With Every Heartbeat

2011 "Kiss Me"
6.8| 1h47m| NA| en| More Info
Released: 11 November 2011 Released
Producted By: SVT
Country: Sweden
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After they meet at their parent's engagement party, Mia and Frida are intrigued by and attracted to one another, despite Mia's own upcoming engagement to Tim. Mia must decide whether to continue her life with Tim or to follow her heart with Frida.


Drama, Romance

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Alexandra-Therese Keining

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With Every Heartbeat Audience Reviews

ShangLuda Admirable film.
Lucia Ayala It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.
Juana what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Kimball Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Martin Martin I'm more than surprised to see that the non-flattering comments are mostly made by Swedish viewers...? Anyway,I usually don't write reviews about movies I watch or about books that I read, but KYSS MIG is a movie that certainly drives your attention. I've watched the film 3 times and today I also bought the DVD. It's not all about lesbian love (which by itself is a catchy theme),it is mostly about choosing to follow unconventional paths in your life & have the guts to stand up for your choices & respect them. We have seen many films arguing with such issues, and KYSS MIG is one of the most well told: facts which the two partners have to face and how realistically are attributed through the dialogues. The story unravels so smoothly, the filming is captivating, the landscapes are romantic by their own, the hole atmosphere is so authentic. The flirting scenes (for which I wanted more)is the best part about this movie: you can almost catch the sexual tension between the two leads, it is so well done by reaching its climax with the love-making scenes, which are so believable. I cant see where the comments about morality fit in order to characterize it a good or a bad movie, although some users do. In real life you cheat & you get cheated, you dump & you get dumped, there is no guarantee for eternal love & devotion. Closing, I strongly believe that this is a must see film, especially by those who can appreciate the real life romanticism.
itgirlx This film deserves more than one viewing, in fact, watch it a few times and see if you don't find yourself swept away by its many charms. Much of what goes unspoken in dialog is expressed in the subtlety of the the superb performances by Liv Mjönes, Ruth Vega Fernandez and the stellar supporting cast. Swedish superstar Lena Endre, so enamored of this production, became one of the films producers. The story's strength, sensitive writing and direction by Alexandra-Therese Keining brought together an ensemble of Sweden's finest actors for this relatively low budget indy film. Another thing to keep in mind, for America audiences in particular, is this film portrays European culture which has sensibilities pronouncedly different in the expression of day-to-day human interactions than their American counterparts. How these differences play out on film is quieter and more complex than your typical rom-com or American style drama. What goes unspoken is caught and translated within the context of every expression in every frame of film. The gorgeous cinematography and lushly sublime score adds subtext to every scene, while light and color underscore the blossoming of true love.The fresh-faced, no make-up, every-day hair and simplicity of style, lends an authenticity which engages one into the story and lets you feel the characters in every scene. Character development and the pure talent of the supporting cast, (Krister Henriksson, Lena Endre, Joakim Nätterqvist, Tom Ljungman and producer actress Josephine Tengblad) add a layer of complexity that rounds out and fills in the on-screen canvas. Mia's anxiety is palpable and her outbursts make one as nervous as if she were sitting next to you, all the while Frida's inexorable charm and playfulness fills you with the giddiness of first love which turns out be the real story of this film. Oh, and the on-screen chemistry between Frida and Mia is a breath-taking testament to great casting and inspired performance.So, watch "Kiss Me" again with a fresh eye, trained for how much can be said in a single look or gestures ripe with context, subtext and beautifully delivered one word lines like, "Absolut" or "Precis." Notice how that makes you feel, then remember when you found that brand of magic in your own life--or go out and find it.
clara-spinola Although Kyss Mig is not the kind of movie to have a '2' ... Because it really shows everything, I think it could have another one... There are always things to bring up for a second movie, you just have to have some creativity enough for it not to be boring or something else. A movie is just a movie, although the subject it's not common to watch on screen, it's just one more love story. The 2º movie, Mia's mom would appear and gets to know about everything what happened to Tim and meets Frida. ...Lasse and Elizabeth getting or not married... Frida's father ( not mentioned one the first movie could appear) and gets to be a part of the family drama... .. Mia's first love shows up and messes up a bit with Mia's mind which makes her choose one. Frida does not like the idea about Mia's first love being around. .. At Mia's and Frida's apartment would have a fireplace... The second movie would also show how the ladies living with the whole drama.
Nina Marcelino It's a Swedish Film.Um. I don't know how to start this but it is just an OK-Movie for me. Its plot is pretty much like Imagine Me & You, only a bit more realistic and more explicit - which to tell, I am not a big fan of. But I really could have liked it even more. I could have liked it even more if they did not show us excessive make outs yet no more than a scene or two of the two girls 'really' getting to know each other. They hardly talked and then the next moment, they were so in love. Although of that, the actors and the story itself moved very well. I have to admit that there is something in the movie that just hooks you in to loving their relationship.Now another good thing. I liked how it is about a father who is a bit of homophobic - then after so lately, learning that it is about what is best and would cause happiness for your child. Although it showed that homosexuals are strange, in the end it proved that it should not be. A lot of clichés, but it fit well.SHAG ME, FRIDA.