a 10/10.
javi-y-se-acabo Steven Spileberg has show that he is one of the best filmmakers around, and I think this movie shows the best of his abilities.It tells us the story of the relationship between ET, and extraterrestrial who was left on Earth by accident, and Elliot and his family, who find him in their garden and try to keep him safe. The story is fantastic, really well told and I think it transmits you a lot of emotions. It makes you laugh and cry just in side by side scenes and that's a really impressive thing.The actors were amazing. Here the trues stars are the children. Henry Thomas as Elliot was amazing. He gave a really powerful performance and was the highlight of the cast. But also Drew Barrymore as Gertie is fantastic. She steals every scene where she appears and she is really cute and funny. The adults here does not have a really big role, but mainly the mother of these kids, played by Dee Wallace, has a great part too.Spileberg's direction in this movie has provided some of the most iconic shots in film history (just that bike flying over the moon is a true perfect shot). Those visuals are fantastic and that is in a big part, because of John Williams. That man reached one of his master jobs in here. The score is perfect to the movie and just listening to the fantastic Adventures on Earth you will get goosebumps.This movie is really one of those classics that you will watch more than one time with your family, and each time you watch again, you will still enjoy it as much as the first time. This movie is one of the main reasons I love movies so much. They make you feel and travel to another time or space and they capture your attention for two hours, making you forget all your problems and just enjoying it
wademann-38245 I had the wonderful opportunity to view E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial with my two daughters. When the movie was done, my four-year-old Rosie exclaimed: "That was the best movie EVER!"I was a little worried about the movie being too scary for a four and eight- year-old. But then I remember my own experience watching it in 1983, at the age of seven.What I loved about that first viewing experience was the fact that this was a movie from a child's point-of-view. Here was a movie that seemed to exist in my world of dirt bikes, Star Wars action figures, and Reese's Pieces.Screenwriter, Melissa Mathison, uses Christian imagery to evoke emotional meaning.There's a moment in the film when the older brother crawls into a nook of the home while it's been enveloped by the plastic sterilization of government control. He falls asleep. A moment later he wakes up and notices the flowers that E.T. healed dying again. Watching it when I was younger, I was always a little confused as to why he fell asleep. The scene seemed superfluous.I was older when I realized that this is an allusion to Peter falling asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane. Right after this moment, E.T. allows himself to die so as to save Elliot.READ my full review at: https://wademann.net/movies/e-t-the-extra- terrestrial/
Brian Tilley Without a doubt, one of, if not the best, universal transfers yet. Absolutely gorgeous picture with a lovely, steady fine grain and beautiful color timing. They got everything right on this release. I would put this right next to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As well as Jaws, which was also overseen by Mr. Spielberg.