The Nutty Professor

1996 "Inside Sherman Klump, a party animal is about to break out."
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Eddie Murphy stars as shy Dr. Sherman Klump, a kind, brilliant, 'calorifically challenged' genetic professor. When beautiful Carla Purty joins the university faculty, Sherman grows desperate to whittle his 400-pound frame down to size and win her heart. So, with one swig of his experimental fat-reducing serum, Sherman becomes 'Buddy Love', a fast-talking, pumped-up , plumped down Don Juan.

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The Nutty Professor Audience Reviews

Lawbolisted Powerful
Stellead Don't listen to the Hype. It's awful
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Senteur As somebody who had not heard any of this before, it became a curious phenomenon to sit and watch a film and slowly have the realities begin to click into place.
RaspberryLucozade Eddie Murphy is a comedian who in recent years has in my opinion peaked in terms of quality. It is easy then to forget that in the early days of his career he was a sensation, giving us memorable hits such as 'Coming To America', 'Trading Places', 'Beverly Hills Cop' and, the best of them all in my view, 'The Nutty Professor', which was a remake of the 1963 film starring Jerry Lewis ( who allegedly was meant to appear in this version but pulled out due to his distaste over the reliance of toilet humour in the script ).Murphy plays Sherman Klump, a morbidly obese yet well-meaning, kind hearted and well respected scientist whose kind, quiet nature is often exploited, particularly by his greedy, arrogant boss Dean Richmond, as well as by his loud family ( in particular his belligerent, perpetually farting father Cletus ). One day at work, he meets mature chemistry graduate Carla Purty and is smitten by her. Due to his weight, he feels that she won't be interested in him and in an attempt to gain her interest takes a sample of a slimming serum he has invented, which transforms him into a thinner, more youthful, better looking version of himself who he renames Buddy Love. Buddy is everything Sherman has ever dreamed of being, however Buddy's confidence spirals out of control and things rapidly go from bad to worse for poor Sherman. Will Buddy cease to exist or will Buddy kill off Sherman for good? I have never seen the 1963 film so I am unable to compare the two but one thing I am certain of is that 'The Nutty Professor' is a prime contender for Eddie Murphy's CV of fine comedy. Eddie Murphy has the most challenging job of portraying not only Klump but also Buddy and indeed the entire Klump family, however it would not be fair to not give credit to his supporting cast. Jada Pinkett ( wife of Will Smith ) is fine as Sherman's romantic interest Carla whilst Larry Miller is suitably slimy and conniving as Richmond. Special mention should be made of the screenwriters - David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, Tom Shadyac and Steve Oedekerk whose outrageously funny script not only had tears rolling down my face but also dealt excellently with the issue of obesity.Some overweight viewers may find it uncomfortable to watch but should stick with it as it is one of the few things which manages to successfully ridicule prejudice against obesity rather than applaud it.'The Nutty Professor' was so successful that four years later a sequel was made - 'The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps' ( which I went to see on its cinematic release in my hometown, despite being two and a half years younger than the film's age certificate ). It did not do as well first film, critically or commercially. Personally, I thought it compared rather well with the first film.Funniest moment - the 'farting at the dinner table' scene involving the Klump family. Disgusting I know, but it is still hilarious and creases me up each time.Second funniest moment - a nightmare sequence in which Sherman dreams of himself as a Godzilla type creature wreaking havoc around the city. Only then to destroy the world after letting off a humongous fart!
Wuchak Released in 1996 and directed by Tom Shadyac, "The Nutty Professor" is a dramedy starring Eddie Murphy as grossly overweight yet good-hearted professor Sherman Klump. In his experiments he develops a potion that turns him into the slim, charismatic Buddy Love who's also, unfortunately obnoxious. While Buddy helps Sherman take down his nemeses (Dave Chappelle), he also messes up his budding relationship with Carla (Jada Pinkett Smith). Larry Miller and James Coburn are also on hand. Murphy actually has multiple roles, playing the Richard Simmons-like Lance Perkins, as well as Sherman's mother, father, grandmother and brother in the dinner sequences. While I found the Lance Perkins scenes amusing, the dinner scenes largely fall flat, but they do showcase Murphy's talents. I also didn't care for the flatulence jokes, but I was able to overlook them – and crude jokes in general – and laughed at the many genuinely amusing parts. The movie works because Murphy expertly makes Sherman a sympathetic character. The scene where he shyly asks Carla out is genius; and the scene where their date is destroyed by the standup comic (Chappelle) is honestly saddening. It may not be as good as "Coming to America" (1988), but it's better than "Trading Places" (1983). The film runs 95 minutes and was shot in the Los Angeles area. GRADE: B+
FilmBuff1994 The Nutty Professor is a great movie with a well developed storyline and a terrific comedic cast. It's a very funny and enjoyable movie, mostly due to the comedic genius of Eddie Murphy, this film easily could have been a disaster without a good comedic lead to hold it together, and thankfully Murphy did with over seven roles, and he shines in every single one, it is pure movie magic to believe that he plays the majority of the main characters in this, and it also won itself a deserving Best Makeup Academy Award. For the most part I enjoy the humour in the movie, although there are certainly too many fart jokes to the degree that it gets a bit irritating and the scene between Murphy and Dave Chappelle was unnecessary, I also felt like Jason was a very underdeveloped character, I enjoyed John Ales portrayal of him but we never get to know very much about him, I would have liked to have gotten a clearer indication on the friendship between him and Klump. A redeeming aspect of this movie that you wouldn't normally see in these types of comedies is that there is a lot of heart, the love story between Klump and Carla is very sweet and this is the engine that really gets the film running, having something like this adds an extra layer to the character and makes him more relatable for the audience. Funny and well acted, I would recommend the Nutty Professor to anyone looking for a good comedy. An overweight professor takes a special chemical in order to look good for a woman he has fallen for, but it has some disastrous side effects. Best Performance: Eddie Murphy Worst Performance: Dave Chappelle
FlashCallahan Sherman Klump, is a brilliant and a very fat man. One day he meets a beautiful and charming woman named Carla Purty, and he falls in love with her. He is aware to the fact, though, that he is a clumsy fat guy, while she is a young gorgeous lady. This makes him feel depressed, but he finds the solution for his problem. He decides to drink a potion which he invented himself in his lab. The potion makes him everything he wanted to be. The new him, Buddy Love, is the perfect solution for Klump, in his opinion. But is that what Carla really wants........Yes the film has plenty of fart jokes, and has been lambasted by. Any for being to in the toilets regarding the humour, but look deeper, and you have one of the most heartwarming comedies of the nineties, and a hilarious movie to boot.The scene in the club where Chapelle is heckling Klump, is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the movie, or really any comedy come to think of it, and this is down to the talent that Murphy has, yes he has made a few bombs the last few years, but this really shows his comic genius and great acting skills.The family scenes are brilliant and so funny, you really believe that all those characters are sitting round that table and interacting.Buddy Love surprisingly lets the film down. He starts off okay, but by the end he's just a pantomime villain who really really overacts.So all in all, it was a great return to form for Murphy, and like I've already said, proves that he is a really talented actor and comedian.