1979 "Where all the other Bonds end… this one begins!"
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Released: 26 June 1979 Released
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Country: United States of America
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After Drax Industries' Moonraker space shuttle is hijacked, secret agent James Bond is assigned to investigate, traveling to California to meet the company's owner, the mysterious Hugo Drax. With the help of scientist Dr. Holly Goodhead, Bond soon uncovers Drax's nefarious plans for humanity, all the while fending off an old nemesis, Jaws, and venturing to Venice, Rio, the Amazon...and even outer space.

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Lewis Gilbert

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Moonraker Audience Reviews

Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Crwthod A lot more amusing than I thought it would be.
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
LeonLouisRicci Widely Considered the Worst James Bond Movie, Without much Dissent, it's a Bad Movie on Any Account. The Pacing is Horrible, not one Joke is Funny, the Score is Unremarkable and Anemic, and it Contains, perhaps, the Worst Chase Scene in a Big Budget Movie, Ever (gondola).It's Embarrassingly Inconsistent and Fails to Follow Form. Bond (Roger Moore) is Strangely Absent a Gun at times, or even the Wrist Weapon He is given at the Outset, in the Fight Scenes. Speaking of Fight Scenes, some are Choreographed so Stiff as to be in Slow Motion. The Glass Shop Abomination in so Over the Top with Yelling and Smashing Everything in Sight that it becomes Jaw Dropping Bad.Speaking of "Jaws", as little as possible, the Returning Character Lampoons Himself in what could be Called the most Clumsy Scene in any Bond Film, only to be almost Topped by the Ending Switcheroo.The Shameless "Bond in Space" Scenes are Infamous. The Villain "Drax" is a Monotone Bore with Lines that are only Memorable because they are Cringe-Worthy. There are a Multitude of "Bond Girls" that are Displayed more Mannequin than usual, and the Lead, "Dr. Goodhead", delivers some of the Worst Acting and Line Reading Imaginable.The Impressive SFX, the Enormous and Stunning Sets are Eye-Popping and some are Artistically Interesting (Drax lair in South America), but all the Money up there On the Screen Can't Save this from the Bottom of the James Bond Gun Barrel. Speaking of Guns, Bond Fires One Shot in the Entire Film.Abysmal Movie by any Standard and as a James Bond Entry it is Intolerable.
jordansepticeye This movie,while not bad,definitely isn't one of the best,though it is better than other entries of this franchise in the 70s(Diamonds are Forever,and The Man With the Golden Gun).But before the negatives,the positives,I like how it jumps right into the story,Bond gets a mission,and investigates it immediately.The score is great,and so is the cinematography.The locations are fantastic and exotic.Roger Moore does a good job,he is very confident and seems to be enjoying himself,and in an unexpected twist,when Bond is in danger,he actually seems scared.The action is very good,with great choreography and variety,everything from boat chases to hand to hand combat.The Bond girl is decent,I like how it takes nearly the whole movie for her to actually fall in love with Bond.The villain,while monotone,is menacing and does more than the similar Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me.Now,the bad,some acting is a bit wooden,the pacing is pretty bad,varying from too fast to too slow.Some action scenes end too fast,just to have a cheap joke.That's the biggest problem,most of the jokes are very cheap and slapsticky.Moonraker is very fun,with great action and a villain,but it is weighed down by the cheap humor.
BondFan90 What can i say about Moonraker? The 11th film in the James Bond series, directed by Lewis Gilbert in his final Bond film.The film starts with a space shuttle being transported on a Boeing 747 by the RAF. (Second appearance of Kim Fortune. He played the British navy crew member in TSWLM, who is gunned down in the climactic battle in the finale.) The shuttle is stolen in mid air and James Bond has to find it. Before that, we get a thrilling set piece, where Bond is pushed out of a plane by Jaws, without a parachute. I wish they'd do stunts like that today! The title song, by Shirley Bassey, isn't my favourite because the lyrics make no sense! What is a Moonraker? Shirley's voice is haunting, though.There is a memorable sequence, where Bond is stuck in a centrifuge training machine and the emergency stop switch has been disconnected. Roger's Bond usually comes away from scrapes without a scratch, but on this occasion, he's really shaken up. That's a nice change.Michael Lonsdale is brilliant as Hugo Drax. A French businessman, who wants to commit global genocide and repopulate the earth with genetically perfect specimens.Lois Chiles plays Holly Goodhead, the lead Bond girl. She's wooden, but she's nice to look at.The late great, Richard Kiel returns as Jaws, in his final appearance in the Bond series. There is a surprising development in the character of Jaws. I won't spoil it for you though.Fantastic score by John Barry, one of his best!10/10
Leofwine_draca Despite the uneven storyline, the weak attempts at innuendo, and a distinctive recycling of the action sequences (mainly the chases), there is still plenty to be enjoyed in the much-maligned MOONRAKER, Roger Moore's fourth outing as Bond and the first to incorporate a distinctly science fiction approach to the proceedings in the wake of the success of STAR WARS, although this only becomes apparent in the last thirty minutes of the movie. The first part consists of the action-packed globe-trotting antics that we expect from the series, with locations including Italy, California, and Rio de Janeiro. Despite an emphasis on open comedy and absurdity this time around instead of the more serious thriller aspects of previous instalments, the formula still works, thanks to winning performances and plenty of excitement.Action this time around includes a speedboat chase through the canals of Venice, an exciting battle with an assassin in a glass museum, and of course the large-scale outer space war which culminates the movie, including a cool moment involving a laser shoot-out between two armies of floating space men which wins points for imagination if not realism. Roger Moore is once again on top form as Bond, playing it less seriously than ever and enjoying himself in the part immensely. Lois Chiles, however, is not one of the best leading ladies, but she has a likable personality that comes across well and which stops her from being the worst. Michael Lonsdale excels as the arrogant villain Hugo Drax, Corrine Clery is seductive as an unlucky ally, and Richard Kiel is the best thing in the movie as the character of his assassin Jaws is more fully explored than in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. As I said, this isn't the greatest, but you can do a lot worse (try watching any of the Brosnans again for instance) and the sense of fun about the production makes it impossible to dislike.