Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

2011 "For the Duncan family, Christmas is about to take a major detour."
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Teddy Duncan's middle-class family embarks on a road trip from their home in Denver to visit Mrs. Duncans Parents, the Blankenhoopers, in Palm Springs. When they find themselves stranded between Denver and Utah, they try to hitch a ride to Las Vegas with a seemingly normal older couple in a station wagon from Roswell, New Mexico. It turns out that the couple believes they are the victims of alien abduction. The Duncan's must resort to purchasing a clunker Yugo to get to Utah, have their luggage stolen in Las Vegas, and survive a zany Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Blankenhooper.


Drama, Comedy, Family

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Arlene Sanford

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Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! Audience Reviews

Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
Ava-Grace Willis Story: It's very simple but honestly that is fine.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
mischievouslyradiant The show is funny, and I LOVE it, but it was so nice to not hear any laugh tracks. I thought this movie was great, personally speaking. I especially loved the airport scenes, Amy and Teddy's trip and the singing scenes (it was them fighting for the spotlight, so to speak, to earn money for food), the war games, and the ending.I can't believe anyone would call this, "garbage." It's totally not unoriginal, or there would be a movie exactly the same (even the lines of the script, the amount of siblings, the same personality among the siblings and parents, and grandparents, and even Amy and Teddy's trip in winter in a junkie car and then with a weird alien-abducted couple going to Vegas for an alien convention or whatever).
cowface17 I feel like this was a great movie, though it was a bit unrealistic. I have to admit the series is much better than the movie. During the movie I feel like there were many unnecessary parts and a few irritating parts. One part that I feel was annoying is when Amy and Teddy hitchhiked with those strangers who thought that Amy and Teddy were aliens. I feel that they made that part a bit long, it kind of irritated me. Another part that I thought was dumb was how Amy's parents locked Gabe, PJ, and Bob in a room. Although it was funny, Bob is a grown man and it was dumb that he let himself get locked in a room by his wife's mom. Amy's mom is a very unlikable character, as well. You feel like you want to punch her. The last thing I did not like about the movie is how they revealed that Amy was pregnant. I am not saying it was a bad idea to do that but by doing that they are kind of changing the point of the T.V series: CHARLIE! Other than these things, the movie was great. The movie was entertaining and funny. They also did a good job of not making the movie cheesy. Most T.V shows and movies on Disney are very cheesy. The movie was very exciting and it made you want to see more. I loved the part where Bob, Gabe and PJ started to fight in a war zone with paint balls. The main reason I loved this movie is that the whole family was working together to get Amy and Teddy to Palm Springs. It was about the entire FAMILY! Something we never see on Disney. The movie was unpredictable which made it exciting, and the acting was great. Finally this is a great family movie for you and your kids/ younger siblings would enjoy. This is appropriate for all ages. Overall, GREAT!
Troye Dchgl "Good Luck Charlie: The Movie" is definitely not the worst kind of family comedy, though I have to admit I personally prefer the show to this. Still, it makes a great addition to the series as a little Christmas movie. I didn't plan to catch this in the first place. Then I decided I might as well watch this after I tuned to the Disney Channel looking for some fun after some serious work.First of all, the story is a mix of unoriginal ideas. It wasn't boring. Not at all. Just unoriginal. A vehicle going downhill with a broken brake and some typical war games, these all sound familiar. So you should not expect anything fresh or special, but it is still fun for me. There aren't exactly any particular moments or scenes that I find dull or highly intriguing, but trust me, it is not a mess. The story fits together and is presented well.Some scenes near the end of the movies are good, and I liked the ending too. And yes, there was the surprise which I am not going to ruin here. But I do hope that Disney will maintain the consistency and keep that "surprise" valid for upcoming episodes on the show.I guess there is not a single reason for me to say this is a bad movie, but it really could've been much better, so I think I will put this in the middle of the scale. This is by no means a poor family comedy, considering there are "better" choices out there. If you're afraid of replaying awful memories of this year's little Miss Judy Moody, don't worry. This is a lot, a lot and a lot less disturbing.
dcobbimdb I love the show and was looking forward to seeing the Christmas movie after watching previews for almost two months. But OMG what a disappointment. Terrible writing and boring unoriginal story, but the biggest problem was it just wasn't funny, like the series is. The few semi funny moments were in the previews, so obviously they weren't fresh. The mom who is usually over the top anyway was a total train wreck, The grandma was someone you'd like punch in the face and then kick her while she's down. It's like a Griswold movie gone bad. After about 70 minutes I finally walked away in total disinterest while my wife and kids fell asleep, so I don't know how it ended nor do I care. Yeah I'm sure it ends on a positive note, but still no ending could make up for the 70+ minutes of pure garbage I watched. Such a disappointment...I have no idea if it was the same writers who do the series or what but this movie really hurt the show which is one of my favorite family comedies. Really too bad. 1 out of 10