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8.5| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 28 March 1999 Returning Series
Producted By: 20th Century Fox Television
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: https://www.hulu.com/series/85bf4cc1-cd8b-4469-ad87-7289217a0b74

The adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic 31st century.

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20th Century Fox Television

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Futurama Audience Reviews

WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
thomasjay-52277 A different world to the 'Simpsons' this series in many ways feels more mature and distinct than its somewhat related predecessor, baring a similar art style (mostly) this more direct tackle on genre is fantastic and hilarious coping greatly with the challenges and tropes it faces I highly recommend
TheBudgieGamer I first saw this on fox in 2016 when there was a rerun off the series and I later kept watching it and liked it from the beginning.I did not dislike one episode of the series even the lowest rated ones. Actually I liked one of the lowest rated episodes. I then saw it was canceled and felt depressed. For the people who voted it bad and made bad reviews of it,tell me if you hate the show why did you watch it and rate it bad.I don't know why it was rated so bad. It made me sad and (already mentioned) depressed.Futurama had a great ending though I still miss the show and the characters of the show P.S. MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS BENDER
grumpyconstable Alright. Since I can't (I mean I could if I had the time) go back and review each episode, I hope this review will do the series justice. Futurama is a show that has been discontinued a few times,many has always came back. The last time it was cancelled, it didn't come back. And this made people sad. But do not worry, because Matt Groening will always be pushing for a channel to pick it up again. Now let's talk about the show. Futurama is a fantastic show which can pull your heartstrings and do a 180 and can make you start crying of laughter. Thus is the magic of Futurama. The cast a characters never grows old (especially the professor) and each has their moments. The sound and music is good, and the theme is based on Psyché Rock by Pierre Henry. There is comedy, due to it being a comedic show, but some episodes (i.e Jurassic Bark, Luck of the Fryish) pull a sad or sentimental flip flop from the standard fare. The comedy may not appeal to some, but it fits my personality just fine. In the end, I give this goofy, lovable show a perfect score of 10/10.
FilmBuff1994 Futurama is an outstanding television series that is extremely well written and developed,with an absolutely stellar voice cast.I have my doubts that any one reading this hasn't watched it yet,but if you haven't then I would highly recommend you start.It is from the same people who brought you the Simpsons,but it is very different,the humour is quite similar but the characters and the concept is certainly not similar.I grew up watching this show as a child,Fry,Bender,Leela and the rest of the gang are like family members to me and it would go high up on my list of favourite animated series.The show has been cancelled before and I'm sad to see it leave again,they had such a wide variety of fantastic episodes,ones that are hilarious,and even emotional,it can be very versatile.The final episode dosen't end in a way that it has to be the final time we ever see these characters,I could easily imagine the show coming back,or at least doing a movie to finish it off once and for all,I just hope to see the Planet Express crew again soon.A classic series that kids and adults will love,I would highly recommend Futurama to anyone looking for a good comedy or animated series. Phillip J. Fry is accidentally frozen in 1999 on New Years Eve and wakes up in the year 3000,where he starts working with a delivery company run by a crazy professor,where he works with a robot,cyclops,talking lobster and others as they are sent on many adventures. Best Episode: The Late Phillip J. Fry Worst Episode: The Honking